Saturday, January 8, 2011


What do you do with a 92 year old father that won't listen to you? He called me last Friday to tell me he had fallen and he can't stop the bleeding. So, I went over to his house to see what was up. The lock on the back door was broken and he has been using the front door when he leaves. There must've been some frost on the step and his feet slipped and he fell into the bush. There were a half dozen scratches on his head that were already scabbed over except for one. It was the bleeder. It pulsed with every heart beat. I finally pinched it for about 5 minutes and it stopped. Patched him up and told him to take it easy the rest of the day. I went back home to help finish laying the floor. The next morning he called saying his neck was stiff. So, I took some absorbine jr over and rubbed it in and put him in a neck collar. That went on for 2 days and he decided he was ok without it. I suppose you noticed there was no mention of taking him to the ER or of calling the ambulance. I did ask, more than once, and was met with a resounding NO!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, he's tough and none the worse I suppose.
Have had a few nuisance snow storms leaving just a few inches. There is another storm heading this way on Tuesday that might be more lethal. Whatever. It is what it is.
The floor will be finished tomorrow and one window is trimmed. I might have enough left to do the small hallway off of the kitchen.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

You do exactly as you have done. You be there for him, you offer/suggest when you think an ER or doctor visit are warranted, but then you respect his wishes when he gives you a resounding NO!!!!!!! Unless, of course, you catch him unconscious and then you seize upon the opportunity and call an ambulance. Hopefully nothing too serious will have put him in an unconscious state and when the paramedics arrive explain that this is the one shot ...check him out COMPLETELY because they'll not likely get a second chance!

: )

SHARON said...

I decided a long time ago when my mom was first diagnosed with alzheimers that I would respect his wishes at all cost and not argue with him about such things. My late sister would have had a cow and would not have dealt with the situation very well. He is slowly recovering and getting a little better each day. Thanks for stopping by and the comment.