Tuesday, May 1, 2012

IT'S STILL ME...............

I just changed the look of the blog, for now.  Might change it again, who knows.  When we lived on the farm, my mom use to rearrange the furniture all of the time, .  She'd get a wild hair and before you know it, all of the rooms were different.  I always made sure I turned on the bedroom light to see if my bed was still where I left it.  I miss that place, never drive pass it as it looks a little sad now.  Most of the places my parents bought and sold have gone down hill after they left.  And, maybe that will be the meadow house's fate when I'm gone.  I hope not.  I told Sue and Sarah to sell everything and the Amish neighbor, Henry, has been salivating over this place for years.  The Amish are buying up all of the places around here.  They didn't use to bother with just houses, they wanted farms.  But  not now, I guess when you have such a large family of 10 or more kids, you gotta stick-em some where.  And, if they don't put family in these houses, they rent them out, charging terrible amounts.
Rain during the night, suppose to rain all week.  And, yes, I mowed yesterday.  Ha to old mother nature.
This will be good for the grass 'plugs' I put in yesterday.  Still need to transplant five little maple trees that came up too close to the house, finish picking up and raking the upper yard, and, do the big flower bed.  Been mulling over putting in a wild flower bed up there between the maples.  There roots are up and it's a bugger to mow, but, do I need another bed?  What-to-do, what-to-do.
Dad is doing a lot better.  He is finally taking the Tylenol for the pain.  I think this last episode scared the bejeebers outta him. 

Gotta go, fix breakfast..............later.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Hope your Dad gets feeling better. My wife is having severe back pains and we know what he is going through. What kind of maple tree volunteers did you transplant? There are very few maples around here, mostly oak and pines and gum.

SHARON said...

The maple trees are probably from the oldest one in the back yard. I think its a swamp maple but not sure. When we bought the place there were 5 trees on the acre. The old girl in the back yard is the only original one left but we added at least 200 more. A lot came up across the creek after I stopped mowing it. I love trees. Thanks for stopping by DD.

HermitJim said...

Glad your dad is taking something for the pain.

Houses without families seem to lose the very soul that keeps them alive!

Sad to see familiar places start to go downhill!

SHARON said...

I know what you mean HJ. My parents sold the farm to a nut-case. Married, with third baby on the way. 20 years or so later, divorced, he oft himself. I think the youngest has the farm now. They are horse people and I guess they're not into maintenance. Thanks for dropping by.