Thursday, January 27, 2011


Woke up this morning to a foot of snow. Took me 2 and a half hours to shovel out. The road guy, with his nice, big, powerful snowplow saw fit to plow in the end of the driveway. Must be a new guy, the usual township fellas always slow down when they come to my place so that doesn't happen. I vill find him and he vill pay!!!!!
Didn't go to supper tonight either. Roads are drifting. More snow in the forecast for Friday, I hope to go to breakfast with Trudy and Jim tomorrow. I'll put one more coat on the floor after the baseboards are in. Will have to wait another week or so to move the stuff back in. Then, maybe I'll get the two dogs if they are ready to part with them. No rush.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, what can I say. It's been a while. But, the new floor is down and stained. The windows are trimmed and stained. Baseboard will be finished on Sunday and then we can move the stuff back in. Yay!!!
I have a chance to get two more dogs. Their human daddy is losing his house and can't take them with him. To send them to the ASPCA is a death sentence and besides, they are a bunch of asses. Should have them before the end of February.
It snowed again today. About five inches and it sounds like it is sleeting now. I didn't go out to supper. Too many accidents on the scanner.
My friend Lois fell last week and broke her little finger on her left hand. Got a nice little bruise on her cheekbone and the beginnings of a black eye. She went to the hospital today and had pins put in the finger 'cause it wasn't lining up properly and was unstable.
Dad is slowly getting over his fall. He is complaining of neck pain and says that cervicle collar I took over helps a little. I think its just going to take a while.
Other than that, nothing has changed. I'm a little tired of the cold and the snow. I've shoveled the driveway out three times, and that's enuf already.
Later dudes and dudettes.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011


What do you do with a 92 year old father that won't listen to you? He called me last Friday to tell me he had fallen and he can't stop the bleeding. So, I went over to his house to see what was up. The lock on the back door was broken and he has been using the front door when he leaves. There must've been some frost on the step and his feet slipped and he fell into the bush. There were a half dozen scratches on his head that were already scabbed over except for one. It was the bleeder. It pulsed with every heart beat. I finally pinched it for about 5 minutes and it stopped. Patched him up and told him to take it easy the rest of the day. I went back home to help finish laying the floor. The next morning he called saying his neck was stiff. So, I took some absorbine jr over and rubbed it in and put him in a neck collar. That went on for 2 days and he decided he was ok without it. I suppose you noticed there was no mention of taking him to the ER or of calling the ambulance. I did ask, more than once, and was met with a resounding NO!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, he's tough and none the worse I suppose.
Have had a few nuisance snow storms leaving just a few inches. There is another storm heading this way on Tuesday that might be more lethal. Whatever. It is what it is.
The floor will be finished tomorrow and one window is trimmed. I might have enough left to do the small hallway off of the kitchen.