Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, is it ever foggy.  I'm about to cancel the dentist appointment.  Taking Daisy is no problem, that's only a couple of miles.  The snow is just fading away as it's suppose to be in the 50's!!

Joe Paterno died yesterday.  They're saying it was lung cancer, but, I think it was a broken heart.  Penn State did him wrong.  The whole mess is rotten.   There should be a special place in hell for jerks like Sandusky.

So, now ole Newt has the upper hand.  Then Romney, then Santorum.  What a bunch of bananas!  (See posting of Jan 18th).  My cousin is probably thrilled, she thought Newt was THE most intelligent of all the candidates.  I think he's too wishy-washy and goes which ever the wind blows.  I'm still leaning towards Ron Paul, my other cousin says his foreign policy stinks.  I told him f**k foreign policy, bring our troops home, tell everyone who is living in a foreign land, you got 30 days to get your butts home.  Then close and guard the boarders.  Radical isn't it.  Maybe we need a dose of radical, just MHO.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Got about 3-4" with a layer of freezing rain on top.  Quite nasty to shovel, so I didn't.  S'pose to be in the mid to high 40's this week.  Nature gave it to me, nature can take it away. 

Finally got rid of the couch.  Always hurt my back, so I turned it over to Cleo.  Then she passed and the other two dogs preferred the settee.  So, I got it's cushion re-upholstered in a strong, dark red, denium type.  Looks good, got it covered with an old curtain that was up at the sliding doors that Fred removed.  Have another on the new chair, room looks bigger with less furniture.

Daisy gets her stitches out tomorrow, then I have a dentist appointment for cleaning.  They're gonna want to do xrays and I'm not gonna let them.  Not in the budget, and, besides, the last two times everything was OK.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'M BAAAAACK.................

Still not 100% but feeling better.  Friend Bobby said he had it for 2 weeks, and that's how long it took me to start feeling better, even with good drugs.  Nasty sinisitist and bronchitist, coughing so hard I couldn't sleep. 
Beautiful day today, windy, low 40's.  Getting colder the rest of the week, in the 30's. 
Got the Toro serviced this week, ready for spring!  Got the truck repaired, $1277.  New clutch and all the necessities needed.  Shifts sweet now.  Tried to get 200,000 out of it, but, only made it to 193,800.
Watching some of the Republican hooplah.  What a dog and pony show.  Looks like Romney will get the nod to me.  Not too crazy about him.  Politicians are like bananas;  when they start out, they're green, then they turn yellow and finally rotten.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Been sick for 2 weeks, and went to the Dr's yesterday.  Still feel like crap, will write more later.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'M FULL OF KRAUT............

Archie and I  had a  nice dinner at Fred and Bev's house.  Their son, Matt, his girlfriend, Sarah and two other young couples were there.  Plus my other friends, Sue and Sarah.  Then we sat around and snacked and talked while the teenagers played WII.  Went home about 9. 

Went over to the firehall today for pork and kraut with Dad and Sarah.  Someone said they sold over 500 tickets by noon.  It's always so good.  Went home about 3.  Some rain this after but it was a beautiful day.  Around 50 degrees.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be 37 and the next day, not out of the 20's. 

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve, and a Happy New Years' Day.