Monday, March 28, 2011


I have often thought of places to go to if I ever had to leave this area. 99% of my Dad's family is here in PA. Most of my Mom's are in WV and OH. But, if I had to leave the east coast for any reason, I always thought I would go out west. Well, having just read this on Patrice's post for Saturday, March 26, over at Rural Revolution. Colorodo is out of the question.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SPRING IS UPON US............

Yesterday was just beautiful. The yard is slowly starting to dry out and I even did some raking yesterday. Should be out there now doing more but I ran out of Tylenol for the back and it is screaming at me. So, I think I'll run up to the village and do some neccesary shopping, maybe pick up supper.

Don't forget to go out and look at that old moon tonight. It hasn't been this close to us for 19 years.

Still praying for Japan. Don't feel real warm and fuzzy about the nuclear plants. Can't believe what anyone is saying. If the WH is telling us "don't worry, the fallout won't reach us", well, then, maybe.......

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey, check this out. Make sure you look at the pictures on the right side.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

WHAT A MORNING..............

It was beautiful today. Should've worked in the yard but it's still like a sponge. Both wood stoves were a bear to get started this morning. Then I noticed someone had throwed up on the dog bed. Had to take the little bb filler out of it and throw it in the wash. While I'm messing with that stuff, Archie poops in the kitchen! Got ready to put a load in the dryer and the hose that goes to the vent outside is ripped off. Things did quiet down later so...............
I went to the city this afternoon and picked up the new 'puter. That Dell is a piece of shit. I will NEVER buy another one. Went back to an HP. Almost went over to the 'dark side' and got a MAC but I am giving PC's one more chance. Best Buy is giving 18 months with 0% financing. Normally I stay away from this kind of stuff. I hate going into debt. But, with the tax bill coming up and taxes following that. The money is a little tight. Once I get over this hump, I'll just pay it off. The more I use this HP the more I love it. I should've been shot for buying that Dell. Oh well, live and learn.

That is awful about the earthquake in Japan. Can't even fathom being in that situation, and, that country is probably the most prepared nation in the world. Can anyone imagine what it would be like if (or should I say...when)it hits California?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Looks like I won't be getting the two dogs. He didn't call me last Friday so I called him on Sunday. He was kind of wishy-washy about it. I asked him if he was in the process of moving and he said he hadn't started to pack; he didn't call me because they went out. Maybe he and wifey can get back together. I hope so. I told him to use me as a last resort and put the ball in his court.

The living room is done, Fred and his wife came down last Sunday and helped me move the four bookcases back into the room. Took me four hours to put all the books back. Took three bags of books to the library yesterday. Next will be the bedroom and that's going to take a while because it is wallpapered. Yuk.

Had my taxes done Thursday. Owe the $%^&*() government $3719. Seems unemployment, social security and taking money out of the bank for the house all put me in a higher tax bracket. There goes my emergency fund. Oh well, it is what it is.

Was in the 50's today, rain tomorrow. I am so ready for spring but it will take a week to clean up the yard. We 'spring forward' next Sunday and the