Thursday, April 26, 2012

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN............

and more rain.  I am SSSOOO glad I mowed yesterday.  This should help with getting the burn ban off.  So, sitting here, having a second cuppa, with Elijah (20+ lb cat) on my lap, trying to type, trying to think about what to get into. 
Feeling a little better today except for the dizzy feeling.  And, NO I was never a blond, back in the day, I was a red head.  Went with my irish temper, Irish from my paternal, great grandmother, Agnes.  Although I don't remember her having a temper, just being a sweet and quiet lady.  And Irish from my maternal grandmother, Elzina, also a sweet, sweet lady.  Throw in a tad of German and the rest English and there you have ME.  AAHHH, I love genealogy.
Got an email from Mike, a lady I worked with.  She wanted to know if I was available sometime in May,  for a visit from her and Marie, my old boss.  Great gals, we have lunch once in a while.  Geesh, now I'll really have to clean house and get the rest of the yard done.  PRESSURE!!!!!  STRESS!!!!!
I'm 2/3's thru my bucket list for this spring.  Good thing it was a cool.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WHAT THE...........

heck.  Now I'm down to 23 with a new follower, Craig.  At least I think you're new.  Who knows.  Anyhow, thanks for hitting the follow button no matter when you did.

Looks like Romney's gonna get the nod, doesn't it. 

Gotta email this morn, some people are still going after the fact that O is not a citizen.  Pulled his college loan records.  Good luck with all of that.  You won't hear about it from the MSM, for sure.  Such a mixed-up, crazy world this is.

Nasty cold this morn.  Temp shows 38 degrees.  I need to finish the yard work before we start with the hellish temps.  I don't do heat very well.

Took dad's GMC to the garage for a LOF yesterday.  $90!!  He insisted on Mobil Oil.  A case of six was $53 and change.  And, that was Sam's price.  They didn't even charge him to rotate the tires. 

Sam told me that a while back he called the dealership to make sure what kind of oil they used in my vehicles.  I had told Sam they always used Mobil.  They told him...Penzoil.  Lying bastards.  It's no wonder I quit going there.  However, I do wish they'd call to see why I stopped using their services.  Especially if I'm having a bad day. 

More coffee,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


now I'm back up to 24 followers.  Sometimes I think Blogger is haunted. 

Dogs are driving me bonkers.  In and Out every hour.  Don't know why.  Could leave them out but they bark and carry on at the Amish buggies. 

Beautiful, sun-shiny day.  Guess Mother Nature ran out of water.  We had almost 2 1/2" of rain in two days.  Not enuf, but, it helps.  Still have the burn ban on for the county.

Just went out and got another armload of wood.  Silly weather.

Gotta go vote and take dad's GMC to Sam's for LOF.


Monday, April 23, 2012

WELL, DANG..........

looks like I lost two followers.  Down to 22.  Now, I know some of you people have hundreds and two doesn't mean much.  But to my little blog, two is a lot.  Oh well, sorry to see you go.  Thanks for stopping by.

Not raining today but is darn cold.  Two weeks ago, it was so hot in the house that I turned off the two gas furnaces.  The next day it dropped 20 degrees.  Not to worry, got two wood stoves, however, will have to get the chain saw out to saw some for the stove in the bird room where I spend most of my time.  S'pose to be cold (for April) all week.  Best get busy, cats are all curled up into fur balls.   But, wait, got plenty of wood left in the wood box for the stove in the living room.  If I fire that one up, it'll take the chill of in no time.  Sounds like a plan.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Started raining Saturday evening and has been raining ever since.  Knowing this rain was forcasted, I was busy Friday and Saturday with grass 'plugs'.  Got one more bed to do and it's the worse.  Part of the upper yard is done.  S'pose to be cool all week, but rain most of the week.  We sure do need it, burn ban in effect, or is it affect?, those two always confused me.  I told my friend, who lives in the next county, that when I do get to burn that trash pile, she will see the flames.

Not much else to tell, babies all doing well, took Coco to the vet for alergies and she has lost a total of 20 pounds.  Still having pain in my left leg, but the hip pain is gone. 

Dad is struggling with preparing for this sale.  He is just not into it, I think he's tired of the whole mess and we're not even getting close to getting ready. 

Need to pee the pups and go to bed............


Saturday, April 14, 2012


First, a big 'Hi there' to    Frugal Canadian Hermit.   I've been following your blog for a long time, nice to see you've hit the 'follow' button.

So now, sitting here on this beautiful Saturday morning having my first cuppa.  Fred is coming down to do some more work.  If he gets the lattuce enclosures done today, then all I have to do is paint the big boards that go around the bottom of the porch, paint the Bilco door and pressure was the house.  Then the outside is done.  Still have two more flower bed to do and finish raking the upper yard.  Worse is done.  I bet we will go from this cold spring right into a hot summer.  Weather seems as screwed up as the rest of this country. 

Went to the doctors on Wednesday, seems all this hip pain is coming from my back.  He changed my anti-inflam meds and the hip pain is gone.  Knee pain is still there but not as bad.  X-rays showed old arthur in the knees, so it'll be something to put up with like the rest of my family.  What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, eh?

So, Santorum has bit the dust.  'They' must've threatened him with something, 'cause he sure quit in a hurry.  They're all a bunch of bananas, not a good one in the bunch, both parties.  Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  All though some of them were kinda cheesy too.

Gotta go, get more coffee,

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have spent the past two weeks working in the yard, taking advantage of this cool weather.  Spread about 50 bags of mulch, restored the stone walk where the propane guy dug the trench last fall for the gas line.  Then redid the stone walls, one more to go around the big flower bed, mulch it and then the bed on the north side of the barn.  Don't know about the south bed.  It's gonna take some time for sure.  Still need to rake the upper yard, but I'll do that next week.

Going to Sue and Sarah's mom's tomorrow, at the farm.  Friend Sheila is coming down, so we'll have a blast, no doubt. 

Had two more shootings in the city north of me.  The little store where I get the mulch was broken into, but they ran when the alarm sounded.  Dave, the owner, told me that through first twenty years he never had a problem.  In the last ten, he has lost count of the break ins.  They were probably after lottery tickets or cigs.  Can't imagine there be any money in the tills.  Glad I have these three mouthy dogs.

Dad is starting to sort stuff for the sale.  He is really not into this one.  I think his 'keep' pile is bigger than his 'sell' pile.  And, getting bigger.  Oh well, what he doesn't sell this time, I'll have to sell after he's gone.  Doesn't much matter and no use fussin' with him about it.

Gotta go, put air in the wheelbarrel tire, again.