Monday, September 10, 2012


still recovering from the auction.  Last tractor was picked up on Saturday, headed for Virginia.
Weather turned cooler, actually thought about a fire in the wood stove this morning.  Good thing my sweep came last week and cleaned both chimneys.
Coco had to go to the vet last Tuesday, got another 'hot spot' on her tail and I didn't see it until Saturday, after the vet was closed.  I cleared up two others previously, but this one got away from me and she wouldn't let me near it.  Fact is, it took both the vet and me to hold her so it could be shaved.  Looks a lot better now.  That powder does wonders if you can get it on.
Still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Things just don't feel right, lately.  It's like you're waiting for a bad storm to hit.  You see the dark sky, maybe hear the thunder. You know it's coming, so, you wait.  I'm not the only one that says this.  My friend Bob and I were talking about the same thing.  And, he said he and another friend were discussing the same thing.  Bizzarre.