Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Parade

Took me longer to get there than the parade lasted. The HS band sounded good. The fire apparatus was gleaming. The veteran count is depleting. Lots of people brought their dogs and Archie was a brat. He watered every lamp post and pooped in the flower bed. Luckily, I had a napkin and was able to pick it up and dispose of it.

Couldn't respond to FRANN and BRIGID's comments about my 'blue funk'. But I appreciate them. I feel better. Maybe I'm spending too much time in the house and need to get out more often. Anyhow, this too shall pass, heh?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Been in a bit of a funk this week. I think it's because of the holiday. In the past, the family ALWAYS had a big holiday celebration. On the farm is a special memory of those times. In the mountains, going up there to ride the trails and visit with Sissy and her family. They would come up from Baltimore and my parents and I and usually a friend would be there. Mom and Dad had a couple of acres on top of a mountain. Lots of trails to ride on with the dirt bikes. NO, we didn't go up there and rip and tear like some. We just enjoyed riding. All that's gone now, and, I find that I really miss the company.

I caught a few minutes of Oprah's last show on Wednesday. I liked Oprah, but I didn't live and breath by her show. After she sided with Obama, I lost respect for her. But, that was her choice, and her right. Anyhow, she said something about being valuable as a human being. And, how a lot of people don't know their value 'cause nobody has validated them. Made sense to me. That's part of this funk I'm in. I don't think it's a pity party. I just feel that losing my three best friends in two years has made me feel this way. Now, I still have LOTS of friends that love me. I meet new people that become my friends. But they can't take the place of someone who knew, and loved you in spite of yourself. Someone who was always there for you, that you could call in the middle of the night to come rescue you, no questions asked, someone who you knew was praying for you daily. Those kinds of friends are hard to find, harder to lose and, irreplaceable when they leave you. I also think a lot of people get their value through their work and when I got laid off in 2009, it too was like another death. Ya know, it just makes one feel better just to write about it. This too shall pass.

On a lighter note, I think Archie and I will go to my hometown tomorrow to see the Memorial Day Parade. I'll take pictures, and maybe I'll see someone I know.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow, I was able to comment on "Notes from the American Outback" blog. But, then when I went to "Sassy's on da road" blog to comment, I couldn't. I now believe it's Blogger's fault and not this POS Dell computer.

Anyhow, got up this morning with a TERRIBLE back ache. Couldn't even bend over to pick up a water dish for the kids. Note: Must figure another way to get water in it without having to mop floor after.

Looks like I will mow the yard today. Rain coming in this after, and the next few days. And as dark as it is looking over towards the river, I should go do it now. It's probably not going to get any drier. It is so peaceful here. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, there's hardly any traffic over on the road. Life is good, if you stop and count your blessings.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tried to answer my comments from FRANN and WWRWHorses and couldn't 'sign in'. Don't know if its this POS Dell or Blogger. Sorry guys.

Cleaned house yesterday, well, sorta, ran the sweeper anyhow. Now, today, my back is SCREAMING and I must mow the yard. It's suppose to rain the rest of the week.

Broke down and went to the restaurant last night. Had a good time with the girls. The two that are married, Artie and Lois, didn't bring their husbands. Truthfully, Arties was on the truck and Lois' was home with grandson. The other three ladies are widows. We all had a good visit and didn't leave till seven.

Now, I must roll some change and take to the bank. I have never been this broke and don't intend to be again. It's just a lot of bills hit all at once. Of course, if I hadn't paid all those taxes I'd be sitting pretty. But, must be a good citizen!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Now this POS Dell is acting up. So, if I fail to post anything in the next week and a half, not to worry, I'm just waiting on my HP to come home.

I feel so bad for the people of MO and MN. Now we are under a tornado warning for the some of the counties north of here, and it's thundering now. The sky is a black/blue and it's getting real still, so I'm sure somethings gonna hit. Sure has been strange weather.

Went to two cemeteries today to get dates for the family tree. Since my sister died in 2005, there is no one to ask, and, it was her in-laws that I needed the info on. Of course, sissy would've just ask 'what do you need that for'.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Spilt coffee on 'puter this morning. As the day wore on, 'puter became possessed. Got a call from Susie to have lunch with her and Sarah at Chili's. So, had lunch then took sick 'puter back to Best Buy, aaaaahhhhh!!!!! 1-2 weeks. GGGGRRRRRRRR!!
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, STUPID. Gonna use a travel mug from now on. I knew it was only a matter of time before I did it which is what pisses me off. DUH

Plus, because I goofed off today and didn't mow my hay field (use to be my yard), now I'm gonna be a heathen and do it on Sunday. Unless it rains, again.

I think Archie is going thru a mid-life crisis. He's fixed, Cleo's fixed, Archie is over there humpin'. Males must never get it out of their twisted little minds.

Sure has been a screwy day.

Friday, May 20, 2011


A friend just sent this to me and I found it interesting......
On 9 occasions, the US has pressured Israel to do things detrimental to her own survival as a nation. This has been done to appease the Arabs. On all 9 occasions, disaster has hit the USA.
Coincidence or divine judgment? A 10th judgment may be imminent. Click on THIS

So if this country has again, been up to something, maybe there is gonna be a happening tomorrow.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I didn't know Saturday was the end of the world. I already paid all my bills! Darn. Coulda had a heck of a party!!! Need to be more on top of these things.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's such a dreary day, and all his buds are taking a nap. What to do.....

But take one too.............

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HOW ARCHIE TRAVELS.................


Whenever Archie and I go to Dad's, he barks and carries on at the boxer, Reese, across the road. He only barks at Reese, not the other dog, Shiloe. One day he jumped out of the truck, leash and all. Luckily, I was only doing about 5 miles an hour, having just pulled out of the driveway. So, that's why he wears the safety vest and has the booster seat.



I found five new blogs and have spent all week 'catching up' by reading them from the beginning. In case anyone is interested here they are...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.............

Went over to Dad's this morning to put drops in his eye. He has two more weeks of this, then its done. I wished him a Happy Mother's Day, he laughed and said thank-you. I told him, "Well, Mom's gone (22nd of this month it'll be 13 years) and you're both mother and father."
My mother was a hoot. 5'2" tall. She always said 'Dynamite comes in small packages.' Never walked up a flight of stairs, always ran. She was the fourth child in a brood of twelve. Worked from the age of 12. Two of the four brothers went to Ohio, everyone else stayed in West Virginia. She came to Pennsylvania during WWII to make big money in the ammunitions plant. She and other girls boarded with people that would end up my grandparents. Dad said when he saw those brown curls and heard that southern accent he was a goner, and he's still a sucker for southern accents.
When mom was diagnosed with altzeimers in 1980. He retired to take care of her, keeping her at home until she passed. He told me, "I married your mother for better or worse, I've had the better, now, this is the worse." She would have done the same for him. When she died that Friday morning, he cried like his heart was broken. People say I looked like her, that's cool. I miss her insight and humor. But, I'm comforted in knowing we'll be seeing each other again.

Oh, and the picture up top is them on their first date, around 1943.

Friday, May 6, 2011


As some of you know, every Friday morning I meet friends for breakfast at various restaurants and diners in the area. This morning my friend Jim told us that his niece applied for her passport. She plans to go to England to see a fella, but, that's another story. Anyhow, a few days passed and 'they' called her and asked if she had any alias'.
"Well, no" she said. She didn't think her nickname 'Shithead', which she just recently got tattood on her arm, applied. You have to know this girl, I met her once. Nice kid, probably in her 30's. Never married, no kids, was a truck driver like her daddy, lost her leg to a motorcycle accident. Let's just say she marches to a beat of a different drummer and lives life to the fullest.
Anyhow, 'they' said, "We have information that you also go by 'Shithead'. So, I guess Big Brother is watching, apparently closer than we think. I don't know if the name 'Shithead' will affect her obtaining a passport or not. I'll keep you informed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

SAD ISN'T IT...................

Someone please tell me what the heck is wrong with all the people that run this country!!!!!! Both Republicians and Democrats.

We're "broke" & can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,???????????

In the last months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , Pakistan, Lybia, Egypt and Turkey .. And now Japan.......literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS!!!

Our retired seniors living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our government and religious organizations pour hundreds of Billions of $$$$$$'s and Tons of Food to Foreign Countries!

We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.

AMERICA: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without 'needed' meds, and mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.

They have a 'Benefit' for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations, ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents clothes, bedding, doctors and medical supplies. (We've been supporting Haiti for a century.)

OK, LISTEN UP.................


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not to protect you.

Never let someone, or something, that threatens you get inside arm's length and never say "I've got a gun". If you feel you need to use deadly force for heaven's sake let the "first sound they hear be the safety clicking off", and they shouldn't have time to hear anything after that if you are doing your job.

'The average response time of a 911 call is over 23 minutes, the response time of a .44 magnum is 1400 feet per second.'

"The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win and cheat if necessary."

"Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way.."

"Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. You may get killed with your own gun, but he'll have to beat you to death with it, cause it's going to be empty."

"If you're not shooting', you should be loading'. If you're not loading', you should be moving', if you're not moving', someone's going to cut your head off and put it on a stick."

"When you reload in low light encounters, don't put your flashlight in your back pocket.. If you light yourself up, you'll look like an angel or the tooth fairy... and you're going to be one of 'em pretty soon."

"Do something. It may be wrong, but do something."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OK, I GUESS HE'S DEAD............

That's what they are saying. They also said they watched the 'compound' for months, but never saw him. There was a $25million price on his head, but the neighbors never suspected he was there. A lot of the houses in the area have high walls, but this one also had barbed wire. The compound occupants always burned their trash. I assume no one else did.
Seems to be a lot of red flags that a lot of people missed.
The Navy Seal shot bin Laden's wife in the leg when she charged him. He shot bin Laden in the face and in the chest. The Navy Seals then took the body with them. Buried him at sea.
I don't mean to downplay what the Navy Seals did. They did their job. But, I personally wish they would've not killed him and had a public hanging.
It will be interesting to see where this takes us. I don't believe we should rest on our laurels but be ever vigilant. Now, we've pissed them off and they ain't too stable to begin with.