Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tried to answer my comments from FRANN and WWRWHorses and couldn't 'sign in'. Don't know if its this POS Dell or Blogger. Sorry guys.

Cleaned house yesterday, well, sorta, ran the sweeper anyhow. Now, today, my back is SCREAMING and I must mow the yard. It's suppose to rain the rest of the week.

Broke down and went to the restaurant last night. Had a good time with the girls. The two that are married, Artie and Lois, didn't bring their husbands. Truthfully, Arties was on the truck and Lois' was home with grandson. The other three ladies are widows. We all had a good visit and didn't leave till seven.

Now, I must roll some change and take to the bank. I have never been this broke and don't intend to be again. It's just a lot of bills hit all at once. Of course, if I hadn't paid all those taxes I'd be sitting pretty. But, must be a good citizen!!!!!

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HossBoss said...

I think blogspot is having comment issues. Hermit Jim couldn't reply to comments the other day either.

When you guys say 'reply' just mean add a comment afterward, right? That's what I do on my posts. I just add a comment of my own. I get the email notifications when someone comments, but never thought to 'reply' from the email.

Am I confused? Or am I just confusing you?? LOL