Monday, August 29, 2011


Was out yesterday, towards evening, with the dogs, and, Jesse, a young man that lives in the village about a mile up the road, was walking down to the bridge. He does this at least once a day. Seems like a nice, quiet teenager. Walks with ear phones and waves when he sees me. Anyhow, this is the first time I've been out with the dogs, I've been lucky. Well, you'd think Jesse was the swamp monster. Such barking and carrying on. Then, good old Daisy runs out into the road! I'm screaming at her, she comes back, almost to me and takes off again. Of course, Archie, who's on a leash, and Cleo, who's on the Invisible Fence, aren't helping matters. Coco is at my side, barking her head off. GGRRRR! This morning I called Invisible Fence, ordered another battery for Cleo's collar, as she was way too close to the road. And, ordered a collar with battery for Daisy. HA! Is she in for a surprise. I'm holding off for Coco, as she is pretty docile and so overweight, I don't think she'll need one yet. If I do lose my old girl, Cleo, then Coco can have her collar. I have several in the barn from other dogs that have went on to heaven. Don't need collars there! So, when I get the new battery, I'll test them and maybe I'll get lucky again. But, I'm not holding my breath. Some of them are over 20 years old, since I've had this system since 1984.

Well, must do another load of wash, get a shower, head out.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, praise GOD, the hurricane wasn't as bad as predicted for here. It went farther east so we escaped much of Irene's rath. A lot of limbs and leaves in the yard, but I haven't heard the two sump pumps kick in and I have not lost power.

I haven't heard anything from my cousin in NJ. Hope all is well as she and her family were directly in Irene's path.

Talked to a couple of friends last night and this morning, all is well in the city north of me. Talked to Dad, he said they don't want anyone on the roads according to the local news this morning. Didn't stop the Amish tho. They still had church 'cause a few buggies went past.

The new barn is up, plus a heifer shed where the old barn was. Didn't take pictures 'cause I can't upload them on 'puter. Need to get this thing back to Best Buy. It is still acting squirrley.

So, I think I'll finally fix some breakfast and then get into something. Funny, when you're forbidden to go on the roads, that's when you really want to get out there.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Here is a little test that will help you decide.
The answer can be found by posing the following question:

You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children.
Suddenly, a Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner,
Locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, raises the knife, and charges at you.

You are carrying a Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert shot.
You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.
What do you do?


Democrat's Answer:

Well, that's not enough information to answer the question!
What is a Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP?
Does the man look poor or oppressed?
Is he really a terrorist? Am I guilty of profiling?
Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack?
Could we run away?
What does my wife think?
What about the kids?
Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?
What does the law say about this situation?
Does the pistol have appropriate safety built into it?
Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?
Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me?
Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?
If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?
Should I call 9-1-1?
Why is this street so deserted?
We need to raise taxes, have paint & weed day.
Can we make this a happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.
I need to debate this with some friends for a few days and try to come to a consensus.
This is all so confusing!

............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ........ .......
Republican's Answer:


............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ........ ......

Texan's Answer:

Click..... (Sounds of reloading)

Daughter: 'Nice grouping, Daddy!'
'Were those the Winchester Silver Tips or Hollow Points?'

Son: 'Can I shoot the next one?!'

Wife: 'You ain't taking that to the Taxidermist!

BRING IT ON............

Well, I've battened down the hatches. Not much else I can do. I should go to town tomorrow and get my medicine and cat litter. Maybe, we'll see. I'll be out anyhow, need to go to the post office and see dad. He has a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. It's a surprise, Cliff will be 82 or 83, not sure. He's another tractor guy. Still working!

The new dogs, Coco and Daisy are doing great. Little Miss Mary Fiona has started to explore the rest of the house. She hardly has a limp at all. She sure can climb the cat tree. She is so small and Coco is so big that she can walk under Coco and not touch her belly.

The new barn is under roof and most of the siding is on. Also a new heifer pen where the old barn was. Those Amish are workers and some English (that's us) were helping also.

Well, getting late. Gonna turn on TWC and see where Irene is, then potty the dogs and go to bed.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am sitting in the bird room, on the 'puter, dogs started barking but I'm not hearing anything, then, about 4 seconds later.......badda bing, badda boom!!

The news said the center of the quake was supposedly around Washington D.C. If we had been really lucky........but we don’t have that kind of luck anymore.

They say that the quake was caused by the complete void of intelligence there, and the fact that nature abhors a vacuum, nature tries very hard to fill this void suddenly, and thus......the earthquake, which occurred on the well known D.C. “Bushes Fault”.


A lot of traffic on this road since the barn fire on Sunday. The barn is down and not much left of the rubble. They've been hauling it away in dump trucks. I don't know if they're going to build on the same foundation or not, since the silos weren't hurt, they might have to, or, he might just start over with all new staunchions. I haven't seen anyone to ask, maybe today.
Anyhow I was sitting on the porch last night with the dogs, the neighbor up the road (big hat, no cattle) has been hauling manure all day. Judging how long it takes him to make a trip, I am assuming it's from the farm that lost the barn. So, he goes past my house and I hear this clunk as something hits the road. He stops, and about a minute later I see this tire and wheel rolling joyfully past my house then across the road and into the meadow. That's the same meadow he got a tractor stuck in a few years ago. We sat on the porch and watched that circus also. What a clown. It's a good thing the 'village idiot' wasn't flying home at the time in his little throw-a-way car. It was just about dusk and you couldn't have seen it coming. Never a dull moment here in the valley.
Dogs are doing great, it's like they don't even miss their previous owners. Maybe I'm showing them more attention. I talk to them all the time and pet them constantly. Little Miss Mary Fiona is out and about today. I have to keep Archie on a leash 'cause he won't leave her alone. He's constantly licking her ears and smelling her butt. I think she is the smallest thing he's ever seen.
Need to get a shower and something to eat and get over to Dad's. Gotta get out of this slump. Maybe the meds I took for my infected hand caused these doldrums. They should should soon be out of my system.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Amish neighbor up at the crossroads lost his barn this after. Lightning strike, the 9 year old called 911 while his dad got the milking equipment and cows out. The oldest son and his wife and two babies live there, but he doesn't farm it. He has a sawmill attached to the end of the barn, but the firemen were able to save that and the calf shed. No animals were lost, a lot of hay and some farm equipment are gone. I was eating supper when the scanner went off. Funny thing tho, the storm was well past and then there was a loud clap of thunder, sounded like a cannon going off. Next thing I hear is the dispatcher rattling off all of these companies for a barn fire. I ate supper and drove up, was gonna walk but the road was kinda busy, parked in the field and the top two floors were gone already.
I gave Naomi a hug and then someone came and told her they were moving the cows over to a farm on Dad's road to an empty barn, I saw her fight back the tears. The son and his family that live there weren't home at the time. They'll be moving this year right up the road. I found out they bought the neighbor's tenet house and are going to tear it down and build a new house and then move the saw mill to that property. I hate to see that old house torn down but they said it was trashed by the tenets and its full of fleas and bugs.
Since the next son will be getting married this December and moving in where the barn burnt today, they will be able to rebuild to suit a dairy. They can have a new barn up in less than a week. I'll take pictures.



Wow, it just freakin' poured for about 40 minutes, sorry Texas. Sue and Sarah just left between storms. Coco is sure walking better now that her nails are clipped. They got to meet little miss Mary Fiona and pernounced her adorable. They are always bringing me something. Two weeks ago, Sue gave me a big bag of T-Shirts and brought another one today. I was wearing one on Friday when we went out and told her it is SO comfortable, I want to be buried in it. LOL, I'm being cremated. So she brought a second one today. Of course they always bring goodies for the kids too.
It's still thundering over at the river, looks like more storm is brewing.


THIS AND THAT.........

We've had little storms the past few days. Just enough not to be able to mow the stinkin' yard. Don't care anyhow, in another month, I'll be hauling in firewood.
Didn't do much yesterday, went to the trash truck and the post office. Got two more books. I need to stay off of Amazon for a while. Threw out two phones, well, actually, gave them to the guy at the trash truck. They still work but now that I've got caller ID, I need new ones. Went to Radio Shack and didn't like their junk. Next week I'll go out to Best Buy and see what they have. Trying to stay away from Wally World.
Sue and Sarah are stopping by today to see Miss Mary Fiona, and to cut more of Coco's nails. They gave me a gift card to Petsmart friday. Said since I just took on three more little souls, they wanted to help. Even tho they have three dogs and five cats themselves. But, they are both still gainfully employed. Still, they didn't have to do it. Last week, when Trudy and Phillip came, they brought a big bag of Nutro and a case of dehydrated dog food. I've got the best friends in the world. I just wish they all would prep more. I'm not sure if it dawns on them to imagine how far down we're sliding as a country. But, all is not lost, T & P do garden. And, S & S and their zoo crew can always head for the farm if it gets that bad. I find it hard to imagine this country heading for another depression, or even, 'balkinazation'. Check out Living out there for an interesting read. I'd never heard of the term. Just food for thought.


Friday, August 19, 2011


Didn't go to breakfast this morning. The rest of the gang were going over to a diner on the main highway outta the city. Then going to a tourist trap. If I want to see antique tractors, I'll look in my dad's barn. It's too freakin' hot to walk around there.
New dogs are doing great. Miss Mary Fiona is doing great. Still don't let her out of the carrier without me being here. First and only time so far, I had to get her out from behind the washer. Right now, everyone is napping.
Went to supper last night with the girls and was surprised to see Bob there. He said Judy was at the beach with her family. He never goes because they have two newfoundlanders, two big birds and a turtle, Sheldon, isn't that a great name for a turtle? He's a snapper and is HUGE. Judy wants to release him, but Bob says someone will just shoot him for snapper soup and he won't do it.
Meeting Sue and Sarah and going to a book sale at the local historical society, then going to supper.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Been sorta a busy week, so far. New dogs are doing great, I saw Coco run this morning for the first time. Of course, it's cooler now. Daisy sleeps with Archie and I. Archie tolerates her but rolls that little lip at Coco.
Little Mary Fiona is progressing along. I take her this after to get her stitches removed. I think I'll make an appointment for the new dogs also. I know they didn't have the $$$ for shots last year or this year.
The only update I heard on the Amish boy was he is in intensive care with serious injuries. I might hear something at the vets 'cause her mom is friends with a lot of Amish.
Took the truck for service on Monday. Then went back on Tuesday to pick up Dad. My bill was $36, his was $954. He was there on Monday also, and they told him what was needed. There was so much rust, the rotors and brake pads needed replaced along with the tie-rod dingy. They took him back in the shop to show him. Then he was a believer. The truck is an 02 GMC and only has 61K miles on it. But he keeps it in the poll barn and its damp in there. He kept saying, 'It shouldn't of happened.' I don't think he has ever had that big of a garage bill. I told him he shoulda bought a Dodge! The whole family is GMC, I'm the only one who is Chrysler. Such a rebel am I.
Anyhow, while his truck was getting done, we went to the lawyers to update our wills. I had been to another lawyer two years ago, but didn't like how she settled my friends estate. I wanted to get away from her. Mrs Kirk recommended Jay and we liked him, very much. If there is such a thing as an honest lawyer, he's it. Dad and I wanted to make sure we didn't have to dole out a bunch of inheritance tax when we go. I don't think our government deserves it. They are not good stewards of our money, are they?
I guess I should mow the yard, but, I'm so not in to it. I need to clean the house too, and do some laundry.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


It started raining about an hour ago. A nice, soft drizzle. Sorry Texas. I had just got Lily in when it started coming down real steady.

Had another farm accident yesterday over at the Esch's. I heard it on the scanner when they summoned the amubulance. It was on the road behind my house and by the name, I knew it was Amish. The dispatcher said it was a 12 year old boy, run over by the team and farm implement, with serious head trauma. When I went to the yard sale over at the church, Mrs. Kirk told me it was a disc. They had the chopper fly in and take him and his dad to the trauma center in a neighboring state. It's the best in the area. She also said, someone went to the farm to tend to the other children and other people were driving the mother to the hospital. This community really sticks together in times like this. Haven't heard an update.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


There was a benefit yard sale today for a young, local fellow. He has a disease that is shutting down his kidneys. He is only 21, and has started on dialysis. It was held up at the local Quaker Meeting house. A lot of nice old shade trees, plenty of parking. Well, about 12:30 the sky opened up without a warning and it started to pour. Kept it up for about a half hour, I'm sure it cut into their profits but I still think they did OK.

I left there after the rain let up and went to dad's. He said two of his neighbors had gas stolen out of their vehicles. He parks everything inside so they didn't bother him. I keep the car parked right at the bedroom window, but the truck is back at the end of the driveway at the barn. But nothing gets pasts these dogs. They would be on them like white on rice.

On a sadder note, we had a homicide over at the county line last week. A fellow was house sitting for his sister and her husband and in-laws while they went to the outer banks. Seems he was coming back from the grocery store in a neighboring town and this couple flagged him down. They ended up shooting him and throwing his body down over the bank toward the river. The next day a motorcyclist was looking for something that had fallen off of his bike and he spied a flip-flop, then a hat and then he saw the body and called 911. They eventually got the jerks in Indiana. They said they did it to steal his truck so they could sell it. Ya can't fix stupid.

Little miss Mary Fiona is doing wonderful. Keeps herself entertained in the big carrier I have her in. Chasing the two stuffed mice and the ball. She is eating and poopin' up a storm. The minute I pick her up to give her the meds, she starts purring. Aunt Trudy and Uncle Philip were here on Friday and Trudy fell in love with the little thing. But, she has 7 cats and a dog. I guess I've resigned myself to keeping her.

Coco and Daisy are also doing great. I am truly blessed to have found them in need of a home as much as they are truly blessed to have found me to give them one.

Now, its raining again. Sorry Texas. This is the fourth little storm that's went thru. Suppose to rain tomorrow also. Bring it on.



Check out this great MSN video: Subtitled Dog Conversation

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BUSY DAY......

Went to the post office, nothin'. Good, no bills. Had to get gas in the truck and cans for the mower. Filled the cans first, pump stopped at $35. WTH, it did that yesterday when I filled the car. MMMMMM. Ran the debit card thru again. Proceded to fill the truck, stopped at $35. OK, last gas I'm buying there, dude. I would go in and bitch, but I've met the guy and he's a real SOB. My dad's neighbor works there and didn't want her to get involved. I left. NEVER TO RETURN. Gas up the road is usually the same price and THEY PUMP IT FOR YA! Dropped some plastic bags off at the food bank. Went to the bank for cash. Got a vanilla milk shake, got dog food, cat food, litter. Went to the dealers and made an appointment to service the truck. Saw Dad there getting his truck done. They finally found out what was making that noise in the front that he'd been complaining about since he bought it. Something with the tie rods. Good, I won't have to hear about that everytime I get in the thing.

Came home, filled mower, mowed yard. Came in, fed critters, fed me, cleaned house. Now, I'm taking a shower and going to bed. Phil and Trudy are coming down tomorrow to see the new kids, then, we're going to breakfast.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As I sit here in the 'bird room', and, NO, I do not have birds, a friend named it that after it was built, because of all the bird feeders in that part of the yard.
Anyhow, I feel so blessed but distressed at the same time.
The two new dogs are working out great. I don't think they got a lot of attention from their former owners. They listen so good. When they go outside to potty, they do their business and right back to the door. The cats are no issue for them as they were raised with cats. Daisy has chased Charlie two times as if to say, "I don't like what you did to mommy." Little miss Mary Fiona is very content to lay in the carrier and scope everything out. She was taking a bath this morning, when I gave her the medicine, she was purring. But.....
I am distressed over the things I guess I have no control over. A friend that I email a lot of this crap to has asked me to stop. She said she is anxious and depressed enough and doesn't want to read anymore. Well, duh, isn't everyone? So, what do you want to do? Be surprised when you go to the store and the shelves are empty or bread is $8 a loaf. So, I'll stop sending her any of it. I certainly don't want to be the one to send her over the edge.
At breakfast on Fridays, when ever the conversation turns to "O", another friend immediately says, "Can we talk about something else?" OK, stick your head in the sand. I give up. I am buying food and such, but, don't be coming to my house and expect me to keep ya. Sorry, but I tried to tell ya. Is that cruel? Too bad. The milk of human kindness has soured in my stomach.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Heard from the doctor. No infection in the bone. Just keep taking the meds until gone. Hand is still tender but swelling less each day.
Brought home little Mary Fiona today. She is in the big cage in the 'bird room'. Just staring at everyone wondering 'what kinda of hoaky outfit have I gotten myself into now.' At least she is not screaming. She is starting to use the leg, 'gutting the toy mouse' and flexing her little toes. Must remember to give her the meds before bedtime.



Went to the doctors, he is concerned about the hand pain. Sent me for an xray. Will hear sometime this after. Doctor is saying if the infection has gone to the bone, I will be in the hospital with an IV drip. Oh yeh??
IF I go, gonna have to board 4 dogs and 5 cats, where does he think that $$$ is coming from?
And, Charlie is walking around like he owns the place.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Just called in to the doctors to update him on my hand. Now, he wants to see me at 1. Crap. She said, he is concerned about the stabbing pains that occur now and then plus the swelling that is still present.
And, dear sweet Charlie is now laying on the back of the couch, looking SO innocent.
It is a beautiful day, no humidity, nice breeze. The rain over the weekend (sorry Texas) really helped to bring down the temps. I can't believe how the leaves are falling off of the white birch trees, of course, they are alway the first to lose their leaves. We'll probably have an early fall. I need to start thinking about fire wood also. Was gonna put in gas heat this year but the $$$ is not there, yet.
Sue and Sarah came over yesterday and clipped Coco's nails. They agree with me that the former 'mom' should be shot. The 'dad' had her on Imes food, but the 'mom' switched her over to a cheaper store brand. He told me when he brought them down that when 'she' builds her house (they're separated now) she might take them back. HA, ain't gonna happen. I told him, DO NOT GIVE HER MY PHONE NUMBER AND DO NOT TELL HER WHERE I LIVE. He laughed and said OK.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Met my friends, Sue, Sarah and Sheila for a late lunch yesterday. This restaurant is in a strip mall that runs around a shopping mall. This is the first time I've eaten off of a senior menu!! WooHoo!! Over 55 saves money. I had a nice cup of Lobster Bisque, Baked Potato and one Chesapeake Crab Cake. It had scallops, shrimp, lobster and crab meat in it. Terrific. Tried their water, it was awful. When she came back I got a Pepsi, yuck. I'm a Coke person. We also each had a dish of pudding. I said to the waitress, "What, no Jello?"
Then Sue and Sarah paid for my meal!!!! Was not expecting that. I thanked them but asked "Why?" Sue said, "Well, you've done all that work on our family tree, and you just took on the responsibility of a new kitten and two more dogs, and, besides, we love ya!" AHHHHHH, friends, can't beat them can ya?
Mostly every Sunday, they load up their 3 dogs and go down to the farm. Their dad is gone but their mom and youngest brother still live on the farm. Mom rents the fields out to her Amish neighbor John. Nice guy, he also has a store over on the main road. They're coming over this after to help me cut Coco's nails and to meet the new kids. They will be the first visitors, should be interesting.
This morning, Coco and Daisy saw the heifers for the first time. Coco just looked at them, looked at me as if to say, "And you think I'm big?" But poor Daisy was just mezmerized. She kept staring at them, and looking at me. "What are those creatures?" They had always lived in town, so I guess this was a very new thing for them. It was quite comical. Even if I'd had the camera, I couldn't have captured the moment.
Well, must get something to eat and straighten up the house.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


Came home from supper last night and Coco has completely trashed the door and framing from the kitchen to the mud room. I had closed that door to keep the dogs away from the outside door and make it easier to get into the house. When I saw this, I went balistic! Now, don't get me wrong, she is a good dog. Listens when she is out, comes when called and such. But, she is a lose cannon in the house and a little squirrley. She will need further training, if I don't kill her. Trouble is, when I yelled at her, Daisey took it personally. And, she is such a little sweetheart, I felt bad.
Last night, after cleaning up the mess. I got the big carrier out of the barn loft and cleaned it up. Little Miss Fiona comes home today, and I have to keep her caged until she can walk properly and the leg is healed.
So, I must have done too much last night. This morning the left hand is swollen again, but, NO red streaks, so I figured between mowing the yard, weed eating and cleaning the carrier, the hand isn't happy.
Charley is now out and about. Sorta. We made up yesterday. He told me he was sorry. But, the hand still hurts. What's a mother to do?
Need to shower and get dressed, stop at dad's and then get the little one.
Going into the city this after to meet friends for supper.


Stopped at vets, she saw that hand was still swollen and said she would keep little Fiona a while longer. She has another cat in for the weekend so she'd be there for her. Said Fiona is no trouble and I maybe could take her home next week. Total bill.............$524.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Dow has the biggest drop since October 2008, and on O's birthday! SHIT.
I'm going to breakfast. I think I have enuf spare change.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


So, somebody tell me, what is the difference between a recession and a depression? Now, I already know a recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose your job. But, what's the difference, really. I also know the PTB never say the D word. But, when we are in a recession, and things are not getting any better and in fact seem to be getting worse, when is it time to call it a depression? Where do the numbers have to be? You can't really compare this decade to the 20's and 30's. The USA was a lot different back then. Hey, I'm just asking...............

OK, so I googled it and here is what I got.........

The stock market crash of 1929 triggered the greatest depression in modern history that ended in 1945 after World War 2.In economics, a depression is a sustained, long-term downturn in economic activity in one or more economies. It is a more severe downturn than a recession, which is seen by some economists as part of the modern business cycle.

Considered, by some economists, a rare and extreme form of recession, a depression is characterized by its length, by abnormally large increases in unemployment, falls in the availability of credit— often due to some kind of banking or financial crisis, shrinking output—as buyers dry up and suppliers cut back on production, and investment, large number of bankruptcies—including sovereign debt defaults, significantly reduced amounts of trade and commerce—especially international, as well as highly volatile relative currency value fluctuations—most often due to devaluations. Price deflation, financial crises and bank failures are also common elements of a depression that are not normally a part of a recession.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Since getting the two dogs on Sunday, I went two days without seeing Charley, I finally went up Tuesday into the attic/2nd bedroom and there he was behind the blanket chest. I reached down and picked him up and he turned into a freakazoid. Bit me, scratched me, blood everywhere. I go down stairs to let the blood run and then try to stop it. Normally, a wound will close up too fast on me and I'll get an infection. Went back up stairs, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, said a few choice words and threw him down the stairs. Shut and locked the door, so he spent the next day under the steps. My hand started to swell at the index finger. I got him out of there and boarded it up. He has to face these two characters sooner or later. Felt like shit yesterday, dizzy, week, headache. Went over to Dad's but didn't stay long. Called the doctors this morning and went in at 1. The whole hand is swollen and by the time he came in to see me I noticed the red streaks. He freaked out, wanted to put me in the hospital. "I am NOT going to the hospital!" He put me on the strongest med he had and I'm to call him tomorrow morning at 9.
Stopped at Dad's and told him. He told me, "Well, I can't take care of your crew." "I didn't ask you to. Besides, I'm not going."
The red streaks are slowly going away, I stopped at the vets to see Fiona, she is doing well. They're going to keep her until the weekend. The vet tech saw my hand and said the same thing happened to her and they wanted to put her in the hospital and she refused. "I've got horses and dogs to care for. Besides, I have to work, I ain't going." She asked what he put me on. I told her Augmentin, she said that's the same stuff she was on, and, she started feeling better the next day. So now I've had a second opinion. Oh, and I lost another 1 1/2 lbs. Yay!!!

PS...When I got home from the vets, came in, took the dogs out to pee, walked into the kitchen and fell over Elijah. He's like a concrete block in the middle of the floor. Left knee hurts like hell. I'm going to bed.


Monday, August 1, 2011

HERE THEY ARE.........


WHERE DO I START.............

Got the two dogs yesterday. The last time I saw Coco, she was 2 and about 50lbs. Now she is 6 and about 150lbs. Stopped at the store and bought a special food for that girl. She's now on a diet. The other one, Buttercup, yech, that is a god-awful name for a very sweet girl. She didn't have a tag this year, so I bought one this morning. Her name is now Daisy. She has the face of a dachound, the coat of a lab, she is supposed to have coon hound in there somewhere.
Went to the vets this after. Fiona is out of surgery with two pins in her left hind leg. She was still a little loopy, laying there on the hot pad. No cast, shaved leg. I told them I didn't plan on bringing her home tonight, would check in tomorrow. Now, I'll try to get these guys to sit still and take a few pics.