Sunday, August 21, 2011

THIS AND THAT.........

We've had little storms the past few days. Just enough not to be able to mow the stinkin' yard. Don't care anyhow, in another month, I'll be hauling in firewood.
Didn't do much yesterday, went to the trash truck and the post office. Got two more books. I need to stay off of Amazon for a while. Threw out two phones, well, actually, gave them to the guy at the trash truck. They still work but now that I've got caller ID, I need new ones. Went to Radio Shack and didn't like their junk. Next week I'll go out to Best Buy and see what they have. Trying to stay away from Wally World.
Sue and Sarah are stopping by today to see Miss Mary Fiona, and to cut more of Coco's nails. They gave me a gift card to Petsmart friday. Said since I just took on three more little souls, they wanted to help. Even tho they have three dogs and five cats themselves. But, they are both still gainfully employed. Still, they didn't have to do it. Last week, when Trudy and Phillip came, they brought a big bag of Nutro and a case of dehydrated dog food. I've got the best friends in the world. I just wish they all would prep more. I'm not sure if it dawns on them to imagine how far down we're sliding as a country. But, all is not lost, T & P do garden. And, S & S and their zoo crew can always head for the farm if it gets that bad. I find it hard to imagine this country heading for another depression, or even, 'balkinazation'. Check out Living out there for an interesting read. I'd never heard of the term. Just food for thought.


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