Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, praise GOD, the hurricane wasn't as bad as predicted for here. It went farther east so we escaped much of Irene's rath. A lot of limbs and leaves in the yard, but I haven't heard the two sump pumps kick in and I have not lost power.

I haven't heard anything from my cousin in NJ. Hope all is well as she and her family were directly in Irene's path.

Talked to a couple of friends last night and this morning, all is well in the city north of me. Talked to Dad, he said they don't want anyone on the roads according to the local news this morning. Didn't stop the Amish tho. They still had church 'cause a few buggies went past.

The new barn is up, plus a heifer shed where the old barn was. Didn't take pictures 'cause I can't upload them on 'puter. Need to get this thing back to Best Buy. It is still acting squirrley.

So, I think I'll finally fix some breakfast and then get into something. Funny, when you're forbidden to go on the roads, that's when you really want to get out there.



Dizzy-Dick said...

Irene was not near as bad as the media was trying to make it. Glad all is OK with you.

HossBoss said...

I'm glad you came through it with little damage. I am sorry it didn't even occur to me you were in the path ...but I'm really glad you and your dad fared okay. Hope your Jersey friends did as well.

Any word on the young Amish boy that was injured a few weeks ago? He's sure been on my mind.

SHARON said...

HB, I haven't heard a thing on that boy. Will try to find something out this week if I see Naomi or Henry. I've been wondering also, but, the barn fire/rebuilding had everybody really busy. Thanks for reminding me.

DD, I agree the MSM did do some serious hype on Irene but I think Katrina has scared them all. Thanks for dropping in.