Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's snowing, has been for the last 4 hours. Coming down nice and easy. Don't know how much we'll get, but it sure is pretty. There went the Penn DOT truck, he must be putting something on the road 'cause there is not enuf to plow. The cats are having a blast watching the birds, those cardinals are so bright against the snow.
Now its really snowing, I can't see the barn roof of the farm up the road. I was going to go to the store. Think I'll just stay home. I don't mind driving in the stuff, but, I'm not the only one on the road. I would really be pissed if someone hit me and I was only going out for coffee and such.
Elijah is laying in the bay window watching the birds. His tail is flit-tin' back and forth like a pendulum on a clock. This past summer he caught two birds. Brought them to the back door, I yelled at him. He opened his mouth to meow, bird flew off. Did it again the second time. I guess he was giving them to me as a present. He is my 'big-ole-boy', weighs about 30 lbs, vet gives me hell every time I take him for his shots and such. I'm going to have to take him to the groomer, he is so fat he can't wash his butt. It reminds me of that old commercial 'weebles wobble but they don't fall down'.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Alfred Hitchcock should've been here this morning when I looked out my back door,the yard and field were completely covered with black birds; maybe some grackles and cow birds too. Now I don't mind feeding the birds but these guys would wipe me out in about 10 minutes, except for the one feeder. It has a wire screen around it so just the little guys can get in to the seeds. That big ole black bird sat there, turning his head every which way, trying to get at the seed. The little finch landed, went in (I swear he stuck his tongue out), got a seed and hopped on out and away. I loaded the gun, stealthily went out the door, some of them, on hearing the door, started to fly away, so I fired it and off they went up to the farm. I shot a couple more times just because I could. There were so many up at the farm that when they flew, it looked like a giant centipede crawling through the field.
Still haven't got that rat. I think the peanut butter is froze. Tomorrow, I'll get it out of there and put some cheese on it. If anyone out there knows of something better, let me know. I hate rats.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have a rat!!!!!! I hate rats. Mice are no problem. In the 4+ years we've had Charlie (he's a brown, spotted tabby, I rescued from the brink of death), Lucy (she is a tortie, tabby mix, I rescued from the brink of death 7 years ago) and Lily (she is a gray with faint tabby stripes, I rescued from an unknown future 6 years ago), there have been 17 mice that have met their doom. Hey, I live in the country, surrounded by corn fields. What do you think happens when the corn is picked? Mice move to warmer digs. They eyeball this house and think, 'Wow, smoke coming from the chimney, must be warm in there.' When they are stupid enuf to get in this house, their fate is sealed. So, back to the rat. I bought a rat trap. Put peanut butter on it, but, couldn't just put it outside. Cleo would lose her tongue. So, I have this plastic garbage can with a large hole in it. Guess what chewed the hole. Anyhow, I set the trap and gently put it down in the can next to the ^&*%^&* varmint's hole. It slips, SNAP! peanut butter is all over the inside of the can. Repeat, SNAP! I do it a third time and quietly put the lid on. Keep your fingers crossed, I hate rats.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This house has 9 rooms. I have managed to get one painted. Its the preparation that takes so long, especially with plaster walls. So this morning, I'd plan to get back on the living room. I have to do one wall at a time because I have no where to go with the furniture. So, move furniture out, do the wall, move furniture back. When everything is finished, including the ceiling (ugh), I'll put the padding and newly cleaned rug, back down. However, the doctor put me on Niacin for my cholesterol. I have discovered, today, the one side effect is the slinging shits. So, didn't do anything to the living room, didn't go see Dad, didn't go for the mail. I managed to clean out the bird feeders and refill them before all of this started; so, now, I just finished some soup and a sandwich. We'll see how that settles. No rumblings yet. Maybe I can at least do some sanding on the spackling.
I hope this is over by tomorrow. Every Thursday I meet friends at a little restaurant in town. I never know who is going to show up, but, we have a good time, good conversation, and the food is excellent. Plus I need to go back to the pharmacy, I forgot to pick up the creme for the burn on my arm from the wood stove. I told doc to make it a large tube, winter is far from over.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, just got home from a memorial service.  An old friends' father.  I went to high school with his children, in fact, I graduated with the youngest daughter and hadn't seen her since we got out of school.  She looked really good but I don't remember her husband being that handsome when we were all in school.   Their father was 93 and he chose not to go to the hospital and no IV's or heroic measures.  A brave man.  He was tired and wanted to go home.  

My dad is 91 and I treasure every day I get to see him.  He is still restoring tractors, doesn't do much mechanical work anymore, has friends for that, but he still does his own painting.  The current one he is working on is a 1941 Farmall H.  He has bought, restored and sold probably 35. He still has two JD620, a JD720, which is his favorite, a JD60, a 1948 Farmall H all restored, and a 'new generation' JD1020 with a loader.  He calls that one his 'hired man'.

I couldn't believe it was snowing when I was in town.  Coming down like a blizzard, but, didn't last long.  The weather is suppose to turn much colder by the weekend and they are calling for snow Friday and Saturday.  Better get more wood in.  Snuggle time coming.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, only one post and I already changed the name from Knee Deep in Work to Meadow House Musings.  There were other Knee Deeps out there.  I am sure the world will still beat a path to my door.

Went to the doctors' today.  Just a check up.  He yelled at me 'cause my cholesterol is too high.  Well, he didn't really yell, 'cause I'm old enuf to be his mother.  But, I told him I am not taking meds, they make me feel like crap.  He talked me into Nyacin which is a 'beefed-up Vitamin B6.  I told him I'll try it for a month.  Then more blood work and another appointment.  I go to the doctors more in a year than my grandparents went their entire life.   Lost 5 more pounds.  Woo-Woo!!!!!

Then stopped to see a friends new computer.  He went to the 'dark side' and got an Apple.  No tower.  Its in the screen.  Pretty fancy.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  I'll stick with HP.  His parents then invited me to stay for supper.  Never turn down a free meal.  We had a nice visit.  His dad is like a brother to me, plus, he's my carpenter.  Got plans for him this spring.  Gonna take out the back sliding door, put in a window.  This eliminates the $%^&* steps that I've fallen down twice.  Then we'll put a new door out of the laundry room onto a small deck.  The only down side is I'll have to carry the wood farther.  Unless I can throw it in the open window.  HMMMMMM??? We'll see.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wow, me blogging!  What do I have to say that can be so important that I would think other people would spend their valuable time reading it.  How about...........this country is headed down the tubes, and, it seems to be getting worse by the day.  How about.......Mother Earth is getting more pissed off.  (When momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.)  How about.........the weather is getting worse.  (I am not even gonna touch on Gorebal Warming). I had a discussion, many years ago, with a fellow on the subject......."Do you think the weather (i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) is getting worse or is it just because we hear about catastrophes  sooner?"  I continue to ask that question and invariably get the answer, "No, it's definitely getting worse."   

Even tho I feel we are not going to be on this planet for too much longer, I'm still fixing up the old place.  The house was built in 1939 as a tenet house for the farm up the road.  In 1978, we rented it and the next year the farmer sold it to us.  House, barn, creek in the back, on an acre for $24,000.  Wow, you say?  It had a leaking roof, no basement, no central heat, no insulation and a failing septic system.  With a LOT of work and a LOT of money, we made it home.  Surrounded by farm ground from 3 farms, 2 of which are Amish, and the third, I hope, soon will be.  On a quiet country road, not far from the Susquehanna River.   

Last year, in April, I got laid off from my job.  (Did cartwheels out the door.)  My house-mate had been fighting cancer for over 22 years and it was evident, now, that it was turning into a losing battle and would soon be full time care.  Passed away in July, so, now taking care of the cats, dogs and the house is my new full-time job.  Pays not great but the hours are good.