Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This house has 9 rooms. I have managed to get one painted. Its the preparation that takes so long, especially with plaster walls. So this morning, I'd plan to get back on the living room. I have to do one wall at a time because I have no where to go with the furniture. So, move furniture out, do the wall, move furniture back. When everything is finished, including the ceiling (ugh), I'll put the padding and newly cleaned rug, back down. However, the doctor put me on Niacin for my cholesterol. I have discovered, today, the one side effect is the slinging shits. So, didn't do anything to the living room, didn't go see Dad, didn't go for the mail. I managed to clean out the bird feeders and refill them before all of this started; so, now, I just finished some soup and a sandwich. We'll see how that settles. No rumblings yet. Maybe I can at least do some sanding on the spackling.
I hope this is over by tomorrow. Every Thursday I meet friends at a little restaurant in town. I never know who is going to show up, but, we have a good time, good conversation, and the food is excellent. Plus I need to go back to the pharmacy, I forgot to pick up the creme for the burn on my arm from the wood stove. I told doc to make it a large tube, winter is far from over.

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