Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TRUCK'S HOME............

and it's looks great.  I found two places that he should've taken care of.  But, I'll forgive him. 

It started raining about an hour ago, so, I'll take the car today.  Drove the truck all day yesterday, felt good to be back in my baby.  I love that thing.  Even Rich, the body shop guy, said how much fun it was to drive and what power it has for a Dakota. 

Dad found a puddle under his GMC on Monday.  We think it's anti-freeze.  So, after he took me down to pick up my truck.  We went over to Sam's garage.  I'd called them earlier to see if they had the time to take a look.  Both Sam and Jim were all over the thing and couldn't find any moisture.  So, Dad went home and put a piece of cardboard under it.  Nothing showed up as of yesterday afternoon.

I just can't seem to get warm this winter.  And, it's not been a bad winter at all.  Don't know what is wrong.  I guess if winter does hit, ie....snow, blowing winds etc., I'll move my bed out to the wood stove and hybernate until spring.  Ha!

Stopped at a lady's house yesterday who lives down in the village.  My friend Trudy use to work for a government agency and she had her as a client.  Trudy asked me last Friday if I ever see her and Cindy was out in her yard yesterday when I was coming home that way.  So I stopped and told her who I was and that Trudy was asking for her.  She was thrilled and said to tell her HI.  She then told me ALL of her health problems and she has 6 dogs, 2 ducks, chickens etc.  The old house is full of termites and the landlady won't buy the permits to tear it down and move a trailer in.  She was robbed a few months ago so she bought a 45.  The cop told her to shoot 'em next time and drag them in the house.  And on, and on.  I feel bad for her, she works at that place all the time, and it's not even hers.  Oh well, I'd better do something myself....


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Picture was taken at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN on a June morning - as it appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune.

Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!  It says everything.......

Monday, February 27, 2012


To my latest follower.......Caterina.  I am always humbled by someone hitting the 'follow' button.  
Thank-you and welcome to my blog.

Got a call from Rich today.  Truck will be done tomorrow.  Just got off of the phone with Dad, he is going to pick me up around 10 and take me over to the body shop.

It was a down-right beautiful day today.  Another one on tap for tomorrow, then rain for two days, so, I need to get that truck home and in the drive way.  Wish I had my garage built, but, someday.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's a beautiful day today. About 33 and should get to mid-fortys. No moisture in sight.

Stopped in to see the truck yesterday.  All painted and beautiful, he's starting to put it back together. 

Had breakfast with friends at the Methodist Church on Saturday.  It's always a good spread.  Then went up to the cemetery.  Half-brother is not dead yet, at least there's no date on the stone.  Now, I know what you are thinking...that's cold!  Well, you must understand, his wife, 'the wicked witch of the west', drove a wedge between him and his family.  And since he had no kahonas to stand up to her, I more-or-less wrote him off a long time ago.  He visited our ailing mother 3 times in 15 years, and they lived 12 miles from her.  I could go on and on, but such are a lot of families.  It saddens me to think what could have been.

Got my taxes done on Thursday and will be getting some back this year.  That's good, although I've got about seventy-eleven gazillion places to spend it, I'll try to squirrel it away, and not go to the gun shop.

Well, should do something today.  Or, maybe not.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Got some wood cut up today. At least it's in smaller chunks and I can always split it down to kindlin' size some rainy day. It was very windy and got colder as the day wore on, so, I stopped for a while and went for the mail, stopped at the amish store for the local paper.  While I was in the store I over heard this lady say, "No, I only buy as much as I can eat."  I was taken back by that for sure 'cause I knew the woman.  My first thought was 'what would you do if tomorrow you came and the store was out of food?'  Problem is, she is not the only one that thinks this way.  I am concerned that a lot of folks will be in for a rude awakening.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


have not posted in a long while.  But everything is OK.  Just tired all of the time.  Been watching the eagle cam at  So cool.  They had their first egg Friday night, so now either mom or dad is usually there.  Pretty neat.  Last year they had 3 eaglets.
Dad is doing OK.  Going to have another auction, August 18th, he's keeping 2 of his 7 tractors and selling the rest.  Plus a lot of tools and such.  His buddy Bob is in it with him.  He is a collector also.  The last auction they had was in 2005 and it went well.  I really like this auctioneer too.

Truck has a new fender and is sanded down to a pretty pink.  Yuk!  Should be getting it next week.  I told him I'm in no hurry, I'd rather have it done right than done in a hurry.

Furkids are all well.  The dogs are loving this spring-like weather.  Trimmed some trees this week and the sap ran out of the maples.  Here we are approaching the end of Feb. and no measurable snow fall.  Wonder what March will bring?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sorry for not posting.  Dad had issues with celluitis in his left hand.  That took over a week for the antibiotics to clear up.  Wrecked the truck on Jan 24th, it's in the shop now.  Been sick a few days, don't know why.  And, have the normal winter time blahs, I guess.
Dogs, cats all well and happy.  Snow predicted for tomorrow and I have a lunch date with girls I worked with.  Have never driven the PT Cruiser in snow, it'll be OK, front wheel drive.  If it's too bad, I'll stay home.
Got a virus and a trojan in the lap top and had to take it back to Best Buy for the third time.  Fine now.
Hope everyone else has had a better time of it than I.