Monday, April 29, 2013

RAINING TODAY..............

but, that's OK.  I was a heathen and mowed the yard yesterday.  Couldn't get to it on Saturday as Fred came down and we split up all of the wood I had stored behind the wood shed.  But not before we replaced the fuel line on the splitter.  Crappy gas.  We got to the store and I remembered I had no money, neither did Fred.  I asked if Dave was there, he's the owner.  When he came over, I told him I had two problems....I need a new fuel line for the splitter and I forgot my money.  He just smiled and fixed us right up.  When we were walking out, he told the girl, "They're OK, they are just stealing from me."  Impressed the heck outta Fred, who said, "Wow, couldn't do that up where I live."  I told him there are perks to living in the country. 
Then Matt and Sarah arrived in his beautiful Ford Diesel towing a trailer, and took home the '35 Dodge cab I'd been storing for them for the last 10 years.  So, after they left, it was too late to mow, as I had to get over to Dad's.  Archie needs his Pop-Pop fix every day.  
Sunday morning, worked on cleaning out the shed getting ready to sling wood, leveled up where everything was stored and built a rack, and moved the recycle bins there.  Sowed some grass seed, then mowed the yard.  This rain is a blessing for sure.  Suppose to do it tomorrow and the next day.
I'll work at the wood like a mouse eats an bite at a time.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.............

Mom was born on this date in 1918, the fourth child of twelve, in rural West Virginia.  She started working at the age of 12, cleaning house for a neighbor.  Lived through a depression, and a rough first marriage in which she had two children, a son and a daughter, sixteen months apart.
In October of 1942, she boarded a bus for the north to work in an ammunition plant.  While living in Pennsylvania, she met her second husband; they married in August of 1944 and had one daughter the next year.  She worked many different jobs, a clerk in a drug store, a waitress in a restaurant, and helped to milk the family's dairy herd.  Around 1953, she went to work for the Acme Markets, and, from there she retired in 1978.
She retired only because she couldn't remember how to make proper change anymore.  Or maybe she wasn't quite sure what her customer's name was.  She wished someone a Happy Easter, but it was the day before Christmas.
It wasn't long before she stopped cooking, stopped eating, then, the pacing started.  All day, she paced the house.  Finally her husband retired to take care of her.  He cooked the meals and fed her, sometimes forcibly.  She could no longer dress herself, so he dressed her.  She didn't know when she had to go to the bathroom, so she was put in diapers.  She couldn't hold a normal conversation, so she just stopped talking.
She would look at you, and not know who you were, couldn't remember your name.  But she was the one who gave you that name.....gave you life.
On a Saturday in May of 1998, she was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia.  On Monday, the doctors were talking nursing home, by Tuesday, hospice.  She came back to her home.  On Friday, early in the morning, she went home to be our LORD, very peacefully, with her devoted husband and two daughters at her bedside.  And, it was over, twenty-two years of caring for a woman who would've done as much or more for you, a woman who was a victim of Alzheimer's, a nasty, incurable, agonizing, hateful disease that affects the whole family.  Be sure to enjoy your love ones while they can still enjoy life.
Miss ya, mom.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


and, I would be lost and REALLY depressed if not for them.  It's true, I lost my three best friends in 2 years, and, some days are harder to get thru than others.  We were friends for over 50 years and they were the kind you could call at 3 in the morning if you needed help and KNOW they would be there, no questions asked.  But, they are gone, and I miss them.   However, I have other friends, some I've known for a very long time.  Two of them are cousins to the ones I've lost, and, that's a nice connection.  Other friends are newer but still, its great to know them.  I don't know if I'd try the 3 in the morning thing or not.  Maybe.
Then, there's the blogging friends.  Sometimes, when I get a little sad, I'll surf my blogging buddies and realize there are such good people out there on the net.  I sometimes wish we all lived closer so an in-your-face visit could happen.  But, maybe not.  Familiarity breeds contempt?  Whatever.
I dread losing my Dad, just because it will make me really alone.  Some tough decisions will have to be made.  I got burned out on 'decision-making' when I worked.  I just want to float thru the rest of my life, some days.  Oh, I can still make decisions, hard ones, like putting a pet down or where to build the garage or do I even want to dump more money in this place,  etc., etc.,.  I am kinda glad that Dad is such a procrastinator when it comes to making decisions.  Forced me to stand on my own two feet, early. He has NEVER told me what to do with this place or anything else for that matter.  Sometimes he'd make a suggestion, but, Mom was the one with the advice, and we lost her early, at 58, to Alzheimer's.  Although, physically, she was with us for another 22 years, Dad being the caregiver.  I'll always admire him for that.
So, when I look at the way this country is headed, the world for that matter.  I'm glad I was born when I was, had the friends I had, and, have the friends I do.  Just some reflections on this beautiful, sunny, Sunday.  Gotta go, get a shower, friends are coming for a visit.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

THE ANNUAL MUD SALE..............

is happening over in the village.  Many, many Amish are going past the house this morning.  One enterprising young man went down the road in a cart and horse, pulling an express wagon.  What???  Then, I remembered.....the boys use these wagons to haul stuff  (for us 'English')  to the cars, then get a tip.  If there is a way to make a dollar, they're on it.

Got a call yesterday from my English friend, Barb.  She and her husband wanted to come down on Sunday, if I was going to be home.  Well, I had planned to go over to the next town and visit my friend Margaret, she is 98.  Sunday is a good time 'cause her daughter Helen would be there.  They just love Archie and its always a good visit.  Barb said they would be here about 11, then want to go over and see Ben's niece, Shirley.  So, maybe I can still get to Margaret's.

The new Amish neighbors of Dad's are still clear-cutting the woods behind him.  I got this email, for the second time, this week..............

Fire Weather Warning !
Issued at: 11:14 am EDT on April 5, 2013, expires at: 8:00 PM EDT on April 05,

...Red flag warning in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening for all
of central Pennsylvania...
The National Weather Service in State College has issued a red
flag warning for central Pennsylvania...which is in effect
until 8 PM EDT this evening.
* Affected area...central Pennsylvania.
* Winds...northwest 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.
* Timing...the afternoon into the early evening hours.
* Relative low as 23 percent.
* the upper 40s.
* Lightning...none expected.
* Impacts...the potential exists for rapid fire spread if
  uncontrolled fires develop...or for prescribed Burns to get out
  of control.
Precautionary/preparedness actions...
Critical fire weather conditions are expected or occurring. Any
fires that develop may quickly get out of control and become
difficult to contain.
Dad said he was out at the barn yesterday and a fellow drove in the lane, looked over at the fires in the use-to-be woods, then left.  The smoke was rolling over the ridge and I guess this fellow felt the need to check it out.  I told dad if he was the one burning he would of caught hell, but, it seems if the Amish do anything, authorities look the other way.  I hate a double standard.  He told me this morning they're back at it.  Probably will be most of the summer.  Archie has already chased their dog out of the yard.  People think they are quaint and saintly, bull, live among them and you'll change your mind.  Not all of them, my neighbors are OK and we get along, I guess there's good and bad in everyone.  However, the more I think about it, the less I feel good about eventually selling my house to Henry and his family.  We'll see.
Got to go, run to the drug store for dad, then clean this house for company.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

HAD A WILD HAIR AND............

went to my cousins yesterday, spent the entire afternoon into the evening, visiting with him and his wife.  (It was either that or do house work.) We have always enjoyed each other's company.  He is the brother I never had and, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer last month, it was upsetting to the whole family, especially my dad.  But, he is doing great, no chemo as he was only stage 2.  Cancer runs in the family, dreadful stuff.  My mom always said 'they' have a cure for it but if they would follow thru, it would devistate the economy. 

Beautiful day today but still too cold for yard work.  Probably going to get too hot real soon.  Seems the weather is crazy compared to when I was a kid, back before dirt was brown.