Monday, November 23, 2015


but, things have calmed down again.  Stella and Elliott, a cat, both had UTI's this summer, so everyone is on distilled water and special food.  Had a brain fart and had my water tested.  Failed for bacteria and nitrates, so, a new water conditioner, UV light, reverse osmosis, filters etc., etc. will be installed tomorrow.  It will cost me more than my first new car.

Dad is about the same.  Everyday he does something worthwhile.  Last Wednesday he polished all of his shoes.  Thursday he worked on the lawn mower.  It gives him a sense of accomplishment and makes him happy.

My friend Bobby and his two sons, Ethan and Matt are on their way to Brazil for two weeks.  Sounds like a great trip for the guys.  When the boys were small, the three of them would go hiking in the woods turning over rocks to look for snakes and other critters.  They love the outdoors.  Praying they stay safe.

So, that's it for the Meadow House.  Y'all have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe in these wicked times.


Monday, April 6, 2015


so, now I am back up to four dogs.  Her new name is Stella Elaine, she is 6 months old, weighs 35lbs and I have her listed as a hound but any dog lover knows what kind of pooch she really is.  However, my new and improved home owners insurance has four breeds listed as aggressive and I am not 'allowed' to have them.  To which I told my agent....."There is absolutely NO ONE that walks the face of GOD'S green earth that will tell me what kind of dog I will have!"  To which she replied, "Then don't tell me."  This was before I even thought about getting another dog. 

She came from Maryland, lived with a Mexican family, the wife was talking to the son of a friend of mine about finding her a good home.  She told him the people living with her are abusing and tormenting her.  The next day, she stopped him and said, ''If you want that dog, take her now cause my husband is not home yet."  He snatched her, kept her over night then gave her to his mother.  Now, stay with me, this is where it gets hairy.  His mom just had nine of her dogs removed by the ASPCA.  She had just gotten the little ones from her low-life, druggy brother and was finding homes for the whole crew.  Her 18 year old blind poodle hid under the bed while the dog warden looked in her windows, and she had three others with her.  The next day, the SOB's came and took the dogs they saw.  This all happened because her son's pit bull went after someone that was parked at her driveway to let his teenage daughter out to visit her dope head boyfriend across the road.  Then the boyfriend's mother called the authorities about these aggressive dogs across the street.  Oh, it ain't pretty down there in the village.  I drive down that road sometimes to go to dad's and don't even look at them.  Thanks to my friend, they all know I carry.  They leave me alone.  So the pit had to be quarantined for 10 days, they had to buy a muzzle, she has to pay $500 a year to keep him and have a $50,000 addendum added to her insurance policy, which she doesn't have 'cause her mobile home is not worth $5000 so no one will cover it.  Add to that, a $400 fine for no license and shots on the dogs she rescued. 

Then, this past weekend, my friend tells me she talked to her son and he told her I was right on.....she was a 'bait dog' for the dog fights this Mexican was having. 

Oh, and this dog warden is the same goof that sits in parking lots and harasses people about licenses and shots when he sees a dog in their car.  Now, I realize that buying licenses and getting the dogs vaccinated is necessary, but, approaching someone at the vet's office and ragging on them?  My vet threw him off the property.  Do you think he bothers the Amish, their dogs don't even wear collars and are never tied up.  I can't wait 'til he comes up to me.  Oh, please, please, please!
So, that's been my last couple of weeks. 

Hope all is well with everyone.


PS: Just talked to my friend this afternoon.  She had to take the pit bull to the ASPCA so they could put him down.  She didn't have the $500 and couldn't get the insurance.  There was a lady state cop there and she asked my friend what had happened.  When she heard the whole story, she was pissed.  Of course that didn't help poor Bain.  She buried him down with the other dogs and put a cross up.  Sometimes life just stinks.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SHE'S GONE.................

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Daisy is responding well to the pain med.  Even stretching the leg and sometimes standing on it.  That's a bit of a worry for fear of her breaking it.  Try to not let her run after the Amish as now she isn't in pain and doesn't favor it as much.
Phoebe gets her first bath and haircut on Saturday.  She went with Archie and I New Years Eve to a party at a friend's house.  Fell in love with Don.  I looked over a couple of times and he was sitting on the couch talking to some other folks, scratching her neck and she was fast asleep.  She seems to be socializing easily. 
I had an email from a cousin in AZ who said 'Maybe GOD arranged for me to rescue Phoebe because he knew I was going to lose Daisy.'  Don't know about that but I do know GOD works in mysterious ways.  One dog can not replace another one because the relationship will be different, but, it sure does help fill the hole when one is lost.
Hope everyone that reads this humble blog has a Safe and Happy New Year.
With much love to all...Sharon and the Meadow House Zoo Crew.


Monday, December 29, 2014


from the Meadow House.  First, Elliott had his gonads removed on the 17th.  Came thru like a little trooper, I brought them home in a jar for 'show and tell' at Friday's breakfast.  I also took pictures, interesting procedure.  Then watched her spay a little female from her farm.  Boys are easier.
While going thru all of this, my vet is telling me about her niece's dog.  A pregnant, 3 year old chocolate poodle, kept in a pen with a neutered doxie and a beagle.  Guess who the father is.  She had two puppies last year, they gave one to the step-sons girlfriend and kept the other one.  This little poodle was my vet's sister-in-law's dog until the fleas became too bad and she was banished to the pen outside.  Niece came home, she's 8, and found her mom dead at 42.  Niece and her dad move in with dad's mom.  He builds another pen for these dogs.  My vet is seething.  She and her brother do not speak, haven't for 20 years, she took the puppy last month after she found it standing in the middle of the road.  Two weeks ago, she takes the poodle, aborts the 4 puppies, spays the mom, offers her to me, free.  "This dog is NOT going back to the farm!"  I brought her home on the 17th.  A couple of accidents in the house, but mostly a good little dog.  Archie is not a brat towards her and the big girls could care less.  The only problem child is my big boy Elijah.  They have gotten into it a few times, which is not good as the poodle has a congenital cataract in her left eye and is partially blind in that eye.  A cat scratch in the right eye would be bad.   That's the good news, now, the awful news.
Took Phoebe the poodle in this morning to have her stitches out, which means now I can give her a bath.  Also took Daisy, my beagle-lab mix in to get her left hind leg checked out.  She has been holding it up for about a month on and off.  I figured she just sprained it chasing the Amish, but I noticed this past weekend, she is off her feed and looks like she is in pain.  When I put her harness on, there was a noticeable weight loss.  Not a good sign.  She was weighed in and has lost 10 lbs.  Vet took an x-ray and came and got me.  "It's not good, Sharon."  "How bad is it?"  "Bone cancer"  She showed me on the x-ray and on other people's dogs x-rays, and, told me she was 99.9% sure that's what it is.  We have several options...1) Amputate the leg, but, the weight loss is disconcerting and she would need to x-ray the lungs as that is where it would metastasize next.  2) Radiation and Chemo, which would require lots of $$$$ and several trips to West Chester, which is outside of Philly.  3) Put her on pain meds now to keep her comfortable and let her go.  She has 4 to 6 months.


Sunday, December 7, 2014


but eventually, left.  Who?  You say.  A huge buzzard, sitting in my maple tree since yesterday morning.  Saturday was a dreadful, cold, rainy, foggy day.  He must have just gotten too wet and cold, plus, no thermals to glide on.  So, he, or she, hung out at the Meadowhouse for a while.  Today is warm and sunny.  Buzzard took off about 7:30 when I let the dogs out.  Sorry, no pics.
I was told the reason we have so many of these birds around this area is because of wars.  Buzzards would follow the battles. There were two major wars in this area, the Revolution and the Civil War.  Disgusting thought but necessary I guess.

Had three friends in the hospital this past week and one in the ER.  First friend, 56, went in for a cat bite on Sunday, after self-medicating for a week.  Admitted, operation on Monday, sliced the finger from tip to hand, to get at the infection and left it open to drain.  IV blew 4 times, she is not gonna get the Patient of the Year Award.  Operated again on Thursday to close.  Should be home by now.
Second friend, 55, became sicker and sicker and finally relented; her son took her into the ER, admitted, test done, found out she was a diabetic, plus, after a heart cath, needed a quadruple by-pass.  After 4 days without a shower, and not yet having the operation, she freaked at the nurses.  They relented after she signed a waiver, took her to the shower, told her they would be outside waiting.  She finished, went out into the hall and no one was there, so she went back to her room.  The nurses started to give her hell, she freaked out at them again.  She too, will not get Patient of the Year.  The third friend, 60, went into the hospital on Thursday, something with her stomach and pancreas, again.  Haven't heard how she is.  The fourth friend, 62, was taken into the hospital last Friday, by ambulance, from the doctor's office.  Got a call from her granddaughter, who was with her, asking me to go up to the doctor's office and get two of her eight dogs and take them home.  One is a Chihuahua that hates me, the other one is a Pit Bull that doesn't yet know me.  Oh joy.  Go down to her house and pick up the other 3 grandkids, go to town, get dogs, bring home, go up to the hospital, she's released.  Take her to her van, she follows me back to her house.  On Sunday, picked them up after church, take out for pizza.  Asked the kids if they knew why we went for pizza, they didn't.  Told them because they were so brave and helpful on Friday when their grandmother needed them.  They were pleased.  They don't get much 'Atta boys' from their parents.

That's been my week.  On the up side, Dad's about the same, we are still getting along better, PTL. 

Had to get a new alternator for the truck.  With 216,000 miles on it, am not complaining.


Monday, November 17, 2014


has been falling since last night.  At least I don't have to shovel it.  Last Thursday night, took the dogs out for their last potty trip and.....surprise!!!  Every thing was white, and it was still snowing.  Got about 1/2 inch here, farther north got about 3 inches.  By Friday morning it was gone.  Worked with a guy who believed the date of the first snow, even a flurry, indicated how many snows you would get.  Keeping track, we'll see if we get 13.  Turning cold tonight, down in the 20's tomorrow.  Knew it was coming eventually, but, still not ready for winter.

All critters OK.  Elliott is soon going in for his gonad removal.  He's driving the two girls crazy.  Have a friend that calls 'them' "velvet purses".  Told her his are more like backpacks.

Dad has been doing much better this month.  We are getting along better. Have given up telling him he shouldn't go out to the barn when it's cold.  He's 96, if he wants to go out to his barn, so be it.  Cut some wood up for him last week.  He's concerned about losing power this winter as he would have no heat.  Told him, "You know I worry about you going down those cellar steps", to which he replied, "I know, but, I'll be careful". 

Need to get more wood in,


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


at my house.  Tuesday, took all three laptops to Best Buy.  The very first HP I bought runs on XP, which is no longer supported.  Norton has run out.  The hinge is broken, so, when you open it up it just lays flat.  It was determined too old to fix, so, just keeping it to play games on.  The second one is a POS Dell that only operated for about a year.  They looked at it and determined it needed a new mother board and processor.  Ouch!  It would be better just to buy a new laptop.  The third one is the HP I use everyday.  It needed a laxative and a good clean, plus the fan runs all of the time and the keyboard gets so hot you can't touch it.  Cat hair you say?  Nah.  Anyhow, Best Buy's infamous Geek Squad performed their magic and I picked the POS Dell and HP up on Sunday.  Going to visit my cousin Jack sometime this week, he fools around with computers so will see if he wants to tinker with it.  Would like to keep it as a backup.  The parts to fix it would only cost a couple of hundred, it's the labor that drives up the repair bill.  Just glad I don't drive an electric car.

So, spent five days without a computer, and, the house is surprisingly clean.  But, then on Saturday, the TV died......dead.  Did all that I could do.  Moved it out and check all of the cords, plugging it in to another socket, pushed all of the buttons.  Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Goose Egg.  When I plugged it back in, the Dish box came on, when I turn the TV on, the Dish box went off.  Stopped at the store where I bought it yesterday.  Nice couple, Ginny and Harry.  Dog lovers.  Sometimes I just stop in to say Hi.  So, explained what I did on Saturday and again on Sunday.  He kept telling me to try this and try that.  "Did that, Harry."  So he tells me, "I'll come down tomorrow morning, but, I know I will probably hit a button and it will come on, then I'll say....'I told you so.'" 
So, this morning I get up, do the morning chores, even run the sweeper.  Cat hair? Nah.  And he calls to tell me he's on his way and will probably take the back off to look at things.
Eww! Get out the Windex and start cleaning the TV.  It has a little O in the front that you put your finger in to turn it on.  [Don't go there]  As I was wiping it off, I hit that.  Yeah, everything came on.  Quickly called Ginny to tell her so she could call Harry back to the shop.  Guess I'll go in today and watch him gloat.  Might as well get it over with.

Had a tragedy on Thursday.  House fire down the road from dad's.  A young mother, 26,  that's been a firefighter for 10 years, just had a baby boy 2 months ago.  She and her husband, also a firefighter, heard the tones go off and got up to respond.  She had a massive heart attack.  They called the ambulance to take her to the hospital but she didn't make it.  I heard later she had blood cots in her lungs.  The firefighters at the scene knew what was going on and still had to fight the fire.  It went to 2 alarms, and they called in 5 other companies.  The house was empty as the tenets were evicted.  Haven't heard the cause yet.  It was just a typical old 2 story frame house, probably 75 years old.  Fully involved when they arrived, went up like a tinder box.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


no doubt about it.  Monday, when we got to Dad's, he was in the barn, messing with the chains for his John Deere 1020 Diesel.  He had taken them off this summer 'cause a friend, Dick, asked to borrow it to move some dirt at his father-in-law's place up the road.  So, I asked Dad where was Dick to help put these chains back on?  No answer.  So, we started straightening these nasty things out.  Got the first one on and hooked.  He was really tired, so we quit for the day.  Tuesday, we went over early and I asked him when was he going to do the other chain.  After lunch.  OK.   Needed to go get cat food as they were totally out and I was lucky to get out of the house alive.  Told him we'd be back after lunch.  Went for the cat food and when we returned, he was already back in the barn.  IT TOOK US 2 HOURS TO DO THE SECOND CHAIN!  Stupid thing was all twisted up.  Thought we'd never get it figured out.  Boy, did I hurt this morning, I imagine he does too.  But, the chains are on, winter is coming, snow will be falling.  Still trying to figure out how he's going to move the walker thru the snow to get to the barn.  Think I'll talk to Crocket and warn him of Dad's plans this winter.  Maybe he'll get to Dad's driveway first.

It's been raining every night, and windy during the day.  Did manage to get the yard mowed on Monday as more rain is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.  Been burning the wood stove in the birdroom mostly in the evenings.  Need to cover the A/C's and close off the bottom of the house.  Just can't let go of fall quite yet.  Have some firewood to cut up when the spirit moves me.

Soon time for Elliott to go to the vet.  His little gonads are growing.  Been trying to break the news to him gently, but, he doesn't get it.  Asked my vet if I could watch, she said she didn't care.  Stopped yesterday to chat with her employees*, but, she was there so I had to wait.  Mean while, I watched her spay a 1 year old Chocolate Lab.  Really cool.

*The 4 ladies that work for her want the artist, Tom, that did the portrait of Archie, to do Mary's four dogs for her Christmas present.  I talked with him on Tuesday, he gave me the particulars and I gave them his phone number.  As luck would have it, Mary is going away next week, so, they should be able to make this happen.  Fingers crossed.


Monday, September 29, 2014


and, it doesn't even seem like we had a summer.  Although, I am not complaining.  The local fair has come and gone.  It is one of only two fairs in this county that are still considered 'farm fairs', not a carnival atmosphere.  So, Friday, after breakfast, I went home, grabbed Archie, put him in his jeans and t-shirt and off we went to the fair!  He was very well received.  Four different people asked if they could take his picture.  One was the manager of my insurance agency.  She took his picture in front of their banner at their booth.  He was so good, stood up on his hind legs, showing off.  Then she sent the picture to everyone at the office, telling them "our mascot was visiting us".  We had a great time at the fair.

We've had some tragedy in the Amish community.  Four young fellows were swimming in the big creek not far from my house when a wicked, fast-moving thunderstorm came up.  They were running for the house and were struck by lightning.  One did not survive.  8 years old.  So sad.  Then another, 24 year old father of two, was filling silo and climbed up and down into the silo to check if it was filling correctly, was overcome with the methane gas that can build up.  Another young man went in to see where he was and almost didn't make it out.   I don't understand why the Amish fellow would do that as everyone knows how dangerous methane gas can be.  Stupid move but still sad.

I have been told firewood is scarce around these parts.  My friend, Bobby, finally found some on the fourth try, for $160 a cord, delivered.  I really don't need any this year, 'cause I didn't burn the stoves much last year do to running everyday to see dad in the hospital and home.  I am glad I had those propane wall furnaces installed.  Got the tank filled last week, $1.59/gallon.  Dad is threatening to burn his stove in the basement this winter.  He loves doing that, but, he knows I don't want him going up and down those steps.  He keeps saying, "I'll be extra careful."  I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll find him someday, either out in the barn or at the bottom of those stairs.  Told this to my cousin and a few friends who all say, ''but, what can you do."  Just pray, I guess.

The doctor put me on a new med to try to help with this joint pain and achy-ness.  Since it can cause drowsiness, I took the first one last night.  Slept for 12 hours.  But sorta feel better.  We'll see how it goes.  He tested me for a plethora of problems, Lyme, Lupus and a hosts of others, all came back negative.  We agreed I am a conundrum. But, as I set here, I have noticed that my backache has diminished this morning.  So, maybe we're onto something? 

Need to get over to dad's, later................

Saturday, September 13, 2014


and things are the same at Dad's.  Cousin John and his son-in-law came down last week and built a ramp up to dad's deck.  Took 2 days, then they came back this past Tuesday and trimmed the rest of his bushes.  Of course, they didn't do it to suit him, but it's done.  Must be terribly sad to go thru life never being satisfied.  But, that is another post, someday.

All critters are doing OK.  The new kitten, Elliott ( I changed his name), is growing like a weed.  He is about 6 months old now and as big as Mary Fiona at 4 years.  But, she is a tiny little girl.  They have become buddies.  Elliott also plays with Charlie and washes Elijah's ears.  But, Lucy wants nothing to do with this young upstart.  The dogs just ignore him.

Had a nice little rain this morning.  Cloudy and cool lately.  It was a real cool summer with about a week of humidity.  I like that kind of summer.

Found a complete snake skin hanging in the laundry room.  Had to cut a couple of holes in the dry wall to try to figure out why the back light doesn't work.  Walked out one morning and there it was.  Needless to say, got a board in the wood shed and screw it up to the opening.  Told my carpenter we need to get serious about finishing this before winter.  He's so burned out with his factory job he doesn't have much get-up and go.  Might have to find someone else.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


waxing his pick-up.  He's got one more aluminum wheel and the top to do and he's done.  He's dropping hints about the top.  Plus he's telling me the '57 Buick needs washed and I should really use some rubbing compound on that chrome or it'll never come back.  Next it'll be the '72 Buick, which he NEVER drives, and, oh yes, the motorcycle should be gone over.  It's a 1967 Honda dream, restored.  I truly believe he is doing this in order to get his stuff ready for a sale.  But, we haven't talked  much about it, yet.

Weather has been really nice, hot, but not humid.  Turn the A/C on for the dogs by mid afternoon.  Since I lost those three Birch trees, the south side of the house gets hot and stuffy by then. 

New kitten is doing great, but, I think I will change his name from Dexter to Elliot.  He looks more like a Elliot and my friend Chet doesn't like the name Dexter 'cause of some TV show.  He's growing into a Elliot for sure. 

That's about all that's happening around here.  Looks like we'll be getting a storm soon, gotta go.......


Friday, July 18, 2014

AS PER A REQUEST FROM DIZZY DICK.........'s been 3 months and 13 days since I last blogged.........and.........I guess people are wondering....worrying....watching.   Where to start?

First, Dad is about the same.  He is mowing his yard, but, cleaning the mower is a chore.  His neighbor was over yesterday and in a flash was down on the floor and cleaning it out.  He has such good neighbors.  Dad turned 96 a couple of Sundays ago and all of his neighbors threw an ice cream and cake party.  He was really surprised and pleased.  They all look out for him.

Critters are all  Had an issue with Coco in June.  Was getting ready to comb her out and noticed a grease spot on her left side.  Got a gob of wet paper towels and started to wipe only to find it was blood and a hole the size of a quarter opened up.  Got her to the vet who immediately started poking and pushing and another hole opened up.  She then said it looked like a dog bite to her. 
Which meant Daisy.  They do freak out when anyone, especially Amish, goes by.  Being in the house and no way to relieve the aggression and turn on each other.  They did just that 3 days later when I installed a new fire/smoke/co2 alarm.  So, Coco was stitched up and sent home that night with meds and the 'collar of shame'.  Hair's growing back, scars almost hidden.  June also found me saving a kitten out of my maple tree.   He is grey with white socks and belly all the way up under his chin.  Named him Dexter.
Then, Archie started screaming one night.  Got him to the vet and she determined it was a pinched nerve or maybe be muscular.  Gave him a shot, sent home with meds.  Had to buy a harness and stop using a lead on the collar.  He's doing much better.  Told them all that the 'vet account budget' is tapped out
Storms about every week.  Some up close and personal.  Corn is looking good.  Haven't been doing much to the house.  Trying to keep the weeds out of the flower beds. 
Having breakfast with the usual gang on Fridays, but, haven't been meeting the girls for supper like before.  My day is split between this place, these guys, and, going over to dad's until 4, 5 sometimes 6, depending on what he is into.  Just too tired to go out for supper. 
So, there you have it.  Sorry for not posting in a while.  Hope all who read this humble blog are well and having a good summer.  Will try to post more often.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


about Dad.  He has good days and bad days.  Can't seem to understand why this has happened to him.  I go over every day, feed the birds, clean the litter boxes and clean the house.  Go to the store if he doesn't feel up to it that week.  Today, he seemed somewhat confused.  He never gets a good nights rest.  Never.  Still driving that gas/fuel truck or plowing fields, or milking cows.  He doesn't have an 'off switch', poor guy.  Got an email from a cousin about a planned family reunion on June 21st at a local park.  Said something to Dad but he didn't commit.  We'll have to wait and see.

Critters all doing ok.  Dogs were quite vocal today as it was the annual 'mud sale' over at the fire hall grounds.  Lotsa, lotsa Amish going past the house.  Dogs hate the Amish.  Don't know why unless in their 'before life' they were teased.

Been going to Physical Therapy for this dizziness 'cause the Dr. thought it was inner-ear.  I kept telling him I thought it was coming from my neck and shoulder.  After 3 weeks, the PT guy, Nic, told me it wasn't inner-ear but probably coming from my neck. When the shoulder hurts, there is little or no dizziness.  When the shoulder stops hurting, I'm dizzy.  Could get interesting.


Sunday, February 16, 2014


not much else one can do.  Dad is still about the same.  A week ago, I lost power for 2 days.  Cooked on the wood stove, put perishables in the snow bank and coolers.  Got thru it ok.  His electric faired better, just blinked on Wednesday and was off a couple of hours on Thursday.  I asked him what would he do if it went out and he told me he could back down the cellar steps and fire up his wood stove.  Be interesting to see him do that, as he has to use a walker now, or a wheel chair.  My biggest concern is finding him in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. 

His neighbors have been taking care of the driveway.  One has a big snow blower on a tractor and the other guy has a blade.  His Amish neighbor, David, came over with this last storm and shoveled the deck and the walk.  I've really only had to shovel twice. 

Critters are all OK.  Coco and Daisy love the snow, roll in it.  Archie?  Not so much.  Birds are eating me out of house and home.  I put nuts out for the poor little squirrel and the blue jay and wood pecker get them first. 

Got a message from blogger about 'picking a browser'??????  Don't know what's up with that, and, don't have time to research it.  Might not be posting again for a while.  Everyone take care and be safe.