Sunday, February 16, 2014


not much else one can do.  Dad is still about the same.  A week ago, I lost power for 2 days.  Cooked on the wood stove, put perishables in the snow bank and coolers.  Got thru it ok.  His electric faired better, just blinked on Wednesday and was off a couple of hours on Thursday.  I asked him what would he do if it went out and he told me he could back down the cellar steps and fire up his wood stove.  Be interesting to see him do that, as he has to use a walker now, or a wheel chair.  My biggest concern is finding him in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. 

His neighbors have been taking care of the driveway.  One has a big snow blower on a tractor and the other guy has a blade.  His Amish neighbor, David, came over with this last storm and shoveled the deck and the walk.  I've really only had to shovel twice. 

Critters are all OK.  Coco and Daisy love the snow, roll in it.  Archie?  Not so much.  Birds are eating me out of house and home.  I put nuts out for the poor little squirrel and the blue jay and wood pecker get them first. 

Got a message from blogger about 'picking a browser'??????  Don't know what's up with that, and, don't have time to research it.  Might not be posting again for a while.  Everyone take care and be safe.


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Dizzy-Dick said...

Take care and hope your Dad will be OK. I am sure he will be, we older guys are pretty tough you know. Just to make you feel worse, it has been in the 70's down here in Texas.