Monday, December 31, 2012

WELL, ANOTHER YEAR............

has gone by.  Not much has changed.  I have much to be greatful for.  Have  made a few resolutions, hope and pray I can stick to them 'cause I believe I could be a better person if I can. 

Calling for snow tomorrow, I cleaned house this morning, even washed the cat tracks and dog slobbers off of the bay window.  It'll snow for sure now.  Need to get another load of wood in, nothing worse than pushing that wheelbarrow across the yard in snow or rain. 

Going to Fred's house tonight, good food, good friends, lottsa laughs.  Need to get that wood in and get over to Dad's.  Want to wish everyone that follows this humble, eratic blog a Happy and Safe New Year.


Monday, December 24, 2012


has come to the Meadow House.  Started this afternoon about 3.  Don't think it'll amount to much but it sure is pretty and Christmasy.  The trouble with snow is I will lose some satellite reception, but, I've seen 99% of the Christmas movies anyhow.  I did watch 'The Bishop's Wife' and the last 1/2 hour of 'An Affair to Remember'.  I am a Cary Grant fan.  So-much-so that I named Archie after him.  For those of you that don't know, his real name was Archibald Leech.  I can understand the need to change it.

So, I'm sitting here with a nice fire, listening to classical music and trying to deal with the Christmas blues that I get every year.  I know Jesus is the reason for the season.  But I really cannot wait for this holiday to be over.  It seems to get worse every year. 

On a brighter note, went to 5 different stores today to get my cranberry-orange relish.  Can't be found.  Poop, shoulda went to Market on Friday.  Oh well, guess I'll just show up empty-handed at my friends house.  They won't care but I do.

Went to dad's this after, visited for a while, then he mentioned about throwing the rest of the firewood he had rikked-up at the Bilco door.  I offered to help, he declined saying I had enuf to do at home, I replied that I already had my wood in.  So, he went down and unlocked the doors at the devil steps (the ones I fell down, remember?).  It didn't take but a few minutes and it was done.  I do not even offer to rik up his wood, oh no, nobody, not even GOD, could do THAT to please him.  But, at least I can throw it down those devil steps.

So, hope everyone has a safe and Merry CHRISTmas, and that the fat guy brings you all that you wish for.  ME?  I just want peace on earth, that's all.


Monday, December 10, 2012


WHAT??????????  I watched TV on Saturday.  Wadda mean 'Complete Signal Lost'?  HMMMMM  OK, called DISH Sunday night.  Gotta guy who couldn't really help after I told him, "Yes, all of the cables are secure." " Yes, the Satelite Dish is still in the side yard."  "No, there are no fallen trees near it."  So, he passes me on to another Dish person, named Michelle.  Ah, a woman-to-woman thing, now we're gonna get somewhere.  First question outta her mouth?  "Yes, Michelle, all of the cables are secure.  I just watched the TV yesterday, and, it's way to heavy to carry around the house, so, I don't move it, much."  "Yes, the Satelite Dish is still in the side yard, and, before you ask, No, there are no fallen trees near it."  "No, I haven't weed-wacked for a couple of months, it's December."  So, we run a couple of test.  She tells me if the second test states on the screen that it's 1 of 38, we're in trouble.  We're chit-chatting, she is a VERY pleasant young lady, when....whoops, we're at test 2 of....yep, you guessed it....38.  She tells me to cancel it.  Then she starts talking about sending out a technician at $95 a visit...........BUT.............I could buy a plan for $7 a month and then the visit would cost $0.  Wait, No, uh, NO, I'll just talk to Harry on Monday.  He installed it and knows the system, the house, the layout.  Plus he's local and mama always said, "Spend your money local."  So, I always try to do that.  We hang up.  Harry is coming by tomorrow.


Saturday, December 8, 2012


and no one is to blame but....ME. 
I was over at dad's on Wednesday.  He's still fartin' around with the old porch railings and posts from the bungalow in town.  Stuff is probably 60 years old, too short to ever use on another porch, lead paint, etc.  He agonized over cutting it up????  The two post from the farm house are over 100 years old with cut nails.  It was even harder for him to think about cutting them up.  "What should I do?"  'I don't know, dad, it's up to you.'  He wouldn't listen to me anyhow.  So,  he tells me he needs to unlock the cellar doors.  He never, hardly ever, asks me to do anything, just drops big hints.  'I'll go do it.'  Mainly cause it is less walking for him.  So........I go into the house, down the basement steps, pass the woodstove, unlock the man-door, up the concrete steps to the underside of the Bilco door, unlock it, turn, take one step, take another and.......what!!! there shouldn't be a step there!  I should be at the bottom!!!  The bottom was two steps down, I missed those two steps, but I found the bottom.  Boy, is concrete hard.  The left knee took the brunt of it and not only did I land on it, but then it ended up bent under my left leg.  Hit my head on the block wall, and, then, just laid there, moaning and thinking....How am I going to get up?  I couldn't crawl back up the steps, 'cause I couldn't push the Bilco doors open from underneath.  I finally managed to get up and hobbled out of the house, over to dad, who promptly asks me, "Why is your jacket so dirty?"  'Cause I fell down your outside steps!'  "Aw, honey.  I did that about 10 years ago."  So, Archie and I went home, I put ice on it all evening.  Next morning, still swollen, call doctor, see him in afternoon, sends me for xrays over at 'Health Campus' where you have to park and walk 3 blocks, up hill to even get in the door, then walk another block down the hall to get to 'Diagnostic Imaging'.  Four xrays, on the way home, doctors office calls, nothing fractured, nothing broke, keep it up and ice it down.  Phone call from Lois,  "Whatcha doin'?"  I tell her.  "Crap, feel like supper at the restaurant?"  'Sure'  Artie stops in and we three eat and chit-chat.  Leave, stop at Dad's,  "Where have you been, I've been calling all afternoon."  'Why didn't you call my cell?'  "I never thought about it."  Now, I had called him at lunch time to tell him I was going up to the doctors, so he knew where I was.  So, each day, it gets a little better, swelling is down, big time.  Both knees are a little weak, but the pain has improved 80%.  Doc gave me a script for Percocet, but I didn't fill it.  Oh, Dad finally did cut up most of that sorry-ass lumber, but not the 3/4 round pieces, and not the century-old porch post from the farm, they're in the barn.  Whatever.


Monday, December 3, 2012


in the neighborhood.  Got a wild hair and cleaned out and cleaned up the barn.  Trouble is, I'm trying to fit 25 lbs of crap in a 10 lb bag.  Did manage to rearrange it a little bit better.  Had to move the one set of shelves, so then I was able to drag the newer work bench over to that wall and butt it up against the other bench.  Both benches are piled high with stuff yet to be placed, thrown out or given away.  Maybe tomorrow, as it is to be even warmer than today.

Been working on the family tree, my own for a change, and found out that two of my great-great grandfathers fought in the Civil War.  John T from PA and John B from WV.  Did some research and figured out they were not in the same battles, so at least they weren't shooting at each other.

Not much else is happening.  Charlie finally got that mouse....just now.  He's taken it to the bathroom to torment it in the tub.  Guess I'll try and get it and take it out.  I'd rather do that than find its headless corpse in the morning.  I tell these creatures, as I'm carrying them by the tail, "Go back to the clan and tell everyone of horrendous and giganic monsters that live in the meadow house and to avoid that house at all cost."  Wish they'd listen.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


this morning.  I mean, it looks like it snowed.  Did some laundry yesterday and hung a sheet out on the line last night.  Froze solid, still froze this morning.  If old Sol doesn't come out today, it'll stay frozen.

Got another mouse in the house.  Now, with four cats in the house, only three of them are hunters.  Elijah can't be bothered, there are naps to take and plenty of food to eat. With Miss Lillie's passing, he is the 'old man' so its... "go gettem kids."  Little Mary-Fiona caught the last one, that's four to her count.  Lucy has about a half a dozen to her credit.  But, Charlie is up to around 20 in the few years I've had him.  And, he got this one, took it into the laundry room and promptly lost it under the washer.  Terrific, he'll get it again, but, now the dogs are into it.  Could be interesting.  I need to go to the store, wonder if there be a house left when I return?

Didn't win the powerball, but this time I did manage to buy a ticket.  I always think of it about 20 minutes too late.  Oh well, I hope to two winners are people that need the money, will not blow it, and put it to good use.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SNOW IS A NO-SHOW.........

I really expected to wake up to white this morning.  But, alas, nadda, zip, zero, goose-egg, nuttin.  Oh well, it'll be here soon I'm sure.  It's just, I really had no where to go today but over to Dad's, which is about 3 miles, so, I could stay in and enjoy.  Instead of snow, we're getting lotsa rain, whatever.  Got the wood stove going, everyone is veggin out.  These guys have SUCH a hard life.
Spose to be warmer in a few days, up into the 50's, so I can clean up the barn and the wood shed.  Had planned to do it a couple of weeks ago, after Sandy buzzed thru.  Raked the leaves and twigs and had some serious burning going on.  The smoke got to me and sinusitis/bronchitis set in.  Took over two weeks to start feeling better.  So that put the barn/wood shed clean-up behind schedule.  I really need to rearrange the barn so I can get the snow-blower out when I need it. 
Nothin' else going on, gotta go.


Saturday, November 24, 2012


I can't believe it's been over a month since I sat down at this blog.  Haven' t really been too busy.  Just nothin' to say, I guess.  Since the election turned out like I figured it would, and, the economy is still in the shitter, we haven't brought the troops home yet, the illegals are still here, gas goes up, gas comes down, etc, etc, .'s the same old crap, just a different day, week, month....whatever.
Lost a cat on Wednesday.  Had to put her down.  Miss Lillie was 12, throwing up a lot, 3 teeth in her mouth and one of them was loose.  I told the vet that maybe she was eating too fast, plus, couldn't chew the food properly.  But then I asked her to feel her belly because I thought there was a bulge.  Sure enuf, there was a mass about the size of a tennis ball.  So, she went home to her mom, who passed in July of 2009.  I can visulize her sitting on a chair, waiting for her cat to show up.  But still, it another loss of a connection to a dear friend.
Dad is still doing OK.  Lotta  pain in his knees, and I think ole 'Arthur' is takin' hold in every joint of his 94 year-old body.  We had a nice thanksgiving dinner at a little church over by the river.  Fantastic food served family style just for a donation.  Then, one fella told us, they take the money to town and tell the super market guy they have this much money, and, they want to buy food for the food bank, and, he gives them twice as much food.  Whatta win-win situation.
Had a house fire down in the village this evening.  I called my friend Cindy to make sure she wasn't on fire and asked about Miss Mary up the road, and, she's OK.  Nobody was hurt, lotta smoke, it was electrical.  Tons of equipment went pass my house.  The fire police came down the road, passed my house and settled in up at the cross roads to keep people away.  I left for milk, came back, and, they motioned for me to turn.  I put my window down and told them, "I live down this road."  "Well, maaaam, I don't know if you can get to your house, what's the number?"  "I just live on the other side of the bridge."  "What bridge?"  I now knew I was in trouble.  "The bridge you just crossed when you came down the road an hour a go."  "What's your house number?"  "420"  "OK, you're gonna be fine."   Then they moved the cones.  I know why firemen call the fire police 'cone-chuckers'.  You'd think they were GOD's gift to traffic.  Thought I was gonna have to drive thru Henry's cornfield to get home.
Weather guy says snow's comin'.  Matt and Fred came down this after and went to Dad's to get my snow blower.  While here, they split some wood for me.  So, between the wood stoves, gas furnaces, Eden Pure electric heater in the kitchen.  It's all good!!!
Gotta go, it's good to be back, noticed a few people I follow haven't been on in a while either.  Hope all is OK.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012


still recovering from the auction.  Last tractor was picked up on Saturday, headed for Virginia.
Weather turned cooler, actually thought about a fire in the wood stove this morning.  Good thing my sweep came last week and cleaned both chimneys.
Coco had to go to the vet last Tuesday, got another 'hot spot' on her tail and I didn't see it until Saturday, after the vet was closed.  I cleared up two others previously, but this one got away from me and she wouldn't let me near it.  Fact is, it took both the vet and me to hold her so it could be shaved.  Looks a lot better now.  That powder does wonders if you can get it on.
Still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Things just don't feel right, lately.  It's like you're waiting for a bad storm to hit.  You see the dark sky, maybe hear the thunder. You know it's coming, so, you wait.  I'm not the only one that says this.  My friend Bob and I were talking about the same thing.  And, he said he and another friend were discussing the same thing.  Bizzarre.


Sunday, August 26, 2012


Deb C.  As always, I am humbled by your desire to be a follower.  Welcome and thank you.

Sale went well considering the economy.  Dad got better prices for his tractors in 2001 and 2005.  But, gas wasn't 3.69 a gal. either.  Disposable income has dried up for most people.  After his 5 tractors were sold, he was talking with a fella about buying a JD40.  Whatever keeps him happy.  At 94, he deserves to get what he wants.  Sorry, didn't take very many pics.  Too busy, if people couldn't find dad, they found me, with questions.  But, with a lot of help, from neighbors and his John Deere cronies, we pulled it off.  The last sale will be after he is gone and I'm NOT looking forward to that.

Looks like Isaac will be a contender, be nice if it dumped some rain on the parched areas.  We are suppose to get rain the next couple of days and I need to mow.  Been neglecting the meadow house lately because of going over to dad's.  Did get the sweeper run today.  Had dust devils as big as the cats.  Pulled the weeds out front.  Having toilet problems and need to buy a snake tomorrow.  I have one but it is way too big to use on the john.  Been thinking about just flushing down a stick of dynamite.  But, decided against it.  Was also thinking about building an outhouse over the septic tank lid but figured the smell would get me.  It'll work out.


Plumber showed up, snaked the sucker, put a new ball on it, $25.  Done.  We talked about an updated toilet.  They have them now that have a compressed air tank and uses less water.  As low as this house is, I am always concerned about the septic system.  So, using less water is a win for me.  Anybody out there in the blog-o-sphere know anything about them?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


in this part of the county.  It's usually VERY quiet around here.  The most that happens might be a domestic dispute or someone calls the police about a drunken party that is getting too loud.  But the last two weeks, we've had two shootings and at least 3 break-ins close to both Dad and me.  The first one........daughter came home to find her 62 year old father shot dead in the hallway.  OK, you think home invasion.  The next night at 2 in the morning, a guy is in this house and the lady recognizes him, scares him off, calls the cops.  This is about two blocks from the first incident, but, the police says the incidents are not related.  Horse-hockey.  The fellow is now trapped in a corn field and shoots himself.  Sounds kinda harsh way to end it just for just a robbery charge.  Then, down the road from Dad, same block, two guys take out an A/C, crawl in the window, steal money, go out the front door.  The couple is in bed, with the dog, but the bedroom door is closed.  Go figure.  Two nights ago, three boys are camping, mother is concerned because of what's been happening, GIVES THESE BOYS A PISTOL, but takes the clip out.  However...........there is one bullet in the chamber.  Kids are 'playing' with the gun, goes off, 16 year old is now dead.  Now we're seeing more troopers in the area, and, getting phone calls selling alarm systems.  I told them last year, I got an alarm system, 3 dogs and a loaded 38.

Bob has been bringing down his stuff all week and different people have been stopping in to lookee-see.  Everyone is asking if the '57 Buick is being sold.  NO!  But I need to wash it today, even tho it'll be in the barn, people still snoop. 

Dad is still not feeling well, and, I'm hoping that once this sale is over, he will be back to his old self.  All critters are doing OK, I'm really tired and not sleeping well.  But that will pass. 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WENT OVER TO DAD'S............

today.  He wanted to move this nasty piece of steel, probably a 4x8, that was propped against the back of the barn.  Put it on a skid and set it out front for the sale.  So, he got his JD with the loader, pulled up to it, (a little too far, put a dent in the barn siding) and I was just going to let it flop over.  But.........NNNOOOO, he gets off and grabs the other side, we flop and he falls, ever so graceful, on his butt and back.  Now, remember, he fell last Wednesday also.  I shut the tractor off and asked him if he was OK (other than pissed off).  He was, but, it took him 20 minutes to 'butt-walk' himself to the tractor in order to pull himself up.  The only way I could help was grab his belt, 'cause his ribs still hurt from the last fall.  This sale cannot get here fast enuf.  I also told him, he'd better not even get out of bed NEXT Wednesday.  Looks like tomorrow will be the last sunny day this week.  Better mow.  Already told dad I'd be late getting over.

Not much else happening.  Don't know what to think of the coming election.  I DO know who I'm NOT gonna vote for.  But haven't done much research on Romney's VP choice yet.  I do think we are headed quickly down the drain; been circling it since 2008.  If he's gets back in, might as well hit the lever and flush it all, eh?


Friday, August 10, 2012


down to the uncles on Thursday.  Spent about an hour with them and then a couple showed up to visit, so I left.  Glad that's done and had one more pic to give to another cousin, so, called her that evening and she said, "I'd love to have it."  So, since I was on a roll, I took it over then and there.  Found out some more family tales and had a nice visit with Dot.  Now I have one more group of pics to give away and I'm done.

Been having storms almost every day.  Last night there were at least 3 that went thru and woke up this morning to 2 more.  Lotsa rain.  House fire over by the river, dispatch called out a lot of equipment.  Maybe lightening strike?  Don't know the details yet, but know the family.

Be glad when this sale is history.  Dad's nerves are really bad, 'cause there is so much to do and he's unable to do it.  Plus, no one can help him 'cause no one can do it to please him.  Also, he fell in the yard on Wednesday, taking the bucket of grass clippings over to the corn field to dump.  I almost said, "Couldn't that wait for me to take care of?"  But, again, I probably wouldn't have done it to suit him.  It's gets old.  He won't go to the doctor, but, complains to me every day about how bad he feels.  I am like mom in that respect.  Feel bad.....go see a doctor.  Talking to me about it ain't gonna fix the problem.  Speaking of dear old dad, need to get over there........


Monday, August 6, 2012

STUFF, STUFF, STUFF.................

I was priviledged to care for my best friend, until she passed away.  Her mom had died the year before, and I had her stuff at my house, along with my friend's stuff.  It was a LOT of stuff.  Been donating, giving to friends and just throwing out for over three years.  Saturday I hit the downstairs bedroom.  Found more stuff.  Lottsa family pics and such.  I need to get this 'stuff' down to her uncles in Maryland.  Family stuff should stay in the family.  Especially pictures.

Farmer is hauling pig-poop today from the neighbors.  It's liquid....brings tears to your eyes.  Now, I'm no prude; born and raised on a farm, love the smell of a barn, especially a milk house, cow manure, silage, etc, etc, but, THIS stuff is wicked!  Hope he's spreading it on the upper field far my house.

We've been blessed with lotsa storms of late, some short, intense, downpours.  All is appreciated, for sure.  Sunny today, but not as humid.  Still think I'll turn the A/C back on for the dogs.  Poor Coco is suffering with alergies and hot spots and the A/C seems to keep her more comfortable.

Gotta an email from a former co-worker informing me another co-worker passed at 55.  Nice lady, a wonderful person, self-taught artist.  I was always gonna get her to do a pic of this house when I got it to where I wanted it.  Too late, eh?

I love this house, this setting, this area.  I tell people that 'once Dad is gone, maybe I'll sell out and buy a motor home'.  But, I know in my heart of hearts, I couldn't leave this house.  It's so quiet here, and, I'm among like-minded people.  This area is still country and as long as that doesn't change, I'll stay around.  Besides, I could travel with the 3 dogs, but 5 cats?  I don't think so!  Gotta go, fix breakfast or is it brunch?


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

KIND OF A DREAB DAY.............

after that intense thunder storm last night.  Don't know what a dreab day is?   As many of you know, I live in Amish country.  A friend turned me on the "Die Botschaft", which is a weekly newspaper serving the old order Amish communites nationwide.  It's actually letters written by 'scribes', telling the happenings of the week.  They only get to submit a page, but it's a window into their lifestyle.  Anyhow, a dreab day, as close as I can figure out, is the combination of dreary and drab.    Kinda a cool word, dontcha think?To continue on with this Amish theme....I stopped at the little store in the neighboring village to get some milk.  As I was checking out, an Amishman came up and laid down two bunches of bananas, one bunch was green, the other one was a bright yellow.  I said to the check out girls,  "You know, politicians are like bananas, they start out green, turn yellow, and, before you know it, they're rotten."  Everyone laughed and the Amish guy said, very quietly, "For once, we agree."  I look at him and he was grinning. 


Sunday, July 29, 2012


the past few days.  Soaking, badly needed, rain.  Probably over 2 inches.  But, any rain is a blessing, since things are so dry.  Not much else going on.  Sorta in a blue funk, again.  It'll pass.  Things just don't feel right.  Don't know why.  Kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Maybe I need to stop at the gun shop.  It's been a while.......


Friday, July 27, 2012

THERE WERE 14.........

at breakfast this morning.  Had a great time, as usual.  Not talking politics seems to be the answer.  On the way home, Lois called me to say they were going to supper tonight at the other restaurant.  Hey, I'm helping the local economy!!!!  Anyhow, then she tells me she fell at the appliances store and broke her foot, screwed up her knee (not the replacement one) messed up her elbow and on and on.  Girl's gonna need a keeper sooner than later.  She fell last year and broke her little finger.  Gotta go, hang out wash,


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


it's not too hot out, slight breeze blowing.  Since I must go to the dentist tomorrow at 10:30, then do some errands for dad while I'm in town, the day will be shot.  Calling for storms, Thursday and Friday.  We need the rain, for sure.  I broke down and turned on the A/C, for the dogs, of course.  Last month, the electric bill was $40 higher, but, it was worth it.

Went to supper last night with Artie, Ross, his grandson, Michael, and, Lois.  They were all at the restaurant on Sunday night, but didn't call me, used to, whatever.  So, I went up to pay my bill and saw a lady that was a good friend of Joyce, my best friend that passed away in 2007.  I sat down and talked with her, she will be 87 in December.  Sweet woman.  I enjoy older people.  We had a great conversation for about 45 minutes, and, after saying good bye to her, I paid my bill and went back to the table and everyone had left.  Oh, well.


UPDATE:  Got the yard mowed, put the mower in the barn, fixed lunch....thunder, lightening, whoa.  Quick, put windows up on vehicles, get in flag, get in house, get shower.  Then, it was over, just a quick as it came.  Damn, coulda kept it up all day.  Went to dad's and helped him put a gasket on the Farmall H.  The brother from next door came over to borrow a rake and shovel.  He had to burn the mattress, box spring and bed linen from his brother's bed, and, he needed to clean up the ashes and metal.  Seems the guy was dead for 10-12 hours before he was found, so, it was quite a mess.  The other neighbors were telling dad this morning and kinda chuckling about him burning everything, but, I guess they are too stupid to realize what a body will do when it dies.  He had no choice.  Trash truck certainly wouldn't have taken it.  After the autopsy is done, he's not even going to claim the body.  There is no money for burial, and this way the state will cremate him and dispose of the ashes.  So sad.

Later, again.

Monday, July 23, 2012


of dad's road.  My ears perked up.  It was next door at the school house apartments.  Cardiac Arrest.  Mmmmmmmm, both apartments have young tenants, could it be the wrong address and actually be dad's place?  Called, no answer, quickly got dressed, grabbed Archie, headed over.  The ambulance was at the school house.  The two brothers that I'd mentioned in an earlier posts...........the oldest one found the younger one dead in bed this morning.  He was already blue, so, must've passed in the night.  The other neighbors are saying it was a drug od.  The cops were there, so I guess that's how it is being treated.  Such a shame, to die so young, of your own foolish habits.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

QUIET SUNDAY............

at least that's what I tell the dogs.  Only one open carriage and one buggy went past the house this morning.  That was before I got out of bed, then, while walking Archie in the back yard, a young man went by on a scooter.  My house is in the bottom of a valley, sorta a small bowl, with slight hills all around.  The biggest hill is towards the village.  These kids hunker down on their scooters at the top of that hill and by the time they pass my house, they are FLYING!  And, he was.  He was pass the house, almost to the bridge by the time the dogs noticed him.  Archie and Coco just barked, but, Daisy went running past me like a race horse.  Funny.  Anyhow, this will be a Quiet Sunday with few Amish going by.  I'll be able to watch the British Open in peace.

Had a nice lunch by the river yesterday with Sue and Sarah.  Got on line yesterday and outta 14 reviews, 9 were very bad.  I told the girls, they agreed we would see for ourselves.  When we got there, I mentioned to the hostess about the reviews and she told me they have a new chef.  OK.  Well, we got a LOT of attention from 3 different waitresses, the hostess was at our table, the manager stopped by and then the chef came over.  I guess they were concerned?  I didn't mention the reviews to get all of this attention, but, we assured them that the food was excellent, the wait staff was attentive and, of course, the view of the river was excellent.  Last night, I got on the web site and put in my own review saying how great the place was.  Hope it helps.  Gotta go, fix breakfast, or lunch, whatever.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


This has been a week for cousins.  Monday, had supper with Jack and wife, Wednesday, got several emails from Terry in NJ and today, Faye came to my house and we met for the first time!  Her dad and mine were buddies as teenagers.  They are 21 months apart, and, outta 24 grandchildren, dad was the oldest and Billie was next.  We had a great time, she came about 9 and left at 3.  Gave me some cool family stuff, and I gave her a pic of her parents wedding and one of her great-great grandfather, with two grand children, all holding musical instruments.  She plays piano and organ and always wondered where the talent came from.  I told her the story of Grandpappy Sam loved playing in the band SO much that he lost the farm.  He'd rather play music than milk cows.

Got a spotty shower last night and again this after.  Getting black over towards the river and I hear some thunder.  Dad said that they are calling for soaking rains the next couple of days.  I sure hope so, corn is beggin' for rain. 

Going for breakfast tomorrow, then into town to pick up chicken b-b-q to support the fire company.  Need to stop at the amish grocery store for coffee and Archie's cereal.  It's a lot cheaper there.  Having lunch with Sue and Sarah on Saturday.  Sarah's birthday is the week after mine, so we'll celebrate both at the same time.  I sure hope it rains.


Monday, July 16, 2012


yes, they did.  Dad's neighbor showed up with his chain saw.  Then came his buddy, Bill, not long after that, here comes the third one on his HUGE tractor.  Took care of that tree limb in short order.  Dad called me this morning to tell me all about it.  He never suspected I talked to the guy.  Except, now he fussing about getting it split up so it can dry out for winter.  It's shumac, which is not the best wood to burn, makes good ashes, some people won't burn it saying it's poison.  I told him, "This ain't wood-splitting weather."  He agreed, but he'll keep on fussing about it until we get it split.  He tried to pay them, but they wouldn't accept anything.  He also showed them the hole in his screen door, and they said he should call the police, but, he's gonna let it slide for now.  The guys suspect the two brothers next door that live in the old school house apartment.  They call them bums 'cause both have bad backs, can't work and are trying to get disability.  My father believes that how we treat the weakest among us is how we will be judged.  I told him he's gotta do whatever he feels is right.

Then later in the day, my nephew and brother-in-law showed up.  They're coming back from a car show and stopped in to see dad on the way home to Baltimore.  Then another young man showed up on his restored Farmall to show dad.  It was a busy Saturday for him.

Had a nice rain last night, but probably only 1/2" in the gauge.  The Amish, in the next town over, lost a barn to lightning.  Neighbors managed to save the equipment and the two puppies that were in a shed that was burning.  They'll have another barn raised before the end of the month.  That's one thing you can say about the Amish, they pull together and help each other, and, sometimes, us 'English' also.

S'pose to be 91 today, so, guess I'll turn the A/C back on. Gonna be worse tomorrow, around 97, with storms. Then cool off. Already feels muggy and humid.

Oh........67 years ago, today, at 5:30am, Mountain Time, the first atomic test bomb was dropped in New Mexico.  One hour and fifteen minutes later, Eastern Time, I was born.  Fallout.


Saturday, July 14, 2012


then a steady rain.  But, it stopped before 11.  Still, it was nice, just short.  S'pose to have thunderstorms later and maybe more rain tomorrow.  Hope so, mowed yesterday, first time in three weeks and the yard is dying.  Trees are suckin' all of the moisture out for themselves.  That's OK, rather have trees than grass.

Got my haircut this morning after stopping at the feed store for black oil sunflower seeds.  Then went for the mail and some B-B-Q'd chicken.  Got dad a piece and dropped it off.  WTH, a big limb from the hugh tree in his back yard came down.  Just got the corner of his wood shop.  He says he can get it with his chain saw.  NOT.
Then he showed me his front storm door.  Last Sunday, Fred was down, I asked him to come to dad's with me and put the new latch on the door.  Which he did.  Now it can be locked.  Today, dad showed me the lower corner of the screen, looks like something or SOMEONE poke a hole in it and pushed their finger in.  The screen is curved in, right at the new latch.  I told dad we should call the cops, but he wanted to talk to his two neighbors first.  One knows all about the low-lifes in the area and the other guy is in the fire police.  Wouldn't want to mess with either one, glad they are on our side.

So, when I left dad's, I saw the one fellow down at his garage, pulled in and talked to him.  He said, he'd get a hold of a couple of his buddies and they'd have that tree limb outta there in a heartbeat.  Then I told him about the screen.  He agreed with me that dad shoulda called the cops.  We'll see what happens after dad talks to him.  Maybe he can convince him, remember, I'm only 2 years old.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last week, I felt REALLY bad.  In fact, on Friday, after breakfast with the gang.  Phillip said, "We'll call you mid-week."  Which might not sound like much, but, it's a pay call for them and there's not much money coming in.  'GOD, I must look as bad as I feel!'  So, Friday, I stopped at the store to pick up a few things, was hungry for fruit, and, I have always felt that if you crave something, your body is telling you 'Hey, I want this in order to feel better!'  I saw 'Joint-Juice' on the shelf and picked up a 6-pack for around $5.  Have an 8oz bottle every morning, and, am feeling much better.  Think I'll totally go off of red meat, especially bacon (damn) and stay away from sodas.  But the weakness in the legs is subsiding and that was what had me worried.  I know if I went back to the doctor, he'd be talking MRI and surgery.  Ain't goin' there!!!!

Last week, while feeling like shit, I dropped a sale bill off at the Amish Market 'cause I'd talked to John about the sale and he was interested in it.  The Amish around here are starting to buy tractors, especially the younger ones.  They can keep them on rubber wheels for a year, before the bishop starts givin' them the 'hairy eyeball'.  But, they get around that by lending it to their brother, cousin, nephew, etc, etc. for a year and back again.  It's the usual double-standard.  I seriously doubt if any Amish would be buying these tractors, but they love a sale, and love looking at them.  But these are restored and will bring more $$ than they'd want to spend for a working tractor. 
Anyhow, I digress.......
John was busy with a customer looking at very large fishing hooks, telling him he only had that one in the store but he had more at home, the young man said he'd take them all.  John turned around and I quickly handed him the sale bill, he thanked me and I walked out of the store and up the side walk towards the PO.  By this time, there was another dude, that wasn't with the two buying the fish hook, standing at the front of the store, who said, "Yeah, you could hang a day-old kitten on that hook."  I stopped in mid step, probably about 15-20 paces up the walk, and said, "THAT'S DISGUSTING", turned around, looked him in the eye....."You're an asshole".  He just looked at me.  I thought, come on, get up here and say something else, I feel like jerking a knot in someone's tail today.  He walked back into the store.  I went into the PO.  When I came back out, he was getting in his SUV, I backed out, looked at him, an the idiot waved to me!  I hope he went back in and asked John who I was, 'cause I ain't forgetting what he said.  Jerk.  I told my dad and he just laughed, told me I was 'Little Betty'  which is my mom's name.  And, that's a compliment.


Monday, July 9, 2012


without Ben's funnies to read.  So, I didn't even turn the 'puter on 'cept to read the obits, and, there was my old girl scout leader.  Eleanor.  She was a classy lady.  Well, this is turning into a downer-of-a-day.  So I finished reading my book, Lights Out by David Crawford.  Been at it for about 2 or more months.  75 chapters, small print, chapters are only 5 or 6 pages, characters are many but good, some of it seemed a bit juvenile.  Found a few typos, don't think the local grocery stores would be open like they were in the book, but, all-in-all, not a bad read.

Cleaned out 3 cupboards this morning, did 3 loads of wash and hung out.  Mmmmmm love the smell of sheets that were hung on the line.  Towels will be scratchy tho.

Went over to Dads, he was cleaning up the JD60.  The other guy, Bob, that's having the sale with him was down on Saturday and told him he was going to buy it.  I think it half pissed dad off, now he doesn't want to sell it.  He was on the fence before, I guess he's jumped over.  Whatever.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


and suppose to hit 101 on Saturday.  I haven't mowed the yard this week and ain't gonna.  Just sittin' in the AC with the zoo crew and staying cool.  Except for going over to Dad's I ain't budging.  He has central air but won't turn it on.  I don't argue, it is his choice.  
Check out and read what she has been going thru . I had to read it twice. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


and I have been running the AC, for the dogs, of course.  Was over at Dad's yesterday, he wanted to put the new latch on his front storm door.  Well, we hemmed/hawed with it for 20 minutes and the sky was getting blacker, and I was concerned about a storm 'cause I'd left the car windows down.It takes the man forever to do anything, and, between that and the heat, we just forgot about it, and, since Fred is coming down next week, I volunteered him to do it.  Guess I'd better tell him.
Going over to 'the farm' today for their '4th' celebration.  As usual, good food, good company.  Then going up to Fred's, going to take the chair so he can fix it.  He said the table leg is done. 
Dogs woke me up at 4:15 this morning, pee brake.  Went back to bed, heard critters in the meadow, sounded like deer.  At 4:30, dogs started BARKING!!!  I mean BARKING!!!  Got up, couldn't see a thing, told them they were nuts, went back to bed.  5:00, repeat.  5:20, Elijah started growling, Elijah is a 25lb cat.  WTH.  Got up, again.  He had a fat mouse, got it away from him, threw it outside, took Achie for a pee brake, stayed up.  Guess who is now sleeping.  ALL of them.  Think I'll take a nap.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WELCOME TO NUMBER 27......MATT........

nice that you hit the 'follow' blog.  I am always humbled by the fact that people are interested in what little-ole-me has to say. 

Got the yard mowed today, wasn't bad, nice and dry.  S'pose to rain for a couple of days.  That fellow that was drowned when his mower slipped into the pond and pinned him under water...............turns out I knew the guy.  Actually went out with him a couple of times, nice guy but too much of a bigot for me to get serious about. 

Not much else going on here at the Meadow House,  a quiet week for a change.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

GOODBYE BEN..........

may you rest in peace.  I hope some kind soul will take good care of your cats.  There is something to be said about a man who likes, or loves, cats.  I have found that a cat-loving man is sweeter, kinder, more of a gentleman.  My ex-husband hated cats............enuf said.  I will miss Ben's blog and the cartoons he provided on Sunday, never met him, but sure did enjoy his "Mo Coffee, BBL, You Betcha".  RIP and condolences to his family.

On a brighter note, went to breakfast Saturday morning at the Methodist Church.  Sue and Sarah picked me up since they had to come this way anyhow.  Chet showed up and we were there almost 2 hours.  Great eats for $6.  Doing it again next month.

S & S brought me home and then Sarah helped me with the anti-flea meds.  I can do the dogs but the cats don't cooperate some times.  We had a nice visit, they went home to the city and Archie and I went over to Dad's.  Gas is now $3.19, so got the truck filled up and bought a veggie sub for supper.  Just finished half of the sub and Trudy called, "Hey, we're picking up Jim and going for ice cream, want to join us?"  "Sure, I'll meet ya there."  I took Archie so Trudy  could get a doggie fix, I know she misses her dobie, Fancy.  I got there in about 10 minutes, so I people-watched.  There were 7 other dogs that came and went with their people.  Trudy was surprised to see Archie and we had a good time.  Archie enjoyed the ice cream also.

The sun was beating down most of the morning, now it's cloudy and they are calling for rain.  At least its not as humid as it was last Thursday and Friday.  A lot of people were mowing their yards because a storm was forecasted for the weekend.  One fellow, on the road behind me, got too close to the pond with his zero-turn mower, it went in, flipped and pinned him under the water.  I heard the call on the scanner when it happened.  He didn't live there, just mowed for the people.  So sad.  Seems to be a lot of tradgedy here of late.  Last month, a father and his 2 sons, died in one of those manure pits, and two days later, 2 brothers were killed when they hit a milk truck.  I guess, when your time is up, it's up.........

Later..................I hope.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am blessed to still have my dad, who will be 94 on July 6th.  He's outlived his sister, baby brother, all four cousins on his father's side and about half of the cousins on his mother's side.  All of his old friends are gone, but, he makes new friends easily.  When my mom was dying, and, we had hospice come in, they interviewed the family.  I remember the lady asking him, very quietly and sympathetic-like......''So, how many friends do you have?''  Which I thought, at the time, was an odd question.  My sister and I looked at each other, wondering why she asked that.  He replied, "Oh, I don't know, what do you think girls, 200?"  We both said, "Yeah, about that."  I thought that women would fall off of the kitchen chair.
Went over to Dad's this morning, we took one of his cats, MoMo, to the vets on Thursday with ear trouble.  She cleaned them real good, no ear mites, gave him a rabies shot and flea medicine that also takes care of intestinal worms and ear mites.  Sent him home with drops, twice a day.  He is such a good cat that I can do it myself.  Dad gets ALL worked up, so the cat stays calmer if dad doesn't help.  I wished him a Happy Father's Day, then left, he was headed to church.  After church, he and Miss Sarah are going to a neighbors birthday party at the fire hall.  Marion is turning 90 and she told her daughter she wants a party, so, a party it is!  Just ice cream and cake and such.  I'm sure a good time will be had by all.
Spent most of the time yesterday in the yard.  Trimmed trees that are hitting me in the head or making me duck so far that I almost fall off of the mower.  Each time I mow, I tell myself to trim the trees before I mow again, so finally did it.  And then, finally got around to burning the trash.  Why is it....there is NO wind until you light that match.  My burn pile is right at the creek, so I don't get too concerned.
Gotta go, clean house.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


the worse weeks in my life.  After breaking the table, almost breaking my foot, then discovering the mold.  What else could go wrong!  Got on the mower Thursday, wouldn't start.  Nothing, nada, zip.  Called the mower guys and Ken told me Tom would be in the area on Friday, he'll pick it up.  OK.
I'm waiting, it's getting later, and later.  Around 3 he shows up.  He says, "Oh, that's the original battery."  He tested it, sure enuf, it's dead.  Well, crap, never dawned on me, duh!!!  Time does have a way of slipping on by.  He puts in a new battery and ta-da.  He leaves, I mow.  Now I'll have to pay for a service call, that's what I get for being thoughtless and stupid.

Went to supper on Monday, left about 6:30 and coming down the highway, which is one of the main roads to go north and south, approaching this blind curve, doing the speed limit of 45, and, IN.THE.MIDDLE.OF.MY.SIDE.OF.THE.ROAD......are two amish boys, maybe 4 and 5, in a freaking express wagon, sitting there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had plenty of time to go into the north-bound lane, and go around the little cretons.  But, what if a tractor-trailer was coming north, what if I was a tractor-trailer?  What if I'd taken my eyes off of that road for an instant?  I almost stopped and asked them if they had any brains, or, go into the house and ask their mother.  But, I was so shook-up over the what-ifs, that I knew I'd lose it.  A lot of people think the amish are so quaint and godly and 'oh, it must be great living around them, they are so peaceful and hard-working, and yada-yada-yada, blah, blah.  Well, let me just say, some of them don't have the brains GOD gave a goat.  Absolutely, no fear of stuff.  "Oh, GOD will protect us and if something happens, it's his will."  Bull-hockey.  Ever hear of common sense?  I think I'll travel another road for a while.

Started raining at 7:02 on Tuesday.  My grandfather always said, 'Rain before 7, quit before 11.'  It rained all day, till after dark.  Wait, I'll go check the hippy-dippy rain gauge............1".  Gosh, thought it seemed more like 3-4. 

Plummer Jon was hear today, the leak is in the spigot, he's getting a new one and will be back on Friday.  Guess I'll bathe in the creek.  He told me what kind of black powder I need for my muzzle-loader, so, Archie and I went to town and picked up a couple of pounds.  I was told to put powder in the powder horn to keep the moth-larvae from eating the inside of it.  So, that's done.  When Jon and Kathy have their next shoot, they're gonna call me so I can take my toy over.

Need to get to dad's, yesterday we were cleaning up the barn and sorting stuff for the auction.  He found 3 electric motors that he'd forgot about.


Thursday, June 7, 2012


the big visit from my former boss, I've been REALLY cleaning home and hearth.  Moved the table out to use my new Shark Steam Vac, those things are great by the way, and the leg cracked where it joins the table top.  Shit.  But, good old Fred, my carpenter/adopted brother, will fix it.  So, I turn the table over on its side.  THUD!  OH.MY.GOD.IN.HEAVEN!!!!!!!!
The table slid apart and the lower half fell on my right foot, landing where my big toe joins.  I not only saw stars, I saw satilites, the space station and neighboring universes. 
Called the foot doctor, too booked, sends me to the health center in the same little town for x-rays.  The next day her nurse calls and says nothing is fractured, prop it up and put ice on it.  The doctor will call later when she is in.  Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt.  Just aches when I am on it too much.  I did finish cleaning the house and such.  Doc called later Tuesday night, again, no fracture per the report but when she looked at the x-rays, she saw a 'dimple with fuzzy stuff surrounding it'.  Her words.  I should wear a surgical shoe to keep the toe from bending.  OK, I know there's one in this house, somewhere.
I keep everything medical in the bathroom closet.  Looked in there and WTH is that!  The whole wall next to the shower is black with mold.  Crap. A leak.  Nothing like adding insult to injury.  Started taking everything out of the closet, threw two shelves in the burn pile.  Two more to get to.  Called Fred last night, he's coming down on Sunday.  Oh, found the surgical shoe upstairs.
Had a nice visit with Marie and Mike, we ate at the golf course.  They went home.  But, the house looks great, and, since I should sit here, propping the foot up, I won't have to do much else except feed the critters and mow the yard, maybe today, since more rain is coming for the weekend.


Monday, June 4, 2012


'cause yesterday I washed the windows and then we had nasty storms go thru.  Sorry, but those windows were filthy.  Now I gotta wear shades IN the house.  Truth be known, my old boss and another friend, Mike, from where I last worked, are coming down on Wednesday.  Marie has never been here, Mike has, but not since I've done some updates and changes.  The first thing Marie will say is, "I can't believe you drove that every day!!!!"  Now she'll know why I didn't make it in on the snow days.  It was 33 miles, one way.  But, it was a very good job, intense, stressful, and, sometimes, gratifying.  I miss the people I worked with, but, not the job.  It'll be good to see them.  We'll do lunch at the golf club, yummy.

Watched a movie yesterday, It's Complicated, with Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and Steve Martin.  It had it's good moments but I'm glad it was free.  I think most would label it a 'chick flick'.  Can't remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater.  Just never find the time to go, or, justify the expense.

I should be dusting or cleaning or something...........


Sunday, May 27, 2012


on Friday as usual.  Then left that restaurant and met friends for lunch.  Sylvia and Jim are in from Illinois for their grandson's graduation, and, Barb and Ben came in from Valley Forge.  I worked with Sylvia and Barb 25 years ago.  Just us 3 ladies in the engineering department with all of those guys.  Sylvia was a school teacher in her before-life and Barb, an English bride, was a secretary.  When the boss was gonna hire Sylvia full time, he hestiated and confessed to Sylvia that he didn't know if we three could co-exist.   Ha, we are still friends. 
So, came home, mowed most of the yard, loaded up Archie, went over to dad's but he was mowing also so I didn't stay long.  Went up to the fruit stand and got strawberries.   THE. TRUCK. WOULD. NOT. START!!!!!!!!  Nothing.  DEAD.  Now what to do, called Sam.  Wife says he just left for Tractor Supply.  Crap.  No use calling dad, he's mowing, remember?  AH, called Cindy and asked her if her brothers were still there fixing HER dead battery in her van.  She replied, "No, they left, but my son Chris is here, I'll send him."  Then I heard her say, "Chris, take my van and go up to ------  Hill, at the fruit stand.  Sharon's truck won't start, it's hot out and she's got Archie."  When I hung up, I laughed out loud.  Archie sure has a following.  Anyhow, he showed up, jump-started it and we came home.  I backed it down into the yard, so I could jump it to go to the garage on Monday, but, it has started with no problem at least 3 times.

Saturday, cleaned house and futtzed around.  It's getting too %^&* hot to finish my projects out doors.  Sue called and invited Archie and I over to the farm today.  Gotta get ready, everyone have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.  Remember....Freedom isn't free.  GOD Bless Our Troops, here and abroad, past and present, now and forever.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


from my friend Trudy last night.  She called about 7:30 and I could tell right away it was not a social call.  She lost her dog on Friday, a dobie named Fancy.  The dog was 11 1/2, which is old for a dobe.  They usually leave us around 8, and are susceptable to heart problems.  Trudy came home and found her on the kitchen floor so she's guessing it was her heart.  Although there were no signs of her slowing down or having problems.  The really sad thing is this is the last connection to her late husband, Rick, and Friday was their aniversary.  Go figure.  Then her friend Phillip called to tell her that a very good friend in Vermont, Henry, who was 85, had passed.  She and Phillip had visited them last September and stayed with Henry and his wife.  They are master gardeners and still take care of their farm.  Trudy then had to tell him about Fancy, to which he replied, "I'm coming home."  Such a sweet guy.  I hope she gets another dog, but, with the economy the way it is, and she is living pretty much on a widow's pension as her unemployment has run out, the cost of keeping animals has to be considered.  She still has her cats, I think there's 9.  But, that's not the same as having a dog.  I told her if she needs a dog fix, come see me.

Gotta get busy, clean house and throw the wash in the dryer.  Even tho it's nice and sunny, I don't like hanging wash out on Sunday.


Saturday, May 19, 2012


my friend Cindy, down in the village, went in on Thursday for her surgery.  She has 3 sons, Chris lives in Maryland and couldn't get off work.  The other 2, Bobby and Frankie, live out in the Pittsburgh area.  Frankie drove in and took his mom, stayed the night at her house then brought her home on Friday.  Went up 3 times a day to check on things,  was concerned about the dog in the house.  Cuddles is 17 and blind.  The other 4 dogs are out in the yard.  A passel of cats, 3 new kittens.  Assorted chickens, a duck and a goose.  Gathered 3 eggs the first day.  Cindy said to watch the goose, she'd come after ya.   Didn't have a problem with her, but the chicken didn't like me taking those eggs! 
Was glad her son spent the night because of the wacky neighbor across the road.  At least someone was there.  She has had a couple of her animals poisoned.  Her son Chris and his family are up for the weekend, and, I told her not to be doing things for them.  They can wait on you. 

Friday the Century Spouting guys showed up.  Took the 'Gutter Helmet' off and removed the Grackle's nest with 4 eggs in it.  Then he fixed it so she couldn't build it back.  Although I had to tell him what he first came up with wouldn't work.  So, he did it another way and that will suffice.  Just couldn't throw away those eggs so went up in the barn loft and got a hanging wire basket.  Put the nest in it and wire-tied it to the spouting under the eve, next to where it use to be.  Haven't seen her come back but  hope she does.

Mowed the yard yesterday, today will clean the mower, take the trash and recycle to the township building, maybe wash some windows.  Thursday, worked on cleaning out the barn.  Found one of the benches!!!!  I know there is another one in there somewhere!!!!  Got the old Cub Cadet started, so now I can pull the trailer instead of using the wheelbarrow.   Still need to finish the upper yard, trim some trees so mowing is easier.  Who planted all of these trees...............Oh, yeah, I did.  Can't afford a 'wooded lot'.  Buy a lot, plant trees, wait 20 years.  Gotta go, more coffee awaits.


Sunday, May 13, 2012


sitting on the front porch, with the dogs, drinking a cuppa, enjoying a day that started out with a THUD.  Not good, something has been hit on the road out front.  All kids are in, must've been the groundhog.  Got up, took the dogs out and sure enuf.  There it was at the end of the driveway.  Crap.  Got a shovel and put it in the meadow for the buzzards.  It was a female, hope the younguns are now old enuf to fend for themselves.  Happy Mothers sucks sometimes.

On a better note, Fred was down yesterday.  Moved the old kitchen cabinets out of the garage and into the laundry room.  Now have much more storage for canned goods.  It'll be a good time to take stock of what I have and what I need.

Need to get the barn cleaned out and organized now that the cabinets are out.  Dad and I bought a snow blower from his neighbor that needed money.  Now dad wants me to get it out of his barn 'cause he needs the room.    I told him, first I need to make room for it.  That will be a good rainy-day project.

Birds are coming back to my feeders.  I havn't been feeding them for a while, simply because they stopped coming around,  and, the seed just got moldy.  Now they're back.  I love the red-wing black birds.  They come back every spring and nest in the meadow across the road.  I was going to take the bird feeder down that dad made me 'cause the post is looking rotten.  However, when I checked, there was a robin's nest with eggs in it.  Guess it'll have to wait.  Had to call the 'Gutter-Helmet' people to come out and take the birds nest out of the back gutter.  I had asked them to close off under the eve and they ignored me.  Sure enuf, black bird built a nest.  They shoulda listened, eh. 

On a closing note, Happy Mother's Day to all.  Even if it's only furkids, like me.  My mom died in 1998 and I miss her more than ever.  She would've had something to say about the state of affairs we are in, for sure. 


Monday, May 7, 2012


I met Sue and Sarah at one of the restaurants in the city.  Sue's friend, Kim, is in from San Francisco for the week to see her sister, Lisa.  She met us for breakfast.  We had a real nice visit and catch-up.  Coming home I noticed the car acting a little funny.  Since it has about 72k on it, I'm thinking...shocks or struts are needing replaced.  Stopped for the mail, none.  Said 'hey' to the post-mistress, MaryAnn, came home.  Parked car, got out, looked at right front tire..............going flat.  Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know just where it happened, right at the top of ---- Hill.  Good thing it was a slow leak.  Funny thing is, on Friday night I had a dream that someone took all of the tires and wheels off of the car and left it in the lower yard on blocks.  Ha!  Anyhow, gotta take it over Sam's and see whats wrong.
Then when I was mowing, I hit the wood stack and all came tumbling down.  Later, that night, I put on my glasses and one of the nose pieces was missing.  OK, that's three now get on with it. 


Got the tire fixed, it was the valve, new one was $3, tire back on the car; got the wood re-stacked.  Today, went to the eye doctors and nose pieces replaced.  All is well.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


were here on Thursday.  Two different ones.  The first guy showed up in the morning, pulled in my driveway and the passenger came to the door, knocked, setting the dogs in a frenzy.  First off, he called me 'sir'.  Wouldn't look me in the eye, showed the business card with a large ASPHALT printed on it.  I couldn't really hear the rest of what he was saying, so I told him I wasn't interested in paving the driveway, I just had it stoned last year.  To which he thanked me for my time and headed back to the truck.  The next 'gypsy' came in the afternoon, offering to sell me steaks and I'd get the chicken and fish free.  Virginia tags on the van!!!  Now, with the price of in the sam hill can they afford to drive around and sell this meat.  I was getting ready to tell him I was a vegaterian as I had to do that several years ago in order to get rid of the guy.  But this fellow wasn't that bad and when I told him I wasn't interested he said he was sorry for 'setting off the alarms' (the dogs) and left.  The only problem with these 'visitors' (last month, their was a young man in an old beater, pulled in the driveway and came up on the porch; asked me if this was 467 ------ road.  I told him "No, it would be up that way towards the village."  He left, but that's when I noticed there was no pizza dingy thingy on the roof of his car.  Hmmmmm), anyhow, like I said, the only problem is I have to open the door to talk to these goofs.  All three looked pass me at the dogs, but, they are gated off in the kitchen.  I really don't want to put a storm door on as the sun is wicked in the afternoon and would heat up the metal door to the point of warpage of the plastic around the glass.  I guess a wooden screen door will go back on, like before.  At least it will be a barrier.  Or, I suppose I could meet 'em at the door with a gun in my hand.  Ha!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012


but I'm sitting here on the 3rd of May, with the wood stove burning.  Temp is a balmy 52 outside, but it feels cold and damp.  Well, it IS damp, rained this morning before sun up.  In fact it was a fast-moving thunder storm.  Wasn't very nasty and sounded like it was over at the river.  At least the burning ban is off.  Suppose to rain on and off for the next couple of days, so, I think I'll burn tomorrow, or, maybe today.  Depends on what I get into over at dad's. 

He had his buddy Earl work on the JD620's and they are both running great.  Now he wants to keep one.  Both Farmall H's need their batteries charged and the JD60 needs a new battery.  When that is all taken care of, we can get into other stuff for this auction.

The lady down in the village, Cindy, is going in for an operation.  She told me the Doc will talk to her tomorrow and let her know how they are going to proceed.  She has another cancerous growth on her esophagus and this time they might go in thru the back of her neck.  Anyhow, she has a son in MD, about 30-40 minutes away, who would have to come up and feed her animals.  I live less than a mile up the road and I know she is going to ask me to do it.  6 Dogs, a passel of cats, two chickens, a duck and a goose.  I don't have a problem taking care of the critters, the problem is her goofy neighbor.  He yells at her and walks around her property.  Cusses at the four kids he has who have developmental problems.  My biggest concern is that he would poison the animals when she isn't there.  I'll know more after tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

IT'S STILL ME...............

I just changed the look of the blog, for now.  Might change it again, who knows.  When we lived on the farm, my mom use to rearrange the furniture all of the time, .  She'd get a wild hair and before you know it, all of the rooms were different.  I always made sure I turned on the bedroom light to see if my bed was still where I left it.  I miss that place, never drive pass it as it looks a little sad now.  Most of the places my parents bought and sold have gone down hill after they left.  And, maybe that will be the meadow house's fate when I'm gone.  I hope not.  I told Sue and Sarah to sell everything and the Amish neighbor, Henry, has been salivating over this place for years.  The Amish are buying up all of the places around here.  They didn't use to bother with just houses, they wanted farms.  But  not now, I guess when you have such a large family of 10 or more kids, you gotta stick-em some where.  And, if they don't put family in these houses, they rent them out, charging terrible amounts.
Rain during the night, suppose to rain all week.  And, yes, I mowed yesterday.  Ha to old mother nature.
This will be good for the grass 'plugs' I put in yesterday.  Still need to transplant five little maple trees that came up too close to the house, finish picking up and raking the upper yard, and, do the big flower bed.  Been mulling over putting in a wild flower bed up there between the maples.  There roots are up and it's a bugger to mow, but, do I need another bed?  What-to-do, what-to-do.
Dad is doing a lot better.  He is finally taking the Tylenol for the pain.  I think this last episode scared the bejeebers outta him. 

Gotta go, fix breakfast..............later.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN............

and more rain.  I am SSSOOO glad I mowed yesterday.  This should help with getting the burn ban off.  So, sitting here, having a second cuppa, with Elijah (20+ lb cat) on my lap, trying to type, trying to think about what to get into. 
Feeling a little better today except for the dizzy feeling.  And, NO I was never a blond, back in the day, I was a red head.  Went with my irish temper, Irish from my paternal, great grandmother, Agnes.  Although I don't remember her having a temper, just being a sweet and quiet lady.  And Irish from my maternal grandmother, Elzina, also a sweet, sweet lady.  Throw in a tad of German and the rest English and there you have ME.  AAHHH, I love genealogy.
Got an email from Mike, a lady I worked with.  She wanted to know if I was available sometime in May,  for a visit from her and Marie, my old boss.  Great gals, we have lunch once in a while.  Geesh, now I'll really have to clean house and get the rest of the yard done.  PRESSURE!!!!!  STRESS!!!!!
I'm 2/3's thru my bucket list for this spring.  Good thing it was a cool.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WHAT THE...........

heck.  Now I'm down to 23 with a new follower, Craig.  At least I think you're new.  Who knows.  Anyhow, thanks for hitting the follow button no matter when you did.

Looks like Romney's gonna get the nod, doesn't it. 

Gotta email this morn, some people are still going after the fact that O is not a citizen.  Pulled his college loan records.  Good luck with all of that.  You won't hear about it from the MSM, for sure.  Such a mixed-up, crazy world this is.

Nasty cold this morn.  Temp shows 38 degrees.  I need to finish the yard work before we start with the hellish temps.  I don't do heat very well.

Took dad's GMC to the garage for a LOF yesterday.  $90!!  He insisted on Mobil Oil.  A case of six was $53 and change.  And, that was Sam's price.  They didn't even charge him to rotate the tires. 

Sam told me that a while back he called the dealership to make sure what kind of oil they used in my vehicles.  I had told Sam they always used Mobil.  They told him...Penzoil.  Lying bastards.  It's no wonder I quit going there.  However, I do wish they'd call to see why I stopped using their services.  Especially if I'm having a bad day. 

More coffee,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


now I'm back up to 24 followers.  Sometimes I think Blogger is haunted. 

Dogs are driving me bonkers.  In and Out every hour.  Don't know why.  Could leave them out but they bark and carry on at the Amish buggies. 

Beautiful, sun-shiny day.  Guess Mother Nature ran out of water.  We had almost 2 1/2" of rain in two days.  Not enuf, but, it helps.  Still have the burn ban on for the county.

Just went out and got another armload of wood.  Silly weather.

Gotta go vote and take dad's GMC to Sam's for LOF.


Monday, April 23, 2012

WELL, DANG..........

looks like I lost two followers.  Down to 22.  Now, I know some of you people have hundreds and two doesn't mean much.  But to my little blog, two is a lot.  Oh well, sorry to see you go.  Thanks for stopping by.

Not raining today but is darn cold.  Two weeks ago, it was so hot in the house that I turned off the two gas furnaces.  The next day it dropped 20 degrees.  Not to worry, got two wood stoves, however, will have to get the chain saw out to saw some for the stove in the bird room where I spend most of my time.  S'pose to be cold (for April) all week.  Best get busy, cats are all curled up into fur balls.   But, wait, got plenty of wood left in the wood box for the stove in the living room.  If I fire that one up, it'll take the chill of in no time.  Sounds like a plan.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Started raining Saturday evening and has been raining ever since.  Knowing this rain was forcasted, I was busy Friday and Saturday with grass 'plugs'.  Got one more bed to do and it's the worse.  Part of the upper yard is done.  S'pose to be cool all week, but rain most of the week.  We sure do need it, burn ban in effect, or is it affect?, those two always confused me.  I told my friend, who lives in the next county, that when I do get to burn that trash pile, she will see the flames.

Not much else to tell, babies all doing well, took Coco to the vet for alergies and she has lost a total of 20 pounds.  Still having pain in my left leg, but the hip pain is gone. 

Dad is struggling with preparing for this sale.  He is just not into it, I think he's tired of the whole mess and we're not even getting close to getting ready. 

Need to pee the pups and go to bed............


Saturday, April 14, 2012


First, a big 'Hi there' to    Frugal Canadian Hermit.   I've been following your blog for a long time, nice to see you've hit the 'follow' button.

So now, sitting here on this beautiful Saturday morning having my first cuppa.  Fred is coming down to do some more work.  If he gets the lattuce enclosures done today, then all I have to do is paint the big boards that go around the bottom of the porch, paint the Bilco door and pressure was the house.  Then the outside is done.  Still have two more flower bed to do and finish raking the upper yard.  Worse is done.  I bet we will go from this cold spring right into a hot summer.  Weather seems as screwed up as the rest of this country. 

Went to the doctors on Wednesday, seems all this hip pain is coming from my back.  He changed my anti-inflam meds and the hip pain is gone.  Knee pain is still there but not as bad.  X-rays showed old arthur in the knees, so it'll be something to put up with like the rest of my family.  What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, eh?

So, Santorum has bit the dust.  'They' must've threatened him with something, 'cause he sure quit in a hurry.  They're all a bunch of bananas, not a good one in the bunch, both parties.  Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  All though some of them were kinda cheesy too.

Gotta go, get more coffee,

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have spent the past two weeks working in the yard, taking advantage of this cool weather.  Spread about 50 bags of mulch, restored the stone walk where the propane guy dug the trench last fall for the gas line.  Then redid the stone walls, one more to go around the big flower bed, mulch it and then the bed on the north side of the barn.  Don't know about the south bed.  It's gonna take some time for sure.  Still need to rake the upper yard, but I'll do that next week.

Going to Sue and Sarah's mom's tomorrow, at the farm.  Friend Sheila is coming down, so we'll have a blast, no doubt. 

Had two more shootings in the city north of me.  The little store where I get the mulch was broken into, but they ran when the alarm sounded.  Dave, the owner, told me that through first twenty years he never had a problem.  In the last ten, he has lost count of the break ins.  They were probably after lottery tickets or cigs.  Can't imagine there be any money in the tills.  Glad I have these three mouthy dogs.

Dad is starting to sort stuff for the sale.  He is really not into this one.  I think his 'keep' pile is bigger than his 'sell' pile.  And, getting bigger.  Oh well, what he doesn't sell this time, I'll have to sell after he's gone.  Doesn't much matter and no use fussin' with him about it.

Gotta go, put air in the wheelbarrel tire, again.


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Been watching the baby eaglets hatching via the Decorah Eagle Cam.  Too cool.  Then, my friend Sarah sends me this video.  Gotta love them eagles!  And, I ain't talking about the football team. YUK.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Just got back from meeting my cousin for the very first time.  We met thru Ancestry.Com.  What a hoot.  She brought her sister-in-law and we met at the historical society, then had lunch at an irish pub.  We are the same age, have the same haircut, wear the same watch and have similiar glasses.  I'm a little heavier and have white hair, she has salt 'n pepper grey.  Had a great time.  We have the same great-great-great-great-great grandfather.  Even when her sister-in-law wanted to take a second pic of just a 'head shot', we both said, at the same time, ''all jeeze!!''
Started out extremely foggy this morning.  Sun came out for about 3 minutes.  Spose to rain all weekend.  I should mow the yard but what-the-heck.  I'm beat, that hour's drive and all the traffic has wore me out.  Definitely not use to it.  Back when I was working, I wouldn't have given it a second thought.  Guess I'm getting lax and laid back, finally.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Took Archie to the vets last Monday.  Little brat wouldn't stop licking his front left paw, checked it and he had it raw.  She shaved the hair away and it looked worse.  Treatment of hydro-perox and some special, anti-biotic powder.  Took about 4 days and it is starting to look better.
Had my own doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  Now he wants x-rays of my knees and hips.  Cut back my one med, as I eventually want off of it.  Put me on a new med for my vertigo.  Too soon to tell if it's working.  What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger.
Thursday the auctioneer came down to see Dad's tractors.  He moved the date to the next Saturday.  Got a lot to do  now, make sure all are running smooth, and, wax-on, wax-off.
Had breakfast on Friday with the gang.  Dad and Sara finally joined us!  Everyone was thrilled to finally meet him.  The food was outstanding, and, as usual, the 10 of us had a great time.
This coming Thursday I'm meeting my cousin for the first time.  We hooked up thru and she lives in New Jersey.  We seem to have a lot in common and email each other everyday.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


today had to go to town for blood work and a boob-a-gram.  Haven't had one of those in 15 or more years.  The last time was at one of the hospitals in town.  The tech and I started talking and she had 3 mo old twins, her husband had just left her and the more she talked about him, the tighter that machine squeezed.  YEOW!!  I told the doctor when I went in and he poo-pood it and said ''Oh, that can't hurt ya that bad!"  To which I said to him something about 'let's put your balls in one and see how it feels'.

Then, stopped for breakfast.   Mmmmmmm, dried beef gravy on toast and a POT of coffee.  Did I mention it was 'fasting' blood work?  I was extremely hungery.  So, I skipped lunch and had supper tonight with the gang.  Wednesday is Chicken-Pot-Pie night.  I sure do eat good.  If I didn't go out to eat, I wouldn't have anything to write about, huh.

Stopped at Dad's and he's still fussing about the neighbor logging out the woods behind his house.  I keep telling him, 'It's not our woods, dad.'

Archie has been licking his left front paw all week. So, today, Dad held him and I finally got a look at it.  He has it raw between his toes.  So, left dad's and stopped at the vet's to make an appointment.  She and her assistant were in the middle of a spay on a 9 year old Rotty, with 2 dead, deformed puppies inside.  So, after we all trashed the Amish for how they treat their animals, I stayed and watched the procedure.  The dog came thru great and I'm sure she'll feel a lot better.  Wish I had that mammo machine for about 10 minutes, I know whose balls would go in it.  I am amazed he spent the money to save the dog.  Creep.


Monday, March 5, 2012


Just got a call from the insurance company.  Didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail.  It was the claims department.  They had just got the police report and IT WAS MY FAULT!!!  I am so pissed, how can it be my fault when HE hit the side of my truck.  I did not hit him.  Oh, this ain't over.

On a better note.......Saturday, I cut up a wheel barrel load of fire wood and chop some kindling in the morning, as it was raining.  Later the sun came out, I washed the truck and the car.  I think it's been at least 10 years since I've washed them at home.  The car wash is convenient but at $10 a clip, not going there.  Only took an hour for both, but, my back wasn't happy.  The fire company was selling speghetti dinners, I went for take out.  Wasn't bad, good cause.

Sunday, cleaned house. Well, half of it.  Will attack the rest a day at a time.  Expect snow, with blowing, gusting winds, any day now.  Sue and Sarah came over from the farm so Sarah could cut Coco's nails.  Suzy brought me a piece of lemon pie and veggie chili.  MMMMM good.  I gave them a bag of books that Fred's wife had sent down.  Told them to take what they want and pass them on.

Need to finish cleaning the bathroom and take a shower, head to PO and then dad's.

Pray for the folks that went thru the terrible storms.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Woke up around 5:30, took the dogs out and hit the chair for a nap, sinus' were rampaging and trying to give me a headache.  Real foggy this morning, I was glad I didn't have to drive to work!  Around 10 the sun came out so I'm washing bed sheets and blankets to hang on the line.  However, over towards the river it's getting kinda black looking.  If this was August, I'd swear we were in for a thunderstorm.

March has certainly come in like a lamb.  It's is calm and kinda warm out, almost 50.  More rain heading this way for Saturday, that's OK, I don't have anything planned but to clean house.

Furkids all doing OK.  I think Mary-Fiona is going to be a problem once it warms up.  I let Lily out 'cause she is road-wise and stays in the back yard or at the barn.  The other 4 wouldn't last a day.  I can't let Elijah out unless I'm out.  Charlie and Lucy want no parts of the outdoors.  They were both just about dead when I found each of them.  But, that wild child Fiona is edging towards the door when I go out.  And, she won't listen to me like the other cats.  Gotta go, hang wash.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TRUCK'S HOME............

and it's looks great.  I found two places that he should've taken care of.  But, I'll forgive him. 

It started raining about an hour ago, so, I'll take the car today.  Drove the truck all day yesterday, felt good to be back in my baby.  I love that thing.  Even Rich, the body shop guy, said how much fun it was to drive and what power it has for a Dakota. 

Dad found a puddle under his GMC on Monday.  We think it's anti-freeze.  So, after he took me down to pick up my truck.  We went over to Sam's garage.  I'd called them earlier to see if they had the time to take a look.  Both Sam and Jim were all over the thing and couldn't find any moisture.  So, Dad went home and put a piece of cardboard under it.  Nothing showed up as of yesterday afternoon.

I just can't seem to get warm this winter.  And, it's not been a bad winter at all.  Don't know what is wrong.  I guess if winter does hit, ie....snow, blowing winds etc., I'll move my bed out to the wood stove and hybernate until spring.  Ha!

Stopped at a lady's house yesterday who lives down in the village.  My friend Trudy use to work for a government agency and she had her as a client.  Trudy asked me last Friday if I ever see her and Cindy was out in her yard yesterday when I was coming home that way.  So I stopped and told her who I was and that Trudy was asking for her.  She was thrilled and said to tell her HI.  She then told me ALL of her health problems and she has 6 dogs, 2 ducks, chickens etc.  The old house is full of termites and the landlady won't buy the permits to tear it down and move a trailer in.  She was robbed a few months ago so she bought a 45.  The cop told her to shoot 'em next time and drag them in the house.  And on, and on.  I feel bad for her, she works at that place all the time, and it's not even hers.  Oh well, I'd better do something myself....


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Picture was taken at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN on a June morning - as it appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune.

Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!  It says everything.......

Monday, February 27, 2012


To my latest follower.......Caterina.  I am always humbled by someone hitting the 'follow' button.  
Thank-you and welcome to my blog.

Got a call from Rich today.  Truck will be done tomorrow.  Just got off of the phone with Dad, he is going to pick me up around 10 and take me over to the body shop.

It was a down-right beautiful day today.  Another one on tap for tomorrow, then rain for two days, so, I need to get that truck home and in the drive way.  Wish I had my garage built, but, someday.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's a beautiful day today. About 33 and should get to mid-fortys. No moisture in sight.

Stopped in to see the truck yesterday.  All painted and beautiful, he's starting to put it back together. 

Had breakfast with friends at the Methodist Church on Saturday.  It's always a good spread.  Then went up to the cemetery.  Half-brother is not dead yet, at least there's no date on the stone.  Now, I know what you are thinking...that's cold!  Well, you must understand, his wife, 'the wicked witch of the west', drove a wedge between him and his family.  And since he had no kahonas to stand up to her, I more-or-less wrote him off a long time ago.  He visited our ailing mother 3 times in 15 years, and they lived 12 miles from her.  I could go on and on, but such are a lot of families.  It saddens me to think what could have been.

Got my taxes done on Thursday and will be getting some back this year.  That's good, although I've got about seventy-eleven gazillion places to spend it, I'll try to squirrel it away, and not go to the gun shop.

Well, should do something today.  Or, maybe not.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Got some wood cut up today. At least it's in smaller chunks and I can always split it down to kindlin' size some rainy day. It was very windy and got colder as the day wore on, so, I stopped for a while and went for the mail, stopped at the amish store for the local paper.  While I was in the store I over heard this lady say, "No, I only buy as much as I can eat."  I was taken back by that for sure 'cause I knew the woman.  My first thought was 'what would you do if tomorrow you came and the store was out of food?'  Problem is, she is not the only one that thinks this way.  I am concerned that a lot of folks will be in for a rude awakening.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


have not posted in a long while.  But everything is OK.  Just tired all of the time.  Been watching the eagle cam at  So cool.  They had their first egg Friday night, so now either mom or dad is usually there.  Pretty neat.  Last year they had 3 eaglets.
Dad is doing OK.  Going to have another auction, August 18th, he's keeping 2 of his 7 tractors and selling the rest.  Plus a lot of tools and such.  His buddy Bob is in it with him.  He is a collector also.  The last auction they had was in 2005 and it went well.  I really like this auctioneer too.

Truck has a new fender and is sanded down to a pretty pink.  Yuk!  Should be getting it next week.  I told him I'm in no hurry, I'd rather have it done right than done in a hurry.

Furkids are all well.  The dogs are loving this spring-like weather.  Trimmed some trees this week and the sap ran out of the maples.  Here we are approaching the end of Feb. and no measurable snow fall.  Wonder what March will bring?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sorry for not posting.  Dad had issues with celluitis in his left hand.  That took over a week for the antibiotics to clear up.  Wrecked the truck on Jan 24th, it's in the shop now.  Been sick a few days, don't know why.  And, have the normal winter time blahs, I guess.
Dogs, cats all well and happy.  Snow predicted for tomorrow and I have a lunch date with girls I worked with.  Have never driven the PT Cruiser in snow, it'll be OK, front wheel drive.  If it's too bad, I'll stay home.
Got a virus and a trojan in the lap top and had to take it back to Best Buy for the third time.  Fine now.
Hope everyone else has had a better time of it than I.


Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, is it ever foggy.  I'm about to cancel the dentist appointment.  Taking Daisy is no problem, that's only a couple of miles.  The snow is just fading away as it's suppose to be in the 50's!!

Joe Paterno died yesterday.  They're saying it was lung cancer, but, I think it was a broken heart.  Penn State did him wrong.  The whole mess is rotten.   There should be a special place in hell for jerks like Sandusky.

So, now ole Newt has the upper hand.  Then Romney, then Santorum.  What a bunch of bananas!  (See posting of Jan 18th).  My cousin is probably thrilled, she thought Newt was THE most intelligent of all the candidates.  I think he's too wishy-washy and goes which ever the wind blows.  I'm still leaning towards Ron Paul, my other cousin says his foreign policy stinks.  I told him f**k foreign policy, bring our troops home, tell everyone who is living in a foreign land, you got 30 days to get your butts home.  Then close and guard the boarders.  Radical isn't it.  Maybe we need a dose of radical, just MHO.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Got about 3-4" with a layer of freezing rain on top.  Quite nasty to shovel, so I didn't.  S'pose to be in the mid to high 40's this week.  Nature gave it to me, nature can take it away. 

Finally got rid of the couch.  Always hurt my back, so I turned it over to Cleo.  Then she passed and the other two dogs preferred the settee.  So, I got it's cushion re-upholstered in a strong, dark red, denium type.  Looks good, got it covered with an old curtain that was up at the sliding doors that Fred removed.  Have another on the new chair, room looks bigger with less furniture.

Daisy gets her stitches out tomorrow, then I have a dentist appointment for cleaning.  They're gonna want to do xrays and I'm not gonna let them.  Not in the budget, and, besides, the last two times everything was OK.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'M BAAAAACK.................

Still not 100% but feeling better.  Friend Bobby said he had it for 2 weeks, and that's how long it took me to start feeling better, even with good drugs.  Nasty sinisitist and bronchitist, coughing so hard I couldn't sleep. 
Beautiful day today, windy, low 40's.  Getting colder the rest of the week, in the 30's. 
Got the Toro serviced this week, ready for spring!  Got the truck repaired, $1277.  New clutch and all the necessities needed.  Shifts sweet now.  Tried to get 200,000 out of it, but, only made it to 193,800.
Watching some of the Republican hooplah.  What a dog and pony show.  Looks like Romney will get the nod to me.  Not too crazy about him.  Politicians are like bananas;  when they start out, they're green, then they turn yellow and finally rotten.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Been sick for 2 weeks, and went to the Dr's yesterday.  Still feel like crap, will write more later.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'M FULL OF KRAUT............

Archie and I  had a  nice dinner at Fred and Bev's house.  Their son, Matt, his girlfriend, Sarah and two other young couples were there.  Plus my other friends, Sue and Sarah.  Then we sat around and snacked and talked while the teenagers played WII.  Went home about 9. 

Went over to the firehall today for pork and kraut with Dad and Sarah.  Someone said they sold over 500 tickets by noon.  It's always so good.  Went home about 3.  Some rain this after but it was a beautiful day.  Around 50 degrees.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be 37 and the next day, not out of the 20's. 

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve, and a Happy New Years' Day.