Sunday, May 13, 2012


sitting on the front porch, with the dogs, drinking a cuppa, enjoying a day that started out with a THUD.  Not good, something has been hit on the road out front.  All kids are in, must've been the groundhog.  Got up, took the dogs out and sure enuf.  There it was at the end of the driveway.  Crap.  Got a shovel and put it in the meadow for the buzzards.  It was a female, hope the younguns are now old enuf to fend for themselves.  Happy Mothers sucks sometimes.

On a better note, Fred was down yesterday.  Moved the old kitchen cabinets out of the garage and into the laundry room.  Now have much more storage for canned goods.  It'll be a good time to take stock of what I have and what I need.

Need to get the barn cleaned out and organized now that the cabinets are out.  Dad and I bought a snow blower from his neighbor that needed money.  Now dad wants me to get it out of his barn 'cause he needs the room.    I told him, first I need to make room for it.  That will be a good rainy-day project.

Birds are coming back to my feeders.  I havn't been feeding them for a while, simply because they stopped coming around,  and, the seed just got moldy.  Now they're back.  I love the red-wing black birds.  They come back every spring and nest in the meadow across the road.  I was going to take the bird feeder down that dad made me 'cause the post is looking rotten.  However, when I checked, there was a robin's nest with eggs in it.  Guess it'll have to wait.  Had to call the 'Gutter-Helmet' people to come out and take the birds nest out of the back gutter.  I had asked them to close off under the eve and they ignored me.  Sure enuf, black bird built a nest.  They shoulda listened, eh. 

On a closing note, Happy Mother's Day to all.  Even if it's only furkids, like me.  My mom died in 1998 and I miss her more than ever.  She would've had something to say about the state of affairs we are in, for sure. 



HermitJim said...

I love watching the birds around the bird bath in the back yard! Makes good entertainment for drinking coffee!

Happy Mother's Day to ya, Sharon!

SHARON said...

Hey, thanks Jim. Give your mom a hug from me. She must be a great person 'cause you're such a good guy. Thanks for dropping in.