Sunday, May 27, 2012


on Friday as usual.  Then left that restaurant and met friends for lunch.  Sylvia and Jim are in from Illinois for their grandson's graduation, and, Barb and Ben came in from Valley Forge.  I worked with Sylvia and Barb 25 years ago.  Just us 3 ladies in the engineering department with all of those guys.  Sylvia was a school teacher in her before-life and Barb, an English bride, was a secretary.  When the boss was gonna hire Sylvia full time, he hestiated and confessed to Sylvia that he didn't know if we three could co-exist.   Ha, we are still friends. 
So, came home, mowed most of the yard, loaded up Archie, went over to dad's but he was mowing also so I didn't stay long.  Went up to the fruit stand and got strawberries.   THE. TRUCK. WOULD. NOT. START!!!!!!!!  Nothing.  DEAD.  Now what to do, called Sam.  Wife says he just left for Tractor Supply.  Crap.  No use calling dad, he's mowing, remember?  AH, called Cindy and asked her if her brothers were still there fixing HER dead battery in her van.  She replied, "No, they left, but my son Chris is here, I'll send him."  Then I heard her say, "Chris, take my van and go up to ------  Hill, at the fruit stand.  Sharon's truck won't start, it's hot out and she's got Archie."  When I hung up, I laughed out loud.  Archie sure has a following.  Anyhow, he showed up, jump-started it and we came home.  I backed it down into the yard, so I could jump it to go to the garage on Monday, but, it has started with no problem at least 3 times.

Saturday, cleaned house and futtzed around.  It's getting too %^&* hot to finish my projects out doors.  Sue called and invited Archie and I over to the farm today.  Gotta get ready, everyone have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.  Remember....Freedom isn't free.  GOD Bless Our Troops, here and abroad, past and present, now and forever.


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