Thursday, May 3, 2012


but I'm sitting here on the 3rd of May, with the wood stove burning.  Temp is a balmy 52 outside, but it feels cold and damp.  Well, it IS damp, rained this morning before sun up.  In fact it was a fast-moving thunder storm.  Wasn't very nasty and sounded like it was over at the river.  At least the burning ban is off.  Suppose to rain on and off for the next couple of days, so, I think I'll burn tomorrow, or, maybe today.  Depends on what I get into over at dad's. 

He had his buddy Earl work on the JD620's and they are both running great.  Now he wants to keep one.  Both Farmall H's need their batteries charged and the JD60 needs a new battery.  When that is all taken care of, we can get into other stuff for this auction.

The lady down in the village, Cindy, is going in for an operation.  She told me the Doc will talk to her tomorrow and let her know how they are going to proceed.  She has another cancerous growth on her esophagus and this time they might go in thru the back of her neck.  Anyhow, she has a son in MD, about 30-40 minutes away, who would have to come up and feed her animals.  I live less than a mile up the road and I know she is going to ask me to do it.  6 Dogs, a passel of cats, two chickens, a duck and a goose.  I don't have a problem taking care of the critters, the problem is her goofy neighbor.  He yells at her and walks around her property.  Cusses at the four kids he has who have developmental problems.  My biggest concern is that he would poison the animals when she isn't there.  I'll know more after tomorrow.


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