Monday, September 29, 2014


and, it doesn't even seem like we had a summer.  Although, I am not complaining.  The local fair has come and gone.  It is one of only two fairs in this county that are still considered 'farm fairs', not a carnival atmosphere.  So, Friday, after breakfast, I went home, grabbed Archie, put him in his jeans and t-shirt and off we went to the fair!  He was very well received.  Four different people asked if they could take his picture.  One was the manager of my insurance agency.  She took his picture in front of their banner at their booth.  He was so good, stood up on his hind legs, showing off.  Then she sent the picture to everyone at the office, telling them "our mascot was visiting us".  We had a great time at the fair.

We've had some tragedy in the Amish community.  Four young fellows were swimming in the big creek not far from my house when a wicked, fast-moving thunderstorm came up.  They were running for the house and were struck by lightning.  One did not survive.  8 years old.  So sad.  Then another, 24 year old father of two, was filling silo and climbed up and down into the silo to check if it was filling correctly, was overcome with the methane gas that can build up.  Another young man went in to see where he was and almost didn't make it out.   I don't understand why the Amish fellow would do that as everyone knows how dangerous methane gas can be.  Stupid move but still sad.

I have been told firewood is scarce around these parts.  My friend, Bobby, finally found some on the fourth try, for $160 a cord, delivered.  I really don't need any this year, 'cause I didn't burn the stoves much last year do to running everyday to see dad in the hospital and home.  I am glad I had those propane wall furnaces installed.  Got the tank filled last week, $1.59/gallon.  Dad is threatening to burn his stove in the basement this winter.  He loves doing that, but, he knows I don't want him going up and down those steps.  He keeps saying, "I'll be extra careful."  I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll find him someday, either out in the barn or at the bottom of those stairs.  Told this to my cousin and a few friends who all say, ''but, what can you do."  Just pray, I guess.

The doctor put me on a new med to try to help with this joint pain and achy-ness.  Since it can cause drowsiness, I took the first one last night.  Slept for 12 hours.  But sorta feel better.  We'll see how it goes.  He tested me for a plethora of problems, Lyme, Lupus and a hosts of others, all came back negative.  We agreed I am a conundrum. But, as I set here, I have noticed that my backache has diminished this morning.  So, maybe we're onto something? 

Need to get over to dad's, later................

Saturday, September 13, 2014


and things are the same at Dad's.  Cousin John and his son-in-law came down last week and built a ramp up to dad's deck.  Took 2 days, then they came back this past Tuesday and trimmed the rest of his bushes.  Of course, they didn't do it to suit him, but it's done.  Must be terribly sad to go thru life never being satisfied.  But, that is another post, someday.

All critters are doing OK.  The new kitten, Elliott ( I changed his name), is growing like a weed.  He is about 6 months old now and as big as Mary Fiona at 4 years.  But, she is a tiny little girl.  They have become buddies.  Elliott also plays with Charlie and washes Elijah's ears.  But, Lucy wants nothing to do with this young upstart.  The dogs just ignore him.

Had a nice little rain this morning.  Cloudy and cool lately.  It was a real cool summer with about a week of humidity.  I like that kind of summer.

Found a complete snake skin hanging in the laundry room.  Had to cut a couple of holes in the dry wall to try to figure out why the back light doesn't work.  Walked out one morning and there it was.  Needless to say, got a board in the wood shed and screw it up to the opening.  Told my carpenter we need to get serious about finishing this before winter.  He's so burned out with his factory job he doesn't have much get-up and go.  Might have to find someone else.