Monday, November 17, 2014


has been falling since last night.  At least I don't have to shovel it.  Last Thursday night, took the dogs out for their last potty trip and.....surprise!!!  Every thing was white, and it was still snowing.  Got about 1/2 inch here, farther north got about 3 inches.  By Friday morning it was gone.  Worked with a guy who believed the date of the first snow, even a flurry, indicated how many snows you would get.  Keeping track, we'll see if we get 13.  Turning cold tonight, down in the 20's tomorrow.  Knew it was coming eventually, but, still not ready for winter.

All critters OK.  Elliott is soon going in for his gonad removal.  He's driving the two girls crazy.  Have a friend that calls 'them' "velvet purses".  Told her his are more like backpacks.

Dad has been doing much better this month.  We are getting along better. Have given up telling him he shouldn't go out to the barn when it's cold.  He's 96, if he wants to go out to his barn, so be it.  Cut some wood up for him last week.  He's concerned about losing power this winter as he would have no heat.  Told him, "You know I worry about you going down those cellar steps", to which he replied, "I know, but, I'll be careful". 

Need to get more wood in,