Friday, July 29, 2011

BUSY DAY........

Had breakfast with some of the crew. Some couldn't make it. Left there and got my 'Fish Oil Pills'. Picked up the mail and stopped to see the kitten.
She looks a lot better and is really a sweetheart. The vet will operate on Monday, she had to order an extra small trake tube because the little girl is so tiny. The vet is really apprehensive about this surgery because it will be so long and the kitten is so under nourished. The vet also told me the little one has some kind of bacterial infection that she's treating her for.
Left there, picked up Archie and dropped a paper off at Donna's, then went next door to see her MIL and SIL. They love Arch. It was a nice visit.
Went to dad's, came home, fed critters, went to supper with Lois. No one else came.
Tomorrow is the flea market at Fred's church. Might stop by then go to my cousins. Haven't seen him since his brother died.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN........

Oh boy, a nice soft rain has been falling for the last hour. I forgot to put my gauge out again. But, Dad has his gauge in his back yard. I bet it'll be 2 inches or more.
Went to the vets today to check on the kitten, but she was closed. I then remembered she told me it was a half-day. I don't think I'll give her away. She might have some health problems and this would be their first cat. I wouldn't want them to experience that. Will check on her tomorrow to see how she is doing. Now, I need a name.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


that I woke up at 4:30 with this fear of dread? Well, Tuesday morning at 6:15 Cleo is out and raising hell. This SUV is parked in front of my driveway and a lady is standing in the middle of the road, in front of this tiny kitten. She reaches down to pick it up and it scidaddles into the weeds across the road. She goes back to the vehicle, gets a carrier, walks back to where the kitten was. Looks, shrugs, turns, says something to Cleo (she won't tell me what she said) gets in the SUV, does a three-point turn, AND DRIVES OFF! What! Wait a minute, now what am I suppose to do about this kitten you moron! So, all day, didn't hear a peep out of it. Did my usual rounds, went to the cemetery and took several pics, went to Dad's, had supper and fed the critters, went to Donna and Sam's and dropped off their copy of the family tree and gave them the mandolin. (Another story, let me know if you want to hear it). Came home to a screaming kitten in the weeds. I honestly thought it might wander up to the farm, because of Cleo.
About 10, I took some food and water out to the little thing. Fell down the ditch where the drain pipe comes under the road. The knuckle at the base of my big toe is quite red and swollen this morning. But there's more.
It ate all the food, drank some water. Would not come to me. Went out again at 2, cause the crying sounded close. It was, she had managed to crawl in under the hood of the PT Cruiser. Open hood, holding flashlight, hood resting on my head 'cause I didn't want to take the time to fit it on its little hood stick, grabbed cat, cat bites me, twice. I walked around, calming her down, yeh, it's a girl. Finally got her to where I could take her into the house. Put her in the bathtub, noticed one leg is not moving at all. Crap, wonder if it's broken. Put more food down with water, went to bed. She still crying most of the night, but, now I know she is safe.
Called the Vet this morning, I know its her operating day and she doesn't take clients, she took me, called me later. She doesn't think the leg is broken but all of the ligaments are torn, she can put it in a soft cast to immobilize it and it will heal. She's gonna hold the cost down as much as she can, she might take an x-ray just to see for herself, she'll do a fel-luke and aids test, if positive, she'll be put down. But, not until after 10 days because of rabies. She bit me, remember? Oh, joy!!! She is gonna call me later with more results. She asked me, "Where did you get her?" I told her across the road from my house. "Oh, well she's about 4 months old, she has two permanent teeth, very under nourished." Do I need another cat? Hell no. Some days I don't need the ones I have, but, we'll cross that bridge as time progresses. My friend Lois' granddaughter wants a kitten. So, maybe.....


The Vet called, the leg is broken, she could splint it, but, it might not knit properly, or she could operate and put a pin in it. Either way, the kitten will have a limp. I said do the surgery. She wants her in a little better shape, so she won't operate until Monday. Right now, she has calmed down a lot and is purring for everyone. The vet put the leg in a splint, so she is probably more comfortable. The kitten doesn't have fel-luke or aids and the vet wormed her. She told me she wouldn't charge room and board and the surgery would be about $500. I asked her if she would take time payments. She said sure. Just what I need, eh.

Later, again.................

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A very nice rain yesterday and again during the evening hours. No humidity, so A/C is off. Finally got the TracFone problem fixed. The seventh person I called fixed it in 30 seconds. Still on the fence about keeping it, we'll see when it gets close to the minutes running out in October. Such good karma from fixing the TracFone, I think I'll call Dell and get that straightened out.

Got an email from my friend Denise, who got laid off when I did. She is laid off again, but, they told her they would call her back in October. She said she's looking for another job.

I think Archie and I will go to a couple cemeterys today. Never got there last week. It's a lot more comfortable outside than it has been. Need to get up to my cousins and need to visit my friends, Bob and Weezie, who gave us Archie. After the other two dogs get here, I'll be kinda house bound for a while, until I feel safe in leaving them. It'll be traumatic for the girls, I don't want them to destroy the house.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Went over to Dad's, he was in the barn, it was about 1:30. I usually go at that time so I can pick up his mail and he doesn't have to walk down the lane to get it. So, we're sitting in the barn and it starts to thunder, a little lightning and then it pours for about 45 minutes, off and on. Really sounded good on the metal roof.

I came home and finally got the trash and brush burnt. Now, it's raining again. I hope it keeps up all night. I turned the A/C off and opened the one window in the back. I love the night sounds and the sound of rain.



I woke up this morning about 4:30 with such a fear of dread. Could not shake it and is still with me now.

The guys showed up at 8 to trim the tree. They were very careful about not butchering it up too bad. The one fellow was not happy, I could tell by the way he looked and spoke to his boss. All three of them spoke in spanish. But the boss man was very easy to talk to and understood why I was concerned. It's won't be as nice but at least it won't be in the wires. I don't know why she planted it there. Oh well.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

TWO MORE DOGS A-COMIN'.................

I haven't done a thing all day, except, cook Archie's chicken, clean up the kitchen and do a load of wash. Tree guys are coming tomorrow to 'trim' my cherry tree at the road. NO, I didn't hire them, the power company did. The first guy stopped a month ago and informed me they would be coming in case I needed to be home. I said, "Well, yeh, the black dog bites, and if she was out, that would be a problem." 'Oh' he says. Kinda stepping back away from Cleo, who was standing on the porch with me, eyeing him up. "And, besides, I don't want your guys butchering my tree. I understand you need to keep it away from the wires. But the way I've seen some trees trimmed, you just as well cut the poor things down." So, on Friday, another guy stopped and told me they'd be here on Monday at 8 o'clock, unless that's too early. I told him that would be fine and repeated to him what I had said to the first fellow. This time, Cleo was in the house, barking her head off. I think he got the message.
My friend Mike called this after. If you remember, he was the one that his wife left, and he got laid off after I did, and now he's losing his house. I had told him I would take his two dogs, then he didn't call and didn't email and when he finally did. I was not in a position to take them. I felt really bad, but, I had just had that mini-stroke and wasn't doing too good. Much better now and I told him to bring them down so I can see how everyone gets along. They are both girls, neutered, and, use to cats. His cats went to a friends house. He finally got a job thru a temp agency, looking to get hired full time. Has to be out of the house by August 4th. And, he told me he'll be out of a job in a year or two cause they had a meeting and were informed the plant is moving to MEXICO! He said it was the usual 'dog and pony' show about why they're doing it. I guess most people swallowed it, however, Mike has been down that road and knows the only reason is $$$$$$$$$$$$$. So, my bloggin friends, pray that these 2 dogs will fit in and I will be able to take care of all my furry kids. Like I told him, Cleo is 13 1/2, her eyes are getting cloudy and I think her hearing is starting to fail. I know Coco is a good watch dog cause I've been to their house. I am more concerned about being without a big dog than I am taking care of two more. It'll work out.



Not doing much this weekend, just too hot. Did go with Dad and Sarah to breakfast at the Methodist Church in our hometown. Dad saw a lot of people he hadn't seen in years, but he said the breakfast at our fire hall would 'throw stones at this one.' I think it's better but, whatever.
He and Sarah are going to a neighbors place today. Cliff is a HUGE International tractor fan. Has several, and he has an 'International Day' at his farm every so often, usually once a year. He called dad and invited him and Sarah, I might crash it for the home made ice cream. One year, Dad and some friends took all of Dad's John Deere's just for devilment. That was a big laugh for everyone. If I go over, I'll take some pics and post later. Right now, it feels awfully good just sittin' here in the A/C.

A big welcome to #14, johnnybgood at 'The Simple Life'.


Friday, July 22, 2011


Got up at 6:15 this morning, checked my email. Went to breakfast. Too hot to sit outside so I took Archie on to his groomer, who is only about a mile up the road. Went back and had breakfast with Trudy, Philip, Kyle, Donna, Frank and Donna. Great chipped beef on toast. She uses real cream. Yummy! After a scrumptious meal, much laughter and many stories, we parted.
I went to the store for some necessities. Picked up Archie, stopped for the mail then I came home. If I didn't have to go over to check on Dad, I wouldn't leave the house. It is brutal out there. Have you seen the weather channel? The whole country, except for a teeny, weeny patch of the northwest, is in red.
The reason we have rainbows is to remind us, as a people, that GOD promised never again to destroy the earth with water. The next time will be fire. Maybe he's started.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOW, IT'S HOT.....

I can't imagine how you guys in the mid-west are puttin' up with this. We've had a few days of 90+ and tomorrow's forecast is above 100. That's kinda unusual even tho it is July. August is mostly the hotter month, ewwww can't wait.

That Archie is so smart in some ways. Except for jumping out of truck windows and leaping off of balcony's. When I shut down this 'puter, it makes a little 'ding'. He imediately jumps up from his nap, knows we're going to go out to piddle (the dogs, not me) and then to bed. Except today, we're going to town to run some errands and get gas. OUCH! I might head down to MD, they usually have cheaper gas. But, then you have to way the mileage to get there.

Wow, just noticed another follower! Hi ya, Ted. He's #13. I'm not superstitious, hope he's not.

Must hang out some wash. Taking advantage of my 'solar dryer'. Later.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Got the yard mowed!!!! It was SO wet, I was slingin' water. But as high as it was and with that stupid 'fall grass', it wasn't going to dry out any further. I cleaned the mower and got a 5 gal. bucket of yuk from underneath.

Came in the house and collapsed, phone rings, its Juan from TracFone. Anther hour spent and another 24 hours to wait. He said they will call back on Friday at this time. "Uh, no good, I won't be here." He said they will call back at 2, I said OK. I'm not missing supper with my friends over this screwy phone. This is their last chance.

Must feed the critters and stir up something for me. Later........

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HEY, IT RAINED............

Lost a tooth on my partial on Friday, almost lost the dog too, remember? Anyhow, ran it right in to the dentist on Monday morning 'cause they were closed on Friday. Go figure. Picked it up today, all is well.
Stopped at the boro office to say hi to the ladies, and paid the water and sewer bills on Dad's house in town that he rents out. Some landlords make the tenets pay, but this family has been such wonderful renters that dad has always picked up that tab.

Spent an hour and a half on the phone this morning talking to two different people at TracFone. This is the third call I've made. I'll admit, the second lady and even the first one were both very nice and tried to be helpful. I did end the conversation with "Has anyone ever asked for their money back and it has been refunded?" She said yes. I told her thank you for that information. She said to give them another 24 hours to clear this error on the account and then the minutes and number will be transferred. The clock is ticking my friend, the clock is ticking.

Then I figured, WTH, might as well be a total tech day. Called Dell about the POS laptop. He too, was very nice, but asked me to call back in two hours as they were taking their system down and he couldn't access my account. WHATEVER! I didn't.

So, I'm sitting here, basking in the coolness of the A/C and notice it's getting darker over north of me. Took the dogs out for a quick pee and hear thunder. HMMM, maybe we'll get rain. Then, after coming inside, I notice the trees are blowing around and I remember...."Shit, windows are down on both vehicles!" Big drops are starting to fall. Yell for Lily. Put truck windows up, look up the road and it's looking foggy, nah, that's rain. Yell for Lily. Hurry and put car windows up, yell for Lily, stand under forebay of barn. Rain coming harder and here she comes, strolling down thru the upper yard. The heavens open up, she sprints under the forebay with me. I grabbed her and make a run for the house, and it starts coming down in buckets. Temp. was 92 before the rain came thru, just checked again and its 77. Turned off the A/C and put up the windows. Cool sleeping tonight. Later.....

Monday, July 18, 2011


I've been seeing this guy's blog for some time, but never took the time to read it. He's cool, check him out!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Still can't comment, even on my own blog. So thanks for the visits and comments everybody. I love hearing from ya'll.

Went on this blog and it's been deleted! WTH, I just read him yesterday. Maybe blogger is acting up again. I hope thats it. I liked his blog.

Well, must take the dogs out, find Lily, and get to bed. Later...........


Went to breakfast with the gang on Friday. Since it was at the golf course, and a really pretty and cool morning, we always eat out on the patio. Archie and I were the first ones there. I was at the edge of the patio, looking over the course, there were already people playing at 8:30, must've started at sun up. Anyhow, Archie jumped up onto the bench seat that goes around the edge of the patio. I figured he was just going to put his paws up and look over the back. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO. He proceeds to jump up AND OVER the back. I quickly looked over the 20 FOOT DROP and there he was hanging by his collar!!!!!!! I leaned over as far as I could (picture the guy that fell to his death, grabbing for the baseball) grabbed his collar (don't know why it didn't slip off) and jerked him up, gently. He looked at me as if to say, "Oh Mommy, my whole life passed before my eyes, thank-you, thank-you. I swear that dog has the nine lives of a cat.

Saturday was my birthday, Sue and Sarah came down from the city and took me to breakfast. They stayed for a while, then went on home. Archie and I then went over to Dad's and visited for the afternoon. Then came home. All in all, it was a blah day.

Today is a georgous day and I should be outside. I might sit on the porch and snap some beans. But the British Open is on and I do enjoy watching a good golf game. The Europeans call our golf courses 'stadium golf' because the courses are so pristine. Over on the British and Irish courses it is a 'links' game. Much, much more challenging and more fun to watch.

I'm still having trouble signing in to post on all of my favorite blogs. Later.......

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Back when I knew I was gonna lose my job, I did not renew my cell phone with ATT. Needed to get away from that monthly bill, so I went to TracFone. The first one finally died a slow death, wouldn't hold much of a charge. So I opted for a ritzy, ditzy Samsung. Could not make or receive calls from the house! Called them, explained the whole thing, he said he would send me a new phone. But I like this one. So he said he would send updates to this phone. Waited a week, still can't make calls. Called last week, explained it all again, and, guess what, a new phone came today, with instructions to send the old one back. OK, got on 'puter to update new phone and switch minutes and number. FAIL. Call them. I knew I was in trouble when she kept calling me 'sir'. Had to give her the new phone's serial number 4, yes four, times. Had to give her the phone number 3 times. Finally, after being put on hold so she could talk to her supervisor. She said, turn the phone off, wait an hour, turn the phone on, and, I should be up and running. It better be.
When these 1000+ minutes are done, I'm biting the bullet for an I-Phone.


COOLER TODAY.............

Turned the $$$$$$$, I mean the A/C, off last night. Much cooler around here today. 'Puter is still acting up due to, I think, IncrediMail. Guess I'd better take the old gal back to Best Buy and fire up the POS Dell again.

I was telling my cousin Jack about the Dell getting so hot it actually shuts down. He told me to unplug it or take the battery out. Apparently, when it is plugged in all the time, the battery is constantly charging and heats up. Even this HP was doing it. I've been unpluggin' it from the wall and no problems. Tried unplugging at the 'puter but then the little black box got much too hot, it being still plugged in at the socket. So, I'll try that with the Dell.

Blogger still won't let me comment, and, when I 'sign in' it still wants me to 'sign in'. Might be this 'puter. Will see what the Dell does.

Since it's cooler, I think Archie and I will load up and head for the Catholic Cemetery outside of town. There are a couple of stones I need to take pics of for the family tree of a friend I'm working on. Sounds weird, but people put them in their trees all the time. The one guy died in a drowning accident at 21 and his parents owned a trucking company that he drove for. His stone is an 18 wheeler. Should be interesting. Later..............

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OK, I GIVE UP.....

I'm turning on the A/C. Sitting here, sweating, not doing anything but typing. The breeze has died down, no rain in sight. Did I move to Texas? WooHoo! Nah, still in PA. Calling for rain, actually thunderstorms on Saturday. We'll see. Friends Sue and Sarah are coming down to help celebrate my birthday. Sue wants to do breakfast and I suggested this little restaurant outside of my home town. If it's not open, then there are plenty more around. Then I don't know where we'll go. Maybe down into Maryland, by the water.

Well, short post, I've got some copying to do on a friends family tree. Later..........

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THIS AND THAT............

Well, that storm last night was just a quickie. But, better than nothing. It moved thru in about 20 minutes. By the time I had the windows closed it was already outta here. It was suppose to reach 96 today, however, I doubt that it will happen. There is a nice breeze and I don't even have the A/C on. I do have a fan for the dogs and cats. Which Cleo is lying in front of, Archie is on the settee again, in front of an open window. This Spanish tile floor stays nice and cool and keeps this part of the house colder.

Got a call yesterday from the Dentist reminding me of my appointment. Whoops, forgot all about it. So glad that they are one of the doctor offices that still make those calls. Most of them don't anymore, just charge you for a missed visit. It is just a teeth cleaning, but I have to pay for it. Ouch!!!

I was over at Dad's yesterday and helped him take the blades off of his Toro so he could sharpen them. Bobby called and wanted to know if I was going to supper. They haven't been coming since Judy was laid off. So I helped Dad put the blades back on and rushed home to feed the herd, and went to supper. It was a nice visit. But, I won't go again until Friday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

STORM COMING..........

It was terribly hot today. There was a breeze and even it was hot. It was out of the south and Dad said 'It'll be blowing up a storm tonight.' Well, here it comes. And, I already watered the plants. Thunder all around us, West, towards the river and East also. Lightening not too bad, yet. No rain either, could be a dry weather storm with no rain. Boy, do we need the wet stuff. Wind picking up, lightening getting worse. I must see if I can get Lily in. Gotta go.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Now I've lost all of my followers!!! What is going on with this site? If they're doing it to piss me off, they're succeeding.


Now I'm having trouble with Blogger. Can't sign in to answer comments. But can still sign in to post this. So fellow bloggers, if I don't answer you it's not for lack of trying. I think IncrediMail really screwed up my 'puter this time. So far, gmail is working but takes some getting use to. Haven't tried pictures yet, but my friend Sheila sent me a test pic and it worked fine.

Was on the phone last night until 11pm with TracFone. They're on thin ice also. She said I would get a response in 24 to 72 hours. She sent it up the line to (hopefully) someone smarter. I will say she really tried tho. I just didn't want that extra expense of a monthly cell phone bill. We'll see where this leads us. Sometimes I want to pull the plug on everything.


As much as I love Incredimail, I offed it today. Guess I'll try gmail and see what happens.

It's a beautiful Sunday. I'm a heathen again, doing wash and plan to run the sweeper. I've got dust devils as big as Archie, well, not quite, but almost. I think I'll hang the sheets out. Amish can't quite figure me out anyhow. If I had 10 or 12 kids to do the work, I wouldn't have to do it on Sunday. Besides, with my Quaker heritage, I do things 'when the spirit moves me'. At least it's a good excuse.

Not much excitement around here now. Back on Tuesday, a 14 year old Amish girl was run over by a milk truck. She was a deaf-mute, and had several other problems. The village is talking a lot about that. All kinds of stories flying around. The mother was standing on the other side of the truck, and I guess, thought her daughter was in the play area. The 9 year old sister saw her go under the truck, but didn't say anything. It happen at 8:30 but they didn't call the ambulance until 9. Well, there probably wasn't a reason for the ambulance. The funeral director came and told them he couldn't do anything with the body. My Amish neighbor told me that 'they just put her in a bag and in a coffin and buried her'. The cemetery is at the end of the lane. It was a Presbryterian cemetery 200 or more years ago. But they built the church on another road. When the Amish bought this farm, they said they would take care of it if they could expand it and bury there own there. The girl is probably better off, I imagine she was a handful at that age. Still sad tho.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have Incredimail for my e-mail and I think it's the problem. Lost all of my 'favorites' and my wallpaper is now black screen. All saved passwords are gone.
Still don't have a workable cell phone. Must call them when done here. GOD I hate technology somedays.
Got the yard mowed but didn't get the mower cleaned up. Maybe tomorrow, it's too freakin' hot out at the barn where I have to do it. I don't clean it every time, too hard on my back. So, I try to get it about every third time, or, before it sounds like a jet engine. Too late, half way thru today's mowing the jet engine started, so I must clean the thing tomorrow. Perhaps in the morning before it is too hot and humid.
Nothing else is happening, sort of a quiet day. I did talk to Fred and he believes somethings going down at his work place. Wouldn't surprise me none. Things aren't getting any rosier, for sure. Some folks I know are soon gonna be running out of unemployment, and then what. I'm glad I'm out of the work force. I might have to squeeze a nickel until the buffalo shits but I'm not under all that stress.
Later my friends.

3D Printer

Thursday, July 7, 2011

AN INTERESTING DAY..............

I was gonna post this last night but it got to be too late. Went to the doctors yesterday, LOST 10 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Cholesterol levels improved. HDL up, LDL down. Because I have to take an anti-inflamatory med for the arthritis in my spine, he keeps a close eye on kidney function and it's normal. I was on another med years ago for the same thing, so he watches the liver, and it's normal. The only thing he was concerned about was the thyroid, so he increased that med.
While sitting in the exam room talking to Dr C, there was a very loud clap of thunder, startled both of us. When I went out to the truck, there was another one. The sky didn't look too forboding as I headed on home, but as I got south of the city, it opened up. It was so bad, some people had pulled off to the side. By the time I got to the next little village, about half way home, the road was dry. We never did get any rain here at home.
Oh, I must tell you. Coming out of the city, the road goes from two streets into one road. Plus, there's construction, so we had to wait a bit. I'm sittin in traffic and this 18 wheeler comes barreling up beside us and tries to shuffle on over. The car ahead of me, scoots up to the bumper of the car ahead of her, and I scooted up to her. Didn't let the smart alec in. Don't pull that shit with me. He knew good and well it was a single lane and was just trying to bully his way in. Now, I'm as kind to any truck driver as I can be, it is a stressful job, but that don't wash.
So, I'm sittin' in traffic, windows down to save $$$. Phone rings, I don't recognize the number but it's a WV area code. HUMMMM, this can't be good. Well, it was and it wasn't. My Aunt Jenny was on the line. She didn't have Dad's number and she wanted me to wish him a happy birthday. She's the only one of the 12 left and she was 80 in April. Sharp as a tac. She said she has two B-I-L's and two S-I-L's left and if she thinks about it, she gets sad. There were 35 grandchildren and 12 of them are gone. Then she told me about Uncle Golden, died the day before his 90th birthday, and cousin Barb died the next week, she was 5 years younger than me. She said, "Honey, they're dropping like flies."
So, came home, grabbed 'the boy' and went to Dad's to wish him a happy birthday. Then came home and watered the plants. It's stinkin' hot today, but they're calling for storms tomorrow. I must go get cat food and litter, mow the yard and go to dad's. Stay cool everyone.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IT TURNED OUT OK...................

Yesterday, July 5th, was the service for my cousin Ken. Dad picked me up at 9:30 and we headed over to the other county to our hometown. With Ken gone, there's only one family member left in that town and he's talking about leaving. Helped the rest of us to get out of there. But, I digress.
We got to the funeral home and there were a lot of people standing outside in little groups. The 'two thieves' (his daughters) and the a$$hole husband were the first to go in and the rest were just talking and visiting in the heat. I got and gave hugs all around to the cousins and then I walked in with Dad behind me. We signed in and I went up to the girls, gave them both hugs just because of Ken, ignored the a$$hole, and sat down. Dad didn't even acknowledge them. Ken's siblings then stood in a line with his girls and a$$hole and there must've been 300 people come thru. Some family I didn't know, a lot of in-laws that are now outlaws. Luckily, another cousin was sitting with me and if I saw someone that looked familiar, he knew who it was.
After that dog and pony show was over, everyone went over to the club in town that Ken was a member of. Their auxiliary was providing a meal, so we sat over there and visited and told family tales. Then his daughters and family came in, went over to the other side of the room and sat at that table. No one from 'our' side messed with them. So sad.
After a while, I saw someone bring in a banjo and a guitar. Next thing you know, my cousin Jim and two of his buddies were up there pickin and a grinnin for the next three hours. Oh what fun that was. My dad really enjoyed himself, and I got to talk to a lot of people and get family data for the tree. All in all, it worked out OK. But, I'm glad its over. I think it brought us closer together, and that's a good thing.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Had neighbors setting off fireworks last night. Luckily, we had a nice amount of rain with a small thunderstorm and they waited until that was over. There is a new house on the hill somewhat behind me. Not too close, but I can hear their dog barking and in the winter, see their Christmas lights. They were setting them off and then the guy up the road on the farm was also having fun. So, I had fireworks in stereo. There is a fireworks store in the village towards the river and they were doing a booming business this weekend. Probably be more to go off tonight.

With the rain that came thru, I didn't have to water the new plants, but I'm gonna lose a few. Must call the landscaper, he'll replace them.

Dad's hand is not quite as swollen. I still think it's old 'arther' from him messing in the wood for three days. He told me his thumb was really paining him this morning. Still trying to talk to him about going to the doctors but if he won't take Tylenol for the pain, he won't listen to the doc either. Heck, he's his own worse enemy. Won't manage the pain but continue to bitch about it.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Independence Day, probably not too many left for us.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Just sitting here drinking my coffee on a peaceful Sunday morning. Not much traffic except for the Amish going to church. Some Sundays they go up the hill, some Sundays they go down the hill.

We had about 10 minutes of rain around 3 this morning and just a sprinkle a little while ago. No sun, looks like it might rain some more. I hope so, the corn is 'beggin' for rain'.

Going over to my friends Moms this after for a cook-out. The lady had 5 children and her two oldest daughters have been friends of mine for more that 40 years. Their first cousins were my friends for longer than that. They are both gone now, and I really miss them.

My cousin's obit finally made the paper after six days. The service is Tuesday and I'm wondering what a dog and pony show that will be. His picture and obit was on the funeral home's website with him standing between each daughter. I printed it out and took it over to Dad yesterday. He said, "Are they the two thieves?" I told him they were. Yeh, can't wait for Tuesday.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Went to breakfast yesterday with the gang and took Archie. They have a nice patio that overlooks the golf course. It was a beautiful morning, no humidity and everyone was glad to see 'the boy'. He was so good and had his fill of eggs and potatoes. We will be eating there next week also with a few more people, so I'll probably take him again.

Came home and weed wacked around the place then got the yard mowed. Looks pretty nice for the holiday. Put the flag out and got a solar-powered light to shine on it. Went to supper last night with Lois and Artie, then their hubbies showed up. I hadn't seen any of them in a week and really enjoyed myself. Had a nice sirloin with baked potato.

Dad called last night and asked if I was sick 'cause I didn't come over. I said, "Don't you remember, we said since your were going to mow and I had to mow that I would be over on Saturday and finish that Census Survey." He had forgotten. So, when I went over this after, he showed me his left hand. The thing is so swollen, the knuckles have disappeared. You cannot see the where the wrist should be. I asked him if something had bitten or stung him. He didn't think so. I ran home and got my ice packs and told him to put that on to take the swelling down. It could be his arthritis. If it's not better by the beginning of the week, he's going to the doctor. Won't go to the ER, just suffer thru it.