Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HEY, IT RAINED............

Lost a tooth on my partial on Friday, almost lost the dog too, remember? Anyhow, ran it right in to the dentist on Monday morning 'cause they were closed on Friday. Go figure. Picked it up today, all is well.
Stopped at the boro office to say hi to the ladies, and paid the water and sewer bills on Dad's house in town that he rents out. Some landlords make the tenets pay, but this family has been such wonderful renters that dad has always picked up that tab.

Spent an hour and a half on the phone this morning talking to two different people at TracFone. This is the third call I've made. I'll admit, the second lady and even the first one were both very nice and tried to be helpful. I did end the conversation with "Has anyone ever asked for their money back and it has been refunded?" She said yes. I told her thank you for that information. She said to give them another 24 hours to clear this error on the account and then the minutes and number will be transferred. The clock is ticking my friend, the clock is ticking.

Then I figured, WTH, might as well be a total tech day. Called Dell about the POS laptop. He too, was very nice, but asked me to call back in two hours as they were taking their system down and he couldn't access my account. WHATEVER! I didn't.

So, I'm sitting here, basking in the coolness of the A/C and notice it's getting darker over north of me. Took the dogs out for a quick pee and hear thunder. HMMM, maybe we'll get rain. Then, after coming inside, I notice the trees are blowing around and I remember...."Shit, windows are down on both vehicles!" Big drops are starting to fall. Yell for Lily. Put truck windows up, look up the road and it's looking foggy, nah, that's rain. Yell for Lily. Hurry and put car windows up, yell for Lily, stand under forebay of barn. Rain coming harder and here she comes, strolling down thru the upper yard. The heavens open up, she sprints under the forebay with me. I grabbed her and make a run for the house, and it starts coming down in buckets. Temp. was 92 before the rain came thru, just checked again and its 77. Turned off the A/C and put up the windows. Cool sleeping tonight. Later.....

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Dizzy-Dick said...

We got hit hard at the campground I am staying at. I posted a video on my blog this morning. Thought stuff like that only happened in Texas, and here I sit in Pennsylvania.