Friday, July 29, 2011

BUSY DAY........

Had breakfast with some of the crew. Some couldn't make it. Left there and got my 'Fish Oil Pills'. Picked up the mail and stopped to see the kitten.
She looks a lot better and is really a sweetheart. The vet will operate on Monday, she had to order an extra small trake tube because the little girl is so tiny. The vet is really apprehensive about this surgery because it will be so long and the kitten is so under nourished. The vet also told me the little one has some kind of bacterial infection that she's treating her for.
Left there, picked up Archie and dropped a paper off at Donna's, then went next door to see her MIL and SIL. They love Arch. It was a nice visit.
Went to dad's, came home, fed critters, went to supper with Lois. No one else came.
Tomorrow is the flea market at Fred's church. Might stop by then go to my cousins. Haven't seen him since his brother died.

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