Sunday, July 10, 2011


As much as I love Incredimail, I offed it today. Guess I'll try gmail and see what happens.

It's a beautiful Sunday. I'm a heathen again, doing wash and plan to run the sweeper. I've got dust devils as big as Archie, well, not quite, but almost. I think I'll hang the sheets out. Amish can't quite figure me out anyhow. If I had 10 or 12 kids to do the work, I wouldn't have to do it on Sunday. Besides, with my Quaker heritage, I do things 'when the spirit moves me'. At least it's a good excuse.

Not much excitement around here now. Back on Tuesday, a 14 year old Amish girl was run over by a milk truck. She was a deaf-mute, and had several other problems. The village is talking a lot about that. All kinds of stories flying around. The mother was standing on the other side of the truck, and I guess, thought her daughter was in the play area. The 9 year old sister saw her go under the truck, but didn't say anything. It happen at 8:30 but they didn't call the ambulance until 9. Well, there probably wasn't a reason for the ambulance. The funeral director came and told them he couldn't do anything with the body. My Amish neighbor told me that 'they just put her in a bag and in a coffin and buried her'. The cemetery is at the end of the lane. It was a Presbryterian cemetery 200 or more years ago. But they built the church on another road. When the Amish bought this farm, they said they would take care of it if they could expand it and bury there own there. The girl is probably better off, I imagine she was a handful at that age. Still sad tho.


HossBoss said...

Let me know how gmail works for you, Sharon. I'm on the fence about trying gmail or going back to hotmail. But I'm with you, Incredimail is not worth the trouble anymore.

Very sad when a child dies, for whatever reason. I feel bad for whoever was driving the milk truck too, I'm sure he feels bad about it.

I guess I'm a heathen too. Farrier was here at 7:00am, finished up and was gone by 9:00am. Too late to be ready for morning services, so I'm working around here today. Vacuum sealing beans and rice in my canning jars, tidying up in the food storage and doing some long overdue housework. I'll go to the evening service though ...still good preaching and the song service is longer and more laid back. Yeoldfurt is at work until about 7:00pm, but I'll have his dinner waiting for him in the oven. He'll take care of evening feeding chores and I'll be home by 8:30. Overtime starts up again next week so we'll probably hit the sack early tonight least I will.

SHARON said...

Yeh, I feel sorry for the truck driver too. It is a lady, and she is good truck driver but I'm sure this will affect her big time. I know it would me, I hate to run over a squirrel or rabbit. But some of these Amish kids have no fear of big equipment, and, sadly aren't taught to fear either.