Thursday, July 7, 2011

AN INTERESTING DAY..............

I was gonna post this last night but it got to be too late. Went to the doctors yesterday, LOST 10 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Cholesterol levels improved. HDL up, LDL down. Because I have to take an anti-inflamatory med for the arthritis in my spine, he keeps a close eye on kidney function and it's normal. I was on another med years ago for the same thing, so he watches the liver, and it's normal. The only thing he was concerned about was the thyroid, so he increased that med.
While sitting in the exam room talking to Dr C, there was a very loud clap of thunder, startled both of us. When I went out to the truck, there was another one. The sky didn't look too forboding as I headed on home, but as I got south of the city, it opened up. It was so bad, some people had pulled off to the side. By the time I got to the next little village, about half way home, the road was dry. We never did get any rain here at home.
Oh, I must tell you. Coming out of the city, the road goes from two streets into one road. Plus, there's construction, so we had to wait a bit. I'm sittin in traffic and this 18 wheeler comes barreling up beside us and tries to shuffle on over. The car ahead of me, scoots up to the bumper of the car ahead of her, and I scooted up to her. Didn't let the smart alec in. Don't pull that shit with me. He knew good and well it was a single lane and was just trying to bully his way in. Now, I'm as kind to any truck driver as I can be, it is a stressful job, but that don't wash.
So, I'm sittin' in traffic, windows down to save $$$. Phone rings, I don't recognize the number but it's a WV area code. HUMMMM, this can't be good. Well, it was and it wasn't. My Aunt Jenny was on the line. She didn't have Dad's number and she wanted me to wish him a happy birthday. She's the only one of the 12 left and she was 80 in April. Sharp as a tac. She said she has two B-I-L's and two S-I-L's left and if she thinks about it, she gets sad. There were 35 grandchildren and 12 of them are gone. Then she told me about Uncle Golden, died the day before his 90th birthday, and cousin Barb died the next week, she was 5 years younger than me. She said, "Honey, they're dropping like flies."
So, came home, grabbed 'the boy' and went to Dad's to wish him a happy birthday. Then came home and watered the plants. It's stinkin' hot today, but they're calling for storms tomorrow. I must go get cat food and litter, mow the yard and go to dad's. Stay cool everyone.


Arsenius the Hermit said...

I have to take a lot of medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Most of it is statins, which can play hob with your emotional state. Wish I didn't, it's hard enough to feel mad or bummed out if you know there's a reason. It's really tough when there isn't one!

SHARON said...

I know what you mean, I was on statins for a while. Then, I had to change doctors because the other one gave up his practice. I told this one I would not go on statins again. Hopefully, losing the weight and the meds he has me on is helping.
Thanks for dropping in.

Arsenius the Hermit said...

I saw you lost ten pounds. I work like a dog, eat modestly, swim every evening in summer, walk every day and I couldn't lose ten pounds if my life depended on it.