Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have Incredimail for my e-mail and I think it's the problem. Lost all of my 'favorites' and my wallpaper is now black screen. All saved passwords are gone.
Still don't have a workable cell phone. Must call them when done here. GOD I hate technology somedays.
Got the yard mowed but didn't get the mower cleaned up. Maybe tomorrow, it's too freakin' hot out at the barn where I have to do it. I don't clean it every time, too hard on my back. So, I try to get it about every third time, or, before it sounds like a jet engine. Too late, half way thru today's mowing the jet engine started, so I must clean the thing tomorrow. Perhaps in the morning before it is too hot and humid.
Nothing else is happening, sort of a quiet day. I did talk to Fred and he believes somethings going down at his work place. Wouldn't surprise me none. Things aren't getting any rosier, for sure. Some folks I know are soon gonna be running out of unemployment, and then what. I'm glad I'm out of the work force. I might have to squeeze a nickel until the buffalo shits but I'm not under all that stress.
Later my friends.


HossBoss said...

I have Incredimail too and I'm thinking of dumping it. I've used it for about 8 years now, loved the graphics when it first came out. But there was some automatic upgrade recently that really seems to causing problems. I think I'm going straight gmail or good ol' hotmail again.

It's hot here too ...and incredibly dry. The ground feels (and sounds) like you're walking on brown wrinkled paper.

Arsenius the Hermit said...

I had problems with blogger all day yesterday. Computers are not all that reliable and can be very frustrating, that's a fact. I just use gmail but you can have difficulties with that. Sometimes I don't get emails people sent me, other times, they don't get mine.
The unemployment problem is bad in my state, and there are no indications of improvement. I am hoping , though it is surely a vain hope, that the "elite" running the country don't raise the debt ceiling. My theory is we are going to default now, or later, and it's better to do it while we still have some hope of bringing things under control. But I believe the D.C. crowd only worries about themselves, today.