Thursday, July 14, 2011

COOLER TODAY.............

Turned the $$$$$$$, I mean the A/C, off last night. Much cooler around here today. 'Puter is still acting up due to, I think, IncrediMail. Guess I'd better take the old gal back to Best Buy and fire up the POS Dell again.

I was telling my cousin Jack about the Dell getting so hot it actually shuts down. He told me to unplug it or take the battery out. Apparently, when it is plugged in all the time, the battery is constantly charging and heats up. Even this HP was doing it. I've been unpluggin' it from the wall and no problems. Tried unplugging at the 'puter but then the little black box got much too hot, it being still plugged in at the socket. So, I'll try that with the Dell.

Blogger still won't let me comment, and, when I 'sign in' it still wants me to 'sign in'. Might be this 'puter. Will see what the Dell does.

Since it's cooler, I think Archie and I will load up and head for the Catholic Cemetery outside of town. There are a couple of stones I need to take pics of for the family tree of a friend I'm working on. Sounds weird, but people put them in their trees all the time. The one guy died in a drowning accident at 21 and his parents owned a trucking company that he drove for. His stone is an 18 wheeler. Should be interesting. Later..............

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