Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A very nice rain yesterday and again during the evening hours. No humidity, so A/C is off. Finally got the TracFone problem fixed. The seventh person I called fixed it in 30 seconds. Still on the fence about keeping it, we'll see when it gets close to the minutes running out in October. Such good karma from fixing the TracFone, I think I'll call Dell and get that straightened out.

Got an email from my friend Denise, who got laid off when I did. She is laid off again, but, they told her they would call her back in October. She said she's looking for another job.

I think Archie and I will go to a couple cemeterys today. Never got there last week. It's a lot more comfortable outside than it has been. Need to get up to my cousins and need to visit my friends, Bob and Weezie, who gave us Archie. After the other two dogs get here, I'll be kinda house bound for a while, until I feel safe in leaving them. It'll be traumatic for the girls, I don't want them to destroy the house.


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