Friday, July 22, 2011


Got up at 6:15 this morning, checked my email. Went to breakfast. Too hot to sit outside so I took Archie on to his groomer, who is only about a mile up the road. Went back and had breakfast with Trudy, Philip, Kyle, Donna, Frank and Donna. Great chipped beef on toast. She uses real cream. Yummy! After a scrumptious meal, much laughter and many stories, we parted.
I went to the store for some necessities. Picked up Archie, stopped for the mail then I came home. If I didn't have to go over to check on Dad, I wouldn't leave the house. It is brutal out there. Have you seen the weather channel? The whole country, except for a teeny, weeny patch of the northwest, is in red.
The reason we have rainbows is to remind us, as a people, that GOD promised never again to destroy the earth with water. The next time will be fire. Maybe he's started.


Stephen said...

Let's hope He gives us a few more years. I want to watch my grandchildren mature. Hot here too, forecast is for a heat index of 106 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

We here in Texas just thought we were being greedy keeping all the heat to ourselves. Since we got snow and freezing this winter thought we would send some triple digits north this summer.