Saturday, July 2, 2011


Went to breakfast yesterday with the gang and took Archie. They have a nice patio that overlooks the golf course. It was a beautiful morning, no humidity and everyone was glad to see 'the boy'. He was so good and had his fill of eggs and potatoes. We will be eating there next week also with a few more people, so I'll probably take him again.

Came home and weed wacked around the place then got the yard mowed. Looks pretty nice for the holiday. Put the flag out and got a solar-powered light to shine on it. Went to supper last night with Lois and Artie, then their hubbies showed up. I hadn't seen any of them in a week and really enjoyed myself. Had a nice sirloin with baked potato.

Dad called last night and asked if I was sick 'cause I didn't come over. I said, "Don't you remember, we said since your were going to mow and I had to mow that I would be over on Saturday and finish that Census Survey." He had forgotten. So, when I went over this after, he showed me his left hand. The thing is so swollen, the knuckles have disappeared. You cannot see the where the wrist should be. I asked him if something had bitten or stung him. He didn't think so. I ran home and got my ice packs and told him to put that on to take the swelling down. It could be his arthritis. If it's not better by the beginning of the week, he's going to the doctor. Won't go to the ER, just suffer thru it.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Don't blame him for not wanting to go to the ER. Last time my wife went, came back with the wound infected from the conditions at the ER. Had to wait for ever and it cost $1200.00 just to get stictched up. After it got infected, went to the family doctor, he re-cleaned the wound, restitched it, and bandaged it all for less than $75.00. Of course imergencies don't always happen during doctors' office hours.

SHARON said...

Yeh Dizzy, he has a real fear of the medical profession. I hope it al works out for the best.