Sunday, July 24, 2011


Not doing much this weekend, just too hot. Did go with Dad and Sarah to breakfast at the Methodist Church in our hometown. Dad saw a lot of people he hadn't seen in years, but he said the breakfast at our fire hall would 'throw stones at this one.' I think it's better but, whatever.
He and Sarah are going to a neighbors place today. Cliff is a HUGE International tractor fan. Has several, and he has an 'International Day' at his farm every so often, usually once a year. He called dad and invited him and Sarah, I might crash it for the home made ice cream. One year, Dad and some friends took all of Dad's John Deere's just for devilment. That was a big laugh for everyone. If I go over, I'll take some pics and post later. Right now, it feels awfully good just sittin' here in the A/C.

A big welcome to #14, johnnybgood at 'The Simple Life'.


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