Sunday, October 31, 2010


Got some news last week. The person that use to have Archie finally called the lady that gave him to us. She said he was born in September of 2004 and he is a
'peek-a-poo' and not a shih-tzu. Poor little guy, went from 'chinese royalty' to a mutt in a matter of seconds.

Went over to Dads yesterday and helped him start the '57 Buick. He had the battery on charge, wouldn't start. We sprayed ether in the carb, wouldn't start. Took the air cleaner off, dumped gas in, wouldn't start. Fiddled with the starter, wouldn't start. "Hey, Dad, the gage says 'E' maybe we should put some gas in it." Dumped gas in it. Voila!!!!!!!!!!!! Started. Amazing what a little gas will do. Of course it needs another exhaust system, but that's why it sounds good.

Franco will be back on Monday to grout the tile and then he's done. Fred got the siding back on and next is the engineered wood floor in the living room and trimming the windows. Hope I can finish all of this before cold weather

Sunday, October 24, 2010

SOON; VERY,VERY, SOON...........

....this will all be over. Cousin John and, his brother, Joe have finished all of the concrete work and, he's coming tomorrow to take the form off of the new step out front. (Last minute request). Then, he's done, for now. I want him to look at fixing the barn in the spring.
Fred came down today and started putting the siding back on the rear of the house where the door (now a window) was. He's already buttoned up the inside part where the stairs were.
The tile guys are coming tomorrow afternoon to make a template for the hearth and then will be back on Wednesday and Thursday to put the new granite hearth down and do all of the tile work in both rooms. Once thats done, the new floor goes down in the living room.
The driveway people will call me when they are coming down. Should only take a day, maybe two.
The landscaper finally got back to me (after I called him), and they should be here the first week in November.
The first Saturday in November is scheduled as wood splitting/cutting day with friends.

I need to stock up on more 'me' food. Went to the pet food store last week and the critters are in better shape than me. I have been leaning towards just canned food because I don't trust the electrical grid if something happens. More than once we've dug a snow cave to put the frozen food in during a power outage.

Have to take the truck back on Tuesday for needed repairs to pass inspection. Still cheaper than truck payments. Finally got the car on the road, and it needs inspected before the end of the year. Should get it serviced also since its been sitting for over a year.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SAME OLE, SAME OLE.............

Well, if I don't post something soon, I'll have to move my own blog over to the 'Underactive Blog' list.
Cousin John is coming tomorrow to start the hearth repair.
Fred was here on Saturday and did the deck and ramp railings, so, except for adding the lattuce work to keep out the critters, and painting, which won't be done until spring. That part is done!!
The sliding door is out and gone. I traded it to Archie's groomer for hair cuts. His, not mine. She and her daughter came down on Wednesday and picked it up. The new window is in and will work well for what I want. It is a sliding window and in the winter, I'll take the screen out, then, I can slide it open and put the firewood in the rik. I won't have to carry it around to the side. Well, maybe one last load. We'll see.
That leaves the driveway guys, who did sent a proposal to accept, and the landscaper, whom I've not heard from. He'd better hurry, 'cause we're running out of good weather.
Some people have said we are going to get another nasty, cold, snowy winter like we had last year. I have to stock up on more pet food and me food, and straighten out the wood shed. Friends are coming down for a splittin' party, then I'll be set.