Sunday, October 31, 2010


Got some news last week. The person that use to have Archie finally called the lady that gave him to us. She said he was born in September of 2004 and he is a
'peek-a-poo' and not a shih-tzu. Poor little guy, went from 'chinese royalty' to a mutt in a matter of seconds.

Went over to Dads yesterday and helped him start the '57 Buick. He had the battery on charge, wouldn't start. We sprayed ether in the carb, wouldn't start. Took the air cleaner off, dumped gas in, wouldn't start. Fiddled with the starter, wouldn't start. "Hey, Dad, the gage says 'E' maybe we should put some gas in it." Dumped gas in it. Voila!!!!!!!!!!!! Started. Amazing what a little gas will do. Of course it needs another exhaust system, but that's why it sounds good.

Franco will be back on Monday to grout the tile and then he's done. Fred got the siding back on and next is the engineered wood floor in the living room and trimming the windows. Hope I can finish all of this before cold weather

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