Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It certainly did get colder, just like they said it would.  Yesterday gave us a lot of rain, a couple of times in torrents.  Today, little sun, some wind and colder temps compared to Monday and Tuesday, which were in the 60's and downright balmy.  Not today, it'll be lucky to see 50.  Got plenty of wood in between rain storms yesterday, and the house is quite comfortable.

Going over to the Historical Society today.  I am no longer a member, don't much care for the new administration,  but today they are doing their greens for the sale this weekend.  They make grave blankets, wreaths, roping and such for Christmas as a fund-raiser.  We use to help every year, since I have a pick up and a chain saw it was a guarantee I would be there.  But, with each year, the back growled more and more, so, after my friend passed away,  I dropped out, but, I still like to visit. I stopped on Monday and Libby told me today was Margaret's 89th birthday, so, I'll dress Archie up and take a card over.  Those ladies are such sweethearts.

A lot of rumbling on the net about Senate Bill 1867 or the 'National Defense Authorization Act'.  If what Alex Jones is saying is true, then it ain't good, my friends.  The hair is not standing up on the back of my neck, yet.  But, be aware, be cautious, be wary.  This is not the America I had envisioned I would be retired in.  Beans, bullets and bandaids continues to be my mantra.  Now, more than ever.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A DAY OF REST...........

I spent Friday, after breakfast out, and Saturday, after breastfast out, working in the wood pile.  On Friday, I separated all of the pieces that will need split and stacked them.  Then on Saturday, I cut some long pieces, but knew I wouldn't get done, and stacked the rest.  With at least 3 days of rain in the forecast, I wanted to cover what I wasn't able to get in the wood shed.  So now I'm sitting here watching the Cinncinnati/Cleveland game.  I was stiff and sore this morning and decided to take the day off.  But, it is nice to look out in the back yard and see everything covered up.

Dad went to a sale on Saturday with his friend Chuck.  He called me that night and said most of the stuff there should have went to Coatesville.  Thats where a big salvage yard is.  His knees hurt him so bad he couldn't enjoy himself as much as he use to.  I'd like to get him a scooter to use, but, I can't get him to use a cane, I know he wouldn't use the scooter. 

Trying to get the dogs to wait until the game is over, but they want fed.


Friday, November 25, 2011


Had a great Thanksgiving Day with family at the fire hall.  My cousins are really cool people.  Dad enjoyed himself and what a great meal.  Turkey, Ham and all of the usual fixins.  Then Mike got one of the firetrucks out and took the kids for a ride.  They loved it.  He came back and some of the grownups went.  I didn't go, I use to work for a firetruck manufacturing company and I've had my share of rides.

Went to breakfast with the gang this morning.  My friend Suzy had the week off and she met me there.  Everyone finally got to meet her after hearing so much about all of the crazy things we've done.  Then I came home and slung wood.  Finally got all of big pieces that'll need split, separated out and ricked up.   Will be meeting Suzy and her sister Sarah for breakfast at the church in the old hometown tomorrow morning.  Then, plan on finishing up with the wood before all the rain hits on Sunday.  Still a lot of sticks that will need sawed and all will get thrown into the wood shed to stay nice and dry.

Love the propane heaters, house is bearable when I get up or get home.  Then, after starting the stoves, the heaters will kick off and not run.  So far it's working the way I planned.

Hope y'all had a great day yesterday.  Only one month until the jolly fat fellow shows up.  HUMBUG! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I just finished the second book of Matthew Bracken's trilogy.  All I can say is WOW.  I could NOT put these books down.  The first one, "ENEMIES, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC" was a little slow at the beginning.  He seems to be big on establishing the characters, and, once you are into the story, you really can appreciate this.  The second book, DOMESTIC ENEMIES, THE RECONQUISTA" seems to move much faster.  It is a must that you read these three books in order, as there is a fine character thread through them.  I haven't started the third book, "FOREIGN ENEMIES and traitors" because I really need to get things done.  His writing style is quick and the chapters are short, which is nice if you have to put the book down.  Good luck with that!
His other book is "CASTIGO CAY".  It has absolutely nothing to do with the trilogy.  But is excellent.
The last book I read was "THE WALK" by Lee Goldberg.  It also is a fast read with a quirky ending.  Only one main character through it all. 
If any of my blogging buddies read these five books, I would be interested in your take on them.


Monday, November 21, 2011


Took Mary Fiona to the vet's this morning for her spay/hernia repair.  Will be picking her up in a couple of hours.  Then went with dad to the doctor's for a check on his cyst removal.  Took longer to get there than the visit.  All ok.  After that, we stopped at Best Buy and picked up my HP.  Boy, is it ever nice to get it back.  New hard drive. 

I really missed you guys.  I feel so unconnected when I don't or can't check the blogs.  Hope all is well with everyone.  It's sssoooo good to be back. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

CATCHING UP.............

Jury duty was a joke.  I did meet some nice people.  One fellow was walking up the street as I was coming out of the parking garage that you MUST park in.  Of course it's the one that is the fartherest away from the court house.  Anyhow, he commented, "She has a book and a summons sticking out of the book, she must be going to the court house for jury duty like me!"  I looked at him and said, "You are so right, so we'll walk together!"  I stuck my arm thru his and we walked up the hill.  What a sweet, sweet man.  He is 62, his wife is 84 and they have been married for 38 years.  He told me, "We started the trend."  He was so funny and such a joy to talk to and to listen to.  He entertained me with some great stories.  But what a dysfunctional family he has or had.  None of them will have anything to do with him, but, it is, sadly, their loss.

Got the firewood delivered, lots to split and some to cut.  But, I'll work at it.  Fred is coming down on Saturday to split some.

 They are coming next week to finish the second heater install.  Nice to wake up to a warm house, even if it's only set on 65.

Dogs, cats are all doing great.  Miss Mary Fiona goes for her spaying on Monday.  There is a big black cat hanging around, I think it's a tom.  I told her to tell her black boyfriend to go home.

Dad's doing well, his head where the cyst was removed is almost back to normal.  Knees still hurt tho.  He told me he was going to cut back and only work half-days.  He got about a cord of the wood, so now he is set if the power goes out.

Dad and I are doing Turkey Day with cousins down in Maryland.

Not much else to write about.  Just trying to batten down the hatches before old man winter makes his appearance.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DEAD 'PUTER..............

Spent 5 hours on this beautiful day at Best Buy with a sick 'puter.  While waiting for the 'puter to run a second scan, I went to Save-A-Lot and got a few things.  Then stopped at Mickey-D's for lunch.  Went back to Best Buy and waited some more.  Turns out that the hard drive they replaced back in the summer, took a shit.   So, it has to go back to Kentucky AGAIN.   As much as I bitch about this POS Dell, it is a good back up.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way home, after putting the stuff away, Archie and I took some wood over to Dad's.  He doesn't have any good wood, only some white birch that was cut down this spring.  It would burn up pretty fast.  Got more coming for him tomorrow.  Maple. 

Was almost home when I remembered......I forgot to vote.  So, headed over to the fire house and cast my ballot.  One lady was talking about how it's going to be a bad winter.  We can expect a blizzard on Dec 16th, and don't plan on going anywhere the first week in January.  It will be too icy.  Oh joy.  Guess I had better step up the prepping.  The critters are in better shape than I am right now.  I was hitting the preps pretty hard in the summer due to finances.  Time to get serious again.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go for jury duty.  Hurrah!!!!!   NOT!!!!!  I have to call in at 6:30 to see if they need me.  GOD, I hope not. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

PEA SOUP................

Wow, is it foggy out this morning.  Glad I don't have to drive in this crap anymore.  I'm always amazed at the people that don't turn any of their lights on in this stuff.  I remember back when we lived on the farm, oh, probably early 60's.  Mom called from the diner.  It had taken her an hour to drive 5 miles.  The defroster didn't work in the Buick and she was at her wits end, so, she called Dad.   He grumbled about it, but, got the truck out and we went to get her.   He decided to go the back way as it was a tad shorter, so we left the lane and headed up over the hill......dropping into nothingness.  Couldn't see squat.  He quit grumbling at that point.  It took us about 2 hours to get another 10 miles or so.  Turned into the diner and mom was trying to clean her windshield.  Dad wasn't mad any more.  Anyhow, we headed back towards our hometown, on the main road this time.  He had his head out the window and I stuck my head out the other one just so we could see the lines on the side of the road.  Mom turned her headlights off to keep from putting a glare out there and some of the other people behind us did the same thing.  You could see better with just the parking lights on.  We were like a train, with dad as the locomotive.  By the time we got home to the farm, Pop had the soup hot and we ate a very late supper.  I have never been in fog that bad since.

I keep having to remind myself that there's a propane tank sitting in the yard.  The thing is white, and the top part, that goes back so the guy can fill it, is John Deere green.  It's their trademark color.  I noticed my neighbor's tank thingy is white.  The green catches my eye and I think, 'What's that tractor doing there?'  LOL.  It'll probably take a while.  It's nice not having a chilly living room.  But at the price of propane, I paid $2.10 a gallon with a discount if paid within 5 days, I WILL be burning wood as the main source of heat.  It's comical, yesterday was 'church day' for the Amish.  Some of them really craned their necks when they noticed that 500 gal tank sitting there.  They don't miss much.  Nosy bunch, but good neighbors just the same.

Must dump the litter, get a shower, and get to the garage.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

THIS AND THAT..............

Had breakfast with the gang on Friday and a discussion turned into an argument about politics.  I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND my friends.  I have come to the conclusion we'll have to agree to disagree and I WILL NOT DISCUSS this anymore.  Should've listened to mama when she said, 'Never talk about race, religion or politics.'  I can pretty much discuss anything but I hate to be drug into an argument.  Enuf said.

Couldn't figure out why the dogs were bugging me this after.  Then it dawned on me, duh.  Their tummys were telling them it's suppertime but the clock was telling me 'not for an hour'.  Poor things were just starving by the time they ate.  NOT!

Got more firewood coming tomorrow.  Have to go to the garage to get the driving light replaced but should be back in plenty of time.   Between the wood and propane back-up, we should be set for winter.

Not much else to tell, Dad is doing good with the brace on his right leg and the wound on his head from removing the cyst is healing nicely.  Swelling has gone down and bruising is all but gone. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I HAS BACK UP NOW............

Heaters are in and tank is in and lines are in!   Only the one in the living room is operating.  They didn't have a part for the other one, but they installed the heater and will be back to finish the vent.  Went to supper tonight with Lois, Ginny, Lillian and Lillian.  It's chicken pot pie night at the restaurant on Wednesdays.  It was nice to come home to a warm house.  Now all I gotta do is find room for a couple of pieces of furniture and scrape up about $800 to fill the tank.

Got the JD 620 running but it's not running right.  Dad says it's too lean, might need carburator work.  I keep telling him it's the lousy gas we are forced to buy.  He finally told me to dump some stabilizer in it. 

Got a call from my health care provider today.  He wanted to know if I would consider a visit from a nurse to do a wellness check at no cost to me.  WTH?  I guess they consider me an aging senior now.  Probably want to check my living conditions and so on.  I said, "Sure, as long as she likes dogs and cats."  He told me no problem and that she would call to verify a time.  Crap, now I have to REALLY clean the house.

Going to the amish grocery store with dad tomorrow.  Need to stop at Agway and get Archie a new dish.  Coco just broke his last one.  Stepped on it with that big ole paw and flipped it.  Smashed when it hit the floor.

Think I'll  take a pill and go to bed early, back is growling at me 'cause I shoved the bookcase to get it away from the wall.  My bad.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The truck had no problem passing inspection except for a burnt out driving light.  The lens is cracked and the bulb gets wet, poof.  They ordered a new light.....$153.  This is the third one I've had to put on this truck.  Not the best design Chrysler ever had, for sure.

Dad is still wearing his brace.  I went with him to pick up the settlement bowl.  The new part came in and they even assembled it for him.  He pulled his pant leg up to show the guys this fancy new brace.  I think now, he's kinda proud of it.  I heard him tell the one fellow that he believes it's helping!  He never said that to me.  He goes back to the surgeon in three weeks.  He's not even wearing a bandaid.  Has always been a firm believer in 'letting the air get to it.'

Gotta get busy and clean house, guys coming tomorrow to install the propane wall heaters and the fellows are also coming with the tank and are going to install the lines.  Will be a busy day.