Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It certainly did get colder, just like they said it would.  Yesterday gave us a lot of rain, a couple of times in torrents.  Today, little sun, some wind and colder temps compared to Monday and Tuesday, which were in the 60's and downright balmy.  Not today, it'll be lucky to see 50.  Got plenty of wood in between rain storms yesterday, and the house is quite comfortable.

Going over to the Historical Society today.  I am no longer a member, don't much care for the new administration,  but today they are doing their greens for the sale this weekend.  They make grave blankets, wreaths, roping and such for Christmas as a fund-raiser.  We use to help every year, since I have a pick up and a chain saw it was a guarantee I would be there.  But, with each year, the back growled more and more, so, after my friend passed away,  I dropped out, but, I still like to visit. I stopped on Monday and Libby told me today was Margaret's 89th birthday, so, I'll dress Archie up and take a card over.  Those ladies are such sweethearts.

A lot of rumbling on the net about Senate Bill 1867 or the 'National Defense Authorization Act'.  If what Alex Jones is saying is true, then it ain't good, my friends.  The hair is not standing up on the back of my neck, yet.  But, be aware, be cautious, be wary.  This is not the America I had envisioned I would be retired in.  Beans, bullets and bandaids continues to be my mantra.  Now, more than ever.


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