Sunday, November 6, 2011

THIS AND THAT..............

Had breakfast with the gang on Friday and a discussion turned into an argument about politics.  I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND my friends.  I have come to the conclusion we'll have to agree to disagree and I WILL NOT DISCUSS this anymore.  Should've listened to mama when she said, 'Never talk about race, religion or politics.'  I can pretty much discuss anything but I hate to be drug into an argument.  Enuf said.

Couldn't figure out why the dogs were bugging me this after.  Then it dawned on me, duh.  Their tummys were telling them it's suppertime but the clock was telling me 'not for an hour'.  Poor things were just starving by the time they ate.  NOT!

Got more firewood coming tomorrow.  Have to go to the garage to get the driving light replaced but should be back in plenty of time.   Between the wood and propane back-up, we should be set for winter.

Not much else to tell, Dad is doing good with the brace on his right leg and the wound on his head from removing the cyst is healing nicely.  Swelling has gone down and bruising is all but gone. 


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