Monday, November 7, 2011

PEA SOUP................

Wow, is it foggy out this morning.  Glad I don't have to drive in this crap anymore.  I'm always amazed at the people that don't turn any of their lights on in this stuff.  I remember back when we lived on the farm, oh, probably early 60's.  Mom called from the diner.  It had taken her an hour to drive 5 miles.  The defroster didn't work in the Buick and she was at her wits end, so, she called Dad.   He grumbled about it, but, got the truck out and we went to get her.   He decided to go the back way as it was a tad shorter, so we left the lane and headed up over the hill......dropping into nothingness.  Couldn't see squat.  He quit grumbling at that point.  It took us about 2 hours to get another 10 miles or so.  Turned into the diner and mom was trying to clean her windshield.  Dad wasn't mad any more.  Anyhow, we headed back towards our hometown, on the main road this time.  He had his head out the window and I stuck my head out the other one just so we could see the lines on the side of the road.  Mom turned her headlights off to keep from putting a glare out there and some of the other people behind us did the same thing.  You could see better with just the parking lights on.  We were like a train, with dad as the locomotive.  By the time we got home to the farm, Pop had the soup hot and we ate a very late supper.  I have never been in fog that bad since.

I keep having to remind myself that there's a propane tank sitting in the yard.  The thing is white, and the top part, that goes back so the guy can fill it, is John Deere green.  It's their trademark color.  I noticed my neighbor's tank thingy is white.  The green catches my eye and I think, 'What's that tractor doing there?'  LOL.  It'll probably take a while.  It's nice not having a chilly living room.  But at the price of propane, I paid $2.10 a gallon with a discount if paid within 5 days, I WILL be burning wood as the main source of heat.  It's comical, yesterday was 'church day' for the Amish.  Some of them really craned their necks when they noticed that 500 gal tank sitting there.  They don't miss much.  Nosy bunch, but good neighbors just the same.

Must dump the litter, get a shower, and get to the garage.


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