Sunday, November 27, 2011

A DAY OF REST...........

I spent Friday, after breakfast out, and Saturday, after breastfast out, working in the wood pile.  On Friday, I separated all of the pieces that will need split and stacked them.  Then on Saturday, I cut some long pieces, but knew I wouldn't get done, and stacked the rest.  With at least 3 days of rain in the forecast, I wanted to cover what I wasn't able to get in the wood shed.  So now I'm sitting here watching the Cinncinnati/Cleveland game.  I was stiff and sore this morning and decided to take the day off.  But, it is nice to look out in the back yard and see everything covered up.

Dad went to a sale on Saturday with his friend Chuck.  He called me that night and said most of the stuff there should have went to Coatesville.  Thats where a big salvage yard is.  His knees hurt him so bad he couldn't enjoy himself as much as he use to.  I'd like to get him a scooter to use, but, I can't get him to use a cane, I know he wouldn't use the scooter. 

Trying to get the dogs to wait until the game is over, but they want fed.



HossBoss said...

Sounds like you had a working holiday weekend. But at least you got a lot accomplished and have plenty of dry wood for now.

You're probably right about your dad and the scooter. But maybe if you let him catch you reading a few scooter magazines, it will spark the conversation.

Dad: "I'M not using one of those!"

You: "I know ...not until it's your only option, but I want to be ready."

Dad: "Only option?"

You: "You keep NOT using the cane and your knees will get so bad they won't work at all. THEN it will be your only option."

Manipulative, I know. And only a slim to none chance it will make him try using the cane. But, hey, they manipulated US when we were kidlets ...that's how we learned this stuff!

: )

SHARON said...

What a great idea! But, I know my dad and he wouldn't spend the money. He says "At my age" all the time when it comes to buying something. Trouble is he's been saying that since he was 70, and he was thinking about buying a new truck. That was 3 trucks ago. But, thanks for the imput. It gives me ammunition.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Yep, that is the way to do it, make him think it was his idea. I will be 70 in a year and two months. Isn't it funny that at either end of your life you count your age in years, months, weeks, and even days? You know, like "he will be 1 year old in 27 more days or he will be 100 in 27 more days.

ain't for city gals said...

I'm not sure but I think medicare will pay for one of those scooters with a script from the doctor!..Just get it if you can and park it in the living will try it when know one is looking. Going to give the books you listed a try...need some good reading time.

SHARON said...

That's a thought. Thanks, but I know it's not as easy as portrayed on TV. My friends mom needed one, and I think it took over two years. Quite a run-a-round.