Monday, October 31, 2011

CLOSE CALL..............

Got up this morning at 6:30.  Could've slept longer but feel better since I'm getting out of bed earlier.  Still half asleep, let the dogs out and ALMOST LET FIONA out.  I thought it was Lilly, the little shit must be wanting a boy friend, the vet said last week she was 6 months old 'cause she has all of her permanent teeth.  Whew that was close.  I've been shutting the mud room door or, if she is in the bathroom, I shut that door.  Must be more careful 'cause if she gets out, I don't know how I'd catch her.

Nasty and foggy this morning, accidents on the scanner due to icy roads.  Very heavy frost.

I've had the two new dogs almost 3 months and yesterday, they jumped up on the settee for the very first time.  I guess the floor is getting too cold and drafty.  I really don't care, I'm gonna have it re-upolstered in the spring.  Now that I know they want to sleep on it, I'll have to get a stronger material and perhaps put a sheet over it.  WTH, I never get much company anyhow.  If I have any money left after these next two projects are done, I'm getting another recliner and getting rid of the love seat.  I sat on it Saturday to watch television (NCIS marathon, Mark Harmon is eye candy) and it is one uncomfortable piece of furniture. 

Busy day, Archie goes to the groomer at 11 and getting the truck inspected at 1.  I know it's gonna need a driving light, that's $100+, but that should be all.  Stopping at Dad's on the way home.  He didn't go to church yesterday.  Roads were nasty anyhow, although that wouldn't stop him.  I just think he wanted to rest up after such a busy week.


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Was up at 6:30 with the dogs and it was raining.  Decided to stay up, started both stoves and had the house nice and warm in no time.  About 9:30, took the dogs out and it was sleeting, so went over to dad's to check on him.  He still had his bandage on, so I took it off, the wound bled a little, coulda been a scab that pulled off with the dressing, put a bandaid on it.  He said he didn't have any pain, he had taken two tylenol last night, but didn't sleep well.  He woke up at 1 with Kitty-Ruth taking a bath and shaking the bed.  She is a big black and white cat.  Mo-Mo, he is a Maine Coon cat, was sleeping between Dad's head and the headboard.  Dad said he was protecting his wound.  LOL.  He thru both cats out of the bedroom and went back to bed.  Still didn't fall asleep until 3.  Before I left dad's it was snowing pretty hard.  Big flakes.  Then it turned to rain this after and before the afternoon was over it was back to snow.  Was just out with the pups again and it's raining.  They keep threatening power outages, so I ground some coffee in case I have to use the wood stove.  I have a special pot that we've always used for coffee made on the wood stove. 

Mike called me this evening.  He is the fellow that gave me the two dogs.  He sounded good, I told him to come down anytime and see them.  He said Daisy never slept on the bed and laughed when I told him she jumped up on the bed the first night like she's always done it.  He was glad Coco was losing weight.  He is finally divorced and she is building a new house with her money she got from suing the doctor over losing her leg.  She bought him a used 2010 GMC truck and paid off his bills.  That was all he wanted.  When he was finally evicted from their house by the bank, he moved in with her until he could find a place.  They are still civil to each other, which is good for their 12 year old son. 
I got a call from the landlady about a reference for him 'cause she was renting the place to him now, not his wife.  We had a nice chat.  

Well, need to punch up the stove and head to bed,


Friday, October 28, 2011


Got to the surgical center at noon for the procedure at one.  Went up to the desk, gave them Dad's name and she said, "When were you scheduled?"  Houston, we have a problem!!!  I told her 1.  "I have you down for 2:45."  I said, holding the paper from the doctor's office, I have us down at 1."  She went to get backup.  The other lady came out and asked, "Didn't you get a phone call or a message?"  To which I replied, "Ah, the message, she talked way too fast and it sounded like she was speaking thru water.  Neither one of us could understand what she was saying."  To which SHE replied, "Oh, well, we have you down for 2:45."  And I then said, "Yes, I was told, BUT, I have us down at 1, we are not driving home then coming back, AND, we are not waiting until your 2:45.  So, how are we going to resolve this?"   They did some finagling, and, he went at 1.  Now, before y'all get your shorts in a bind, I was not nasty, just firm.  I didn't have to become nasty, although that was in the plan.  The second lady was VERY diplomatic and I thanked her and the first young lady I spoke with.  I also told her I was so glad they could take care of this, 'cause I probably wouldn't been able to talk him into coming back.  Plus, I would've had to hear about it FOR WEEKS!  She nodded and said she understood.
Anyhow, the cyst is out, bandage is on until tomorrow morning.  I just called him and he said it was growling a little.  I told him to take two tylenol before he goes to bed, and, reminded him we're tough.



Even tho I'm retired, I still enjoy Fridays.  When I go to supper on Friday night, I always say, "Oh, Thank God it's Friday!"  To which Artie says, "Oh, Shut-Up!"  We graduated together, but she is still working. Ha!
She and her hubby, Ross are down at Myrtle Beach for another week, so they'll miss tonights brew-ha-ha.

Suppose to snow tomorrow, 6-10"!  Wow, that's early in the year, not even officially winter yet.  I got up this morning and fired up both stoves.  Pretty stinkin' hot in here now.  But am leaving in a little bit to take Dad to have that cyst removed.  It should stay cozy for the critters.

Woke up around 4 to a mobile home fire on the scanner.  That's not good.  Somebody told me you have 12 seconds to get out of those things before becoming overwhelmed by the fumes.  Think I'd live in a Tee-pee first.

Took Mary Fiona to the vet yesterday for her rabies shot.  Doc said she's fat and healthy.  She does have a hernia which will be taken care of when she is spayed next month.  Took Elijah also, he is down to 22lbs.  I really think this new BG food is better for them.  Now all of the critters are updated on their shots.  Phew, it's expensive to keep an animal, let alone 8, and, the vet tried to give me another cat!  A lady found her with her right eye hanging out, brought her in to the hospital 'cause she couldn't keep her on account of allergies.  Doc was getting ready to put her down, had the syringe ready, and couldn't do it.  So she operated and removed the eye and stitched her up.  Now, she is trying to find a home for her.  I just can't do it.  If she can't find her a home, she probably be another office cat, I think there are currently 5 wondering around.

Gotta go, get a shower, pee the dogs, and, get over to dad's.


Monday, October 24, 2011


It never fails, I look at the calendar at the beginning of the month and think, "Well, this month I won't be too busy, maybe I can get some stuff accomplished around here."  HA, I think I had two days off so far, but, doing things with Dad and for him is still cool and a necessity.  I won't have him one day, and, I'll be able to look back and smile at some of the stuff we got into.

Got another estimate for these propane heaters from the guy I bought the wood stoves from a few years ago.  $2900.  Quite a difference from the first bunch at $4606.  Then, I was reminded by Suzy yesterday that the first guy I talked to was the same company that screwed up a friend of our's heating system.  So, now I have LOTS of ammo if he gives me a bunch of crap about not hiring them.  Can't wait.

The propane guy is coming this morning to access the requirements of a tank and running the lines.  My friend Trudy told me they are very good to work with.  She use to work with an agency that helped people when there was no money and they were out of heat.  So she would know about these things.  The house was cold this morning, cause I didn't bank the stove before I went to bed.  Can't wait to wake up to a warm house.

Took Dad to the doctor's on Thursday for him to look at this cyst on the top of his head.  They were going to schedule the surgery for late November and I look at the lady and quietly said, "Can't you find something a little sooner, while we still have this ball rolling?"  She understood immediately and we're booked for Friday at noon.  On Wednesday, we go to the orthopedic doctor for his knees.  That leaves his hearing and then his bottom teeth.  He keeps saying, "At my age, why bother?"  I keep telling him, "You need quality of life dad."

We still are having problems with that $%^&* JD not getting fuel.  I told him four times on Saturday that we need to take that settlement bowl off again.  We took the gas line off from it to the carburator, poured some gas in it, and the tractor started right up.  Took the plug out on the other side of the settlement bowl and the gas just poured out, so, the problem is in the middle of the thing.  It looks like it's back together right, it has enough gas in it.  I wonder what he has planned for today, 'cause he is doing everything he can think of to not remove that bowl.

Daisy started playing with one of Archie's stuffed toys yesterday.  I don't think she every had a toy.  But, Archie is selfish and now they fight.  I'm going to buy her one today, just for her.  Coco was playing with a ball also.  These guys must've not had much attention or inter-action with anyone.  I noticed no toys came with them.  No wonder they've adjusted so well, I talk to them and wuss on them all of the time.

Go over to the kymber and jambaloney website and show them some support.  What a nasty few days they have had.  It's a shame some of us don't live closer.  What's the matter with some people?

Went with Sue and Sarah yesterday.  They had to take their dog, Pepper, he's a black Cocker, back to the opthamoligist.  He had a cataract removed and a lens put in.  Now he's showing signs of glaucoma in the same eye.  So, new drops were prescribed.  The doctor was very nice and co$t conscience.  He was thrilled that they can get the one drop for only $6.  Then we went over to Barb and Ben's.  We had a real nice visit, and, since she is English, of course she had the kettle on. 

Well, almost 10 and Jake will be here soon, better go.


Addendum............New tank...$1200, Reconditioned tank, with new valves...$900.  Went with the Reconditioned one, talked with my friend Chuck, who is a retired gas man.  He said that it will be fine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Went over to Dad's yesterday, wasn't planning to stay long, he was cleaning his mower, and I was going back home to mow my grass.  Then he told me HE decided the tractor wouldn't start because it wasn't getting any fuel.  (I told him that last week)  I guess he saw the look I gave him and said, "You did say that."  So, he needed help getting the settlement bowl off of the tractor, after we did that, we took it apart.  It was so gummed up with that owl pee (ethanol) there was no way it was getting gas.  I also have been telling him all summer to put an additive in these tractors and his Buicks.  Now maybe he'll buy some.  Anyhow, we got a length of hose, a funnel, a clean bucket and then took the settlement bowl off.  The gas started POURING out of the tank, smelled like varnish, the funnel started filling up and there was very little going into the bucket.  "Dad, maybe we should've made sure the hose was clear."  Pretty soon we had gas EVERYWHERE!  Yes, we had fire extinguishers.  I then kicked the bucket over, but, HE DIDN'T YELL AT ME!  Gosh, he is mellowing out.  He then said, we need to put the settlement bowl back together while we still remember how we took it apart.  He insisted, the way I had it wasn't right.  But the little plunger thingy worked.  That's how you fill up the settlement bowl.  So I took it apart and put it together the way he said, the plunger thingy now doesn't work.  He said to let it go until tomorrow, when we'll take it apart and try again.  I was going out to supper with the gang and when he found that out, he was upset.  I wasn't, by the time I got home, fed the critters and changed clothes it would be too late anyhow.

Lester came down today, from the stove shop where I got my woodstoves, and he looked the place over, took some measurements and said he would send me a proposal for the propane heaters.  They also install the tanks.  These heaters are Empire and made in the good old USA.  The other guys were from China,  I'm thinking 'buy USA' and besides, how hard would it be to get parts down the road as volitile as this world is getting.  The heaters are a bit more expensive and I'm betting the whole thing will be more than the other guys.  However, I kinda like the fact that they will do everything.  He also told me that I should probably buy the tank, that way I could shop for the best price.  Everyone has told me that, except the propane tank fellow.  Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

WELL, WHERE TO START...............

First, let me welcome kymber to my humble blog.  It is always thrilling to have another follower.

Now, on my visit to the cholesterol is down to 198, blood pressure is 124/74 and, I lost another 3 pounds!  On the way home, I stopped for the mail......OH NO........JURY DUTY!!!!  I have NEVER been called.  At least it's not in Philthy-delphia, but a closer city, Lancaster.  Drat, I hate going into the city anymore, plus, sit there all damn day.  My back will scream at me.  Called the doctor, that %^&* piece of $%^&*, that I had such a nice visit with that morning, won't give me an excuse to get out of it, 'cause he says my back problem is under control, and he's only been seeing me 2 years and blah, blah, blah.  Ball-less wonder.  I told her, the nurse, it's 'under control' because I put up with the pain, and,  I'm determined not to let 'them' operate.  So, I'll tough it out and go.  Might be educational but ain't lookin' forward to it.

Today, went to the doctor with Dad.  I have discovered the doctor isn't all that bad and is a patient man to be able to deal with my father.  I mentioned the cyst on top of his head, which is growing weekly.  He  asked him a question about it and dad starts with "Well, back in 1960 after we bought the farm, I fell down the hay hole, about 10 feet and hit the hay rack and.................."  "WELL, WHAT I'M ASKING IS, DO YOU WANT THAT CYST TAKEN OFF?"  You have to yell at him, cause his hearing is getting so bad.  Then he gets mad when you yell.  To which I said, "Yes."  The the doctor says, "Well, we don't do that here."  I told him I know that, send him to someone who does.  Done.  Appointment next Thursday.  Then I mentioned his knees, the doctor said there is nothing we can do for the knees since he doesn't want replacements.  AH HA!!  I had him.  I said what about 'Synvisc'.  He looked at me and said he didn't do that.  I told him, I know that, recommend an Orthapedic Doctor and we'll get to the bottom of this and maybe get dad some relief.  Done, go on the 26th.  And, all he went to the doctor for in the first place was to get some relief for his sinus problem.  The doctor asked him if he was using the Nazinex spray.  He told him he forgets about it.  The doctor looks at me and shakes his head,  "YOU COME SEE ME FOR A PROBLEM AND YOU ALREADY HAVE THE MEDICINE AT HOME TO HELP YOU."  No, I'm not moving in with him.  We'd kill each other.  But I will have to start going over there twice a day and make sure he squirts that stuff up his nose.  Oh joy.

After we left the doctor's office, we went up the road to a discount grocery store run by Amish.  Got some preps, but, since I didn't know we were going, I didn't take cash with me and dad paid for everything.  He is a sweety except when it comes to doctors and hospitals.  I hope going thru all this will at least give him some quality to life.

Sorry, no mushroom cloud today.  Almost one yesterday, good thing I don't go back to him for 6 months, give me time to cool off.  I hate looking for another doctor, but, it might come to that.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Nice steady rain today, chance of 'dunavetter'.  Not sure about the spelling but it's dutch and it means thunderstorms.  Got a call from Clinton, gave me a price of $1500 to fix the barn.  I think that's reasonable and told him OK.  He said he'd like cash for the firewood and I don't blame him. 
Have one more phone call to make about these propane heaters.  I was talking to Fred last night and he said to try the place where I got both wood stoves.  DUH, I never thought of them.  He also thought that $4600 was a little too much.  So I'll call that place this morning.  Maybe this will happen after all.
Have a doctor's appointment this after.  Just a check up to get yelled at about my chloresterol.  I hope I haven't gained any weight.  Back when I had to take those strong antibiotics when Charlie bit me,  I drank a LOT of milkshakes.  At least, that was my excuse.
Dad has a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm going with him.  I do not like his doctor.  He is a geratic specialist and should retire.  I'm going loaded for bear.  So, those of you in the south, look to the north.  And those of you in the north, look to the south.  Those of you out west, look to the east.  There might be a small mushroom cloud in Pennsylvania.


Monday, October 10, 2011


The fellow that fixed my siding this past summer called me today. He wanted to know if I still wanted the fire wood he has stacked in the barn over at his mother's. It's about 2 miles away, maple, cut and split, 4 cords, $170 a cord, delivered and STACKED in my wood shed. DUH, let me think about that!!! YES, I'LL TAKE ALL FOUR CORDS, thank you very much.
Then he reminded me about fixing the barn. You must remember, I talked to him back in the summer, when I had money! But, I told him to come on over about 7 and he can give me an estimate.
Brain cells were in overdrive now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets say I get the money together for the propane heaters, the firewood, the barn repair and just do this. I might as well spend this money, it's mine, before O takes it.
Got the estimate on the heaters this morning via email, but, just opened it this evening. $4600+. I figured on $2000 (who was I kidding) and thinking it would be $4000, so I wasn't too far off. The wood, if I take all 4 cords will be $680. The only way I wouldn't take all the wood was the size, he said some were about 22 inches long but they could separate them when they load. Maybe dad would want some. Have to ask him tomorrow, then Clinton could just run the longer pieces over there, if it's a cord. We'll see.
So, now we are up to about $5300 and waiting on Clinton's estimate on the barn. I will bet ya, dollars to donuts, this little spending spree is gonna be another 10K. Yikes!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yeh, I know, I haven't posted anything all week. Just didn't have much to say. Figured out I've spent over $1000 at the vets in the past six weeks. So, haven't been prepping at all and the cupboard's getting bare. Have to wait until SS check gets in. Hope the S doesn't HTF anytime soon.
Not much else happening around here. They found a cat with rabies in a small town south of here. So, I made sure all of mine kids have their shots. They all are doing OK. Got Cleo's ashes home on Thursday, they're in a beautiful box with her name on a brass plate. Too pretty to bury.

Went over to dad's on Tuesday and he had trimmed the two boxwood plants at the end of his deck. Except for the very top, they looked like they had punk haircuts. I told him I'll bring my trimmer over with a longer blade and if he'd hold the ladder, I'll get up there and finish. "No," he said,"that would be too dangerous!" (Remember that quote.) So, that night he calls me and asks me to bring my trimmer over tomorrow. So, I did. Well, it was too heavy. He couldn't raise it. Then he says, "I'll get in the bucket (on the front end loader on the JD1020) and you can raise me up." I tell him, "No, I'll get in the bucket." He goes and gets the tractor, I get in with the trimmer running, he raises me up, about 10 feet. That's when I looked down and know, this is a really stupid idea! A 93 year old man, at the controls of his JD with his 66 year old daughter in the bucket. Now, you can remember his quote. Anyhow, got the %^&*() bushes trimmed and I told him if he had any more to do, I'd wait until Sunday when he went to church and come over here with a chain saw and Round Up. He laughed.

Still waiting on the guy to send me the estimate on the propane heaters. If it's not an arm and a leg I'll think I'll go with it. After burning wood for 30 years as an ONLY source of heat, I'm a little tired. Some days my back just doesn't want to join in the fun.

Had a nice lunch with Mike, Dolly and Marie on Thursday. We all use to work together. Those three are all caught up with their grand children, but it's still good to visit. They let me bore them with my animal tales.
BBL, dogs gotta go potty.

Trudy and Philip met Bob and I for breakfast on Friday. They just got back Thursday night from a trip to Ithaca, NY and then on to Vermont. 1200 miles, his Prius got 50 miles to the gallon.

That's about all the news that's fit to print. I don't know about any of you, but I'm getting tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Got an interesting email today about a certain company buying up gun manufacturers. Wasn't too worried until at the end where it said Soros is the owner of this company that's doing the buying. Was gonna post it but need to verify it first. What better way to control firearms than to control the companys that make them and the ammo. Just food for thought.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


Wow, it's in the 40's this morning. Started the wood stove for the first time this fall. Slept cold and too lazy to get up and get another blanket.

Friends, Barb and Ben are coming down this morning. Haven't seen them for a couple of years. They live outside of Philly. I worked with her back in the 80's. She was from England and they met when he was in the Air Force, stationed over there.

There was another lady hired into the department a few years later. We all had lunch a while back and she told us that the boss was concerned when he hired her. He wanted to make sure we three would all get along. Shit, we're still friends. I wish I knew where he was so he could know that. Sylvia is a cool lady also. She is married to a chinese fellow. He has several pattens, very smart man. Now works for a government, not sure which one. But, they travel all over. They were in Japan on March 11th when the big one hit. Thank goodness they were in the southern part of the country.

Cleaned house like a wild woman yesterday. Both stoves are sparkling. Need to get some wood in. I hope that guy coming on Wednesday can tell me good news about the propane heaters I'm thinking about getting. I'm not a big fan of propane, but, two of my friends in the city have both switched from oil to propane. It's getting to where I'm tired of waking up or coming home to a cold house. The old back is not getting better and I must be cautious as to what I do. I love burning wood and, hopefully, will continue to do so. Just use these heaters as a back up.

Well, must punch up the stove and get a shower......