Friday, October 28, 2011


Even tho I'm retired, I still enjoy Fridays.  When I go to supper on Friday night, I always say, "Oh, Thank God it's Friday!"  To which Artie says, "Oh, Shut-Up!"  We graduated together, but she is still working. Ha!
She and her hubby, Ross are down at Myrtle Beach for another week, so they'll miss tonights brew-ha-ha.

Suppose to snow tomorrow, 6-10"!  Wow, that's early in the year, not even officially winter yet.  I got up this morning and fired up both stoves.  Pretty stinkin' hot in here now.  But am leaving in a little bit to take Dad to have that cyst removed.  It should stay cozy for the critters.

Woke up around 4 to a mobile home fire on the scanner.  That's not good.  Somebody told me you have 12 seconds to get out of those things before becoming overwhelmed by the fumes.  Think I'd live in a Tee-pee first.

Took Mary Fiona to the vet yesterday for her rabies shot.  Doc said she's fat and healthy.  She does have a hernia which will be taken care of when she is spayed next month.  Took Elijah also, he is down to 22lbs.  I really think this new BG food is better for them.  Now all of the critters are updated on their shots.  Phew, it's expensive to keep an animal, let alone 8, and, the vet tried to give me another cat!  A lady found her with her right eye hanging out, brought her in to the hospital 'cause she couldn't keep her on account of allergies.  Doc was getting ready to put her down, had the syringe ready, and couldn't do it.  So she operated and removed the eye and stitched her up.  Now, she is trying to find a home for her.  I just can't do it.  If she can't find her a home, she probably be another office cat, I think there are currently 5 wondering around.

Gotta go, get a shower, pee the dogs, and, get over to dad's.



Dizzy-Dick said...

What is "an office cat". Is it one that only works 9 til 5?

SHARON said...

Ha! No, she has accumilated 'drop-offs' or 'throw-a-ways' over the years 'cause everyone knows she only lives down the road less than a mile from her practice. But she also has terriers, and they kill cats so she has to keep them up at the vet hospital. Everyone pets on them and they are soothing to some people.