Friday, October 28, 2011


Got to the surgical center at noon for the procedure at one.  Went up to the desk, gave them Dad's name and she said, "When were you scheduled?"  Houston, we have a problem!!!  I told her 1.  "I have you down for 2:45."  I said, holding the paper from the doctor's office, I have us down at 1."  She went to get backup.  The other lady came out and asked, "Didn't you get a phone call or a message?"  To which I replied, "Ah, the message, she talked way too fast and it sounded like she was speaking thru water.  Neither one of us could understand what she was saying."  To which SHE replied, "Oh, well, we have you down for 2:45."  And I then said, "Yes, I was told, BUT, I have us down at 1, we are not driving home then coming back, AND, we are not waiting until your 2:45.  So, how are we going to resolve this?"   They did some finagling, and, he went at 1.  Now, before y'all get your shorts in a bind, I was not nasty, just firm.  I didn't have to become nasty, although that was in the plan.  The second lady was VERY diplomatic and I thanked her and the first young lady I spoke with.  I also told her I was so glad they could take care of this, 'cause I probably wouldn't been able to talk him into coming back.  Plus, I would've had to hear about it FOR WEEKS!  She nodded and said she understood.
Anyhow, the cyst is out, bandage is on until tomorrow morning.  I just called him and he said it was growling a little.  I told him to take two tylenol before he goes to bed, and, reminded him we're tough.



Dizzy-Dick said...

Good job on handling that situation.

SHARON said...

Thanks Dizzy, Mama would've been proud.