Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yeh, I know, I haven't posted anything all week. Just didn't have much to say. Figured out I've spent over $1000 at the vets in the past six weeks. So, haven't been prepping at all and the cupboard's getting bare. Have to wait until SS check gets in. Hope the S doesn't HTF anytime soon.
Not much else happening around here. They found a cat with rabies in a small town south of here. So, I made sure all of mine kids have their shots. They all are doing OK. Got Cleo's ashes home on Thursday, they're in a beautiful box with her name on a brass plate. Too pretty to bury.

Went over to dad's on Tuesday and he had trimmed the two boxwood plants at the end of his deck. Except for the very top, they looked like they had punk haircuts. I told him I'll bring my trimmer over with a longer blade and if he'd hold the ladder, I'll get up there and finish. "No," he said,"that would be too dangerous!" (Remember that quote.) So, that night he calls me and asks me to bring my trimmer over tomorrow. So, I did. Well, it was too heavy. He couldn't raise it. Then he says, "I'll get in the bucket (on the front end loader on the JD1020) and you can raise me up." I tell him, "No, I'll get in the bucket." He goes and gets the tractor, I get in with the trimmer running, he raises me up, about 10 feet. That's when I looked down and know, this is a really stupid idea! A 93 year old man, at the controls of his JD with his 66 year old daughter in the bucket. Now, you can remember his quote. Anyhow, got the %^&*() bushes trimmed and I told him if he had any more to do, I'd wait until Sunday when he went to church and come over here with a chain saw and Round Up. He laughed.

Still waiting on the guy to send me the estimate on the propane heaters. If it's not an arm and a leg I'll think I'll go with it. After burning wood for 30 years as an ONLY source of heat, I'm a little tired. Some days my back just doesn't want to join in the fun.

Had a nice lunch with Mike, Dolly and Marie on Thursday. We all use to work together. Those three are all caught up with their grand children, but it's still good to visit. They let me bore them with my animal tales.
BBL, dogs gotta go potty.

Trudy and Philip met Bob and I for breakfast on Friday. They just got back Thursday night from a trip to Ithaca, NY and then on to Vermont. 1200 miles, his Prius got 50 miles to the gallon.

That's about all the news that's fit to print. I don't know about any of you, but I'm getting tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Got an interesting email today about a certain company buying up gun manufacturers. Wasn't too worried until at the end where it said Soros is the owner of this company that's doing the buying. Was gonna post it but need to verify it first. What better way to control firearms than to control the companys that make them and the ammo. Just food for thought.



HossBoss said...

Glad you got the hedges trimmed with no mishaps to yourself or your dad. You should have taken your camera up there with you too. A picture from the top with your caption about 'crazy ideas' would have been awesome! LOL

I don't blame you on the propane heat. Even if someone else cuts and stacks your wood, hauling it in to burn and cleaning out the ashes is back breaking enough. Make things easier on yourself if you can. Save your back for the (actual) fun stuff.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Liked your trimming story. Glad it had a happy ending and you didn't need the chain saw and Round Up.

SHARON said...

Thanks HB, I'm glad they're done. He is the type of man that drones on and on until a job is finished.

DD.....I forgot to tell the last part of the 'trimming story'. There were still some spikes at the top, these are HUGE bushes, that I couldn't get from the bucket. So I ended up standing on the top railing of the deck, leaning into the bushes and trimming the last of them. I know, when dad is gone and, I have to sell that place, the new owners will cut them down. I might be there to help!
Thanks for dropping in, always a thrill to read your comments.