Monday, October 10, 2011


The fellow that fixed my siding this past summer called me today. He wanted to know if I still wanted the fire wood he has stacked in the barn over at his mother's. It's about 2 miles away, maple, cut and split, 4 cords, $170 a cord, delivered and STACKED in my wood shed. DUH, let me think about that!!! YES, I'LL TAKE ALL FOUR CORDS, thank you very much.
Then he reminded me about fixing the barn. You must remember, I talked to him back in the summer, when I had money! But, I told him to come on over about 7 and he can give me an estimate.
Brain cells were in overdrive now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets say I get the money together for the propane heaters, the firewood, the barn repair and just do this. I might as well spend this money, it's mine, before O takes it.
Got the estimate on the heaters this morning via email, but, just opened it this evening. $4600+. I figured on $2000 (who was I kidding) and thinking it would be $4000, so I wasn't too far off. The wood, if I take all 4 cords will be $680. The only way I wouldn't take all the wood was the size, he said some were about 22 inches long but they could separate them when they load. Maybe dad would want some. Have to ask him tomorrow, then Clinton could just run the longer pieces over there, if it's a cord. We'll see.
So, now we are up to about $5300 and waiting on Clinton's estimate on the barn. I will bet ya, dollars to donuts, this little spending spree is gonna be another 10K. Yikes!!!!



Dizzy-Dick said...

Better be carefjull, someone will tell "O" that you have money and he will want to spread it around.

SHARON said...

If I keep hitting my savings, account like I have been, for this house, there won't be any left for poor old O