Monday, October 31, 2011

CLOSE CALL..............

Got up this morning at 6:30.  Could've slept longer but feel better since I'm getting out of bed earlier.  Still half asleep, let the dogs out and ALMOST LET FIONA out.  I thought it was Lilly, the little shit must be wanting a boy friend, the vet said last week she was 6 months old 'cause she has all of her permanent teeth.  Whew that was close.  I've been shutting the mud room door or, if she is in the bathroom, I shut that door.  Must be more careful 'cause if she gets out, I don't know how I'd catch her.

Nasty and foggy this morning, accidents on the scanner due to icy roads.  Very heavy frost.

I've had the two new dogs almost 3 months and yesterday, they jumped up on the settee for the very first time.  I guess the floor is getting too cold and drafty.  I really don't care, I'm gonna have it re-upolstered in the spring.  Now that I know they want to sleep on it, I'll have to get a stronger material and perhaps put a sheet over it.  WTH, I never get much company anyhow.  If I have any money left after these next two projects are done, I'm getting another recliner and getting rid of the love seat.  I sat on it Saturday to watch television (NCIS marathon, Mark Harmon is eye candy) and it is one uncomfortable piece of furniture. 

Busy day, Archie goes to the groomer at 11 and getting the truck inspected at 1.  I know it's gonna need a driving light, that's $100+, but that should be all.  Stopping at Dad's on the way home.  He didn't go to church yesterday.  Roads were nasty anyhow, although that wouldn't stop him.  I just think he wanted to rest up after such a busy week.


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