Sunday, October 10, 2010

SAME OLE, SAME OLE.............

Well, if I don't post something soon, I'll have to move my own blog over to the 'Underactive Blog' list.
Cousin John is coming tomorrow to start the hearth repair.
Fred was here on Saturday and did the deck and ramp railings, so, except for adding the lattuce work to keep out the critters, and painting, which won't be done until spring. That part is done!!
The sliding door is out and gone. I traded it to Archie's groomer for hair cuts. His, not mine. She and her daughter came down on Wednesday and picked it up. The new window is in and will work well for what I want. It is a sliding window and in the winter, I'll take the screen out, then, I can slide it open and put the firewood in the rik. I won't have to carry it around to the side. Well, maybe one last load. We'll see.
That leaves the driveway guys, who did sent a proposal to accept, and the landscaper, whom I've not heard from. He'd better hurry, 'cause we're running out of good weather.
Some people have said we are going to get another nasty, cold, snowy winter like we had last year. I have to stock up on more pet food and me food, and straighten out the wood shed. Friends are coming down for a splittin' party, then I'll be set.


HossBoss said...

It's a wonder you have time to post with all that going on! Good deal on the sliding door trade. Anytime you can swap something you don't want/need for something you regularly spend money on, it's a good deal.

: )

SHARON said...

Hey, you got that right. I love to barter, but it's hard in a greedy world. I will be so glad when all of this is done. Thanks for stopping by!!!!