Wednesday, June 13, 2012


the worse weeks in my life.  After breaking the table, almost breaking my foot, then discovering the mold.  What else could go wrong!  Got on the mower Thursday, wouldn't start.  Nothing, nada, zip.  Called the mower guys and Ken told me Tom would be in the area on Friday, he'll pick it up.  OK.
I'm waiting, it's getting later, and later.  Around 3 he shows up.  He says, "Oh, that's the original battery."  He tested it, sure enuf, it's dead.  Well, crap, never dawned on me, duh!!!  Time does have a way of slipping on by.  He puts in a new battery and ta-da.  He leaves, I mow.  Now I'll have to pay for a service call, that's what I get for being thoughtless and stupid.

Went to supper on Monday, left about 6:30 and coming down the highway, which is one of the main roads to go north and south, approaching this blind curve, doing the speed limit of 45, and, IN.THE.MIDDLE.OF.MY.SIDE.OF.THE.ROAD......are two amish boys, maybe 4 and 5, in a freaking express wagon, sitting there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had plenty of time to go into the north-bound lane, and go around the little cretons.  But, what if a tractor-trailer was coming north, what if I was a tractor-trailer?  What if I'd taken my eyes off of that road for an instant?  I almost stopped and asked them if they had any brains, or, go into the house and ask their mother.  But, I was so shook-up over the what-ifs, that I knew I'd lose it.  A lot of people think the amish are so quaint and godly and 'oh, it must be great living around them, they are so peaceful and hard-working, and yada-yada-yada, blah, blah.  Well, let me just say, some of them don't have the brains GOD gave a goat.  Absolutely, no fear of stuff.  "Oh, GOD will protect us and if something happens, it's his will."  Bull-hockey.  Ever hear of common sense?  I think I'll travel another road for a while.

Started raining at 7:02 on Tuesday.  My grandfather always said, 'Rain before 7, quit before 11.'  It rained all day, till after dark.  Wait, I'll go check the hippy-dippy rain gauge............1".  Gosh, thought it seemed more like 3-4. 

Plummer Jon was hear today, the leak is in the spigot, he's getting a new one and will be back on Friday.  Guess I'll bathe in the creek.  He told me what kind of black powder I need for my muzzle-loader, so, Archie and I went to town and picked up a couple of pounds.  I was told to put powder in the powder horn to keep the moth-larvae from eating the inside of it.  So, that's done.  When Jon and Kathy have their next shoot, they're gonna call me so I can take my toy over.

Need to get to dad's, yesterday we were cleaning up the barn and sorting stuff for the auction.  He found 3 electric motors that he'd forgot about.



Dizzy-Dick said...

I could say that thing will get better but my dear old Dad always told me, "Son, nothings so bad that it can't get worse". OK, so I made your day, right?

SHARON said...

Yeah, thanks a lot, pal. You gotta take the good with the bad, it's called living life. Thanks for always commenting DD. It's nice to know someone reads this little blog.